Scene "Congratulations from Baba Yaga." Comic birthday script

Any event will become more interesting if it will use a congratulatory scene from Baba Yaga. This fabulous character used to be considered extremely negative. But today the attitude towards her has changed.

Modern Baba Yaga

The evil spirits that do dirty tricks on people today can appear as a cool, slightly ridiculous personality. A very funny scene can turn out with her participation. Congratulations from Baba Yaga will make the scenario of the event non-trivial, exciting. It is very important to properly develop a new image of modern Babka-Yozhka.

Let this character absolutely change his image. For example, not a terrible old woman, who hunts with witchcraft and wrecking, but a sweet, rather young and frivolous person who has only recently been accepted to this position, may come to a holiday.

Scene Congratulation from Baba Yaga

Presentation of the guest on the anniversary

Surely such a Baba Yaga will make everyone laugh. At the anniversary, the scene can begin with a creative presentation of the guest. It can be turned into a parody of Khazanov’s performance about a student from a culinary college.

“So I studied as a witch vamp, only at the very first session I failed one exam. Well, you yourself understand: young sorcerers, little devils ... Ah, what the devils they were! In short, like midnight, we are all evil spirits, that is, undereducated, some on a whisk on horseback, some on a “mokik” flying, and on a sabbath, on a mountain that is Lysa. And there ... Ah, before school, dear ladies, there were, in our soft goosebumps: songs, playfulness every hour, so that turned my head! But I seem to have read about this somewhere ... In general, they transferred me to the course of “babyagin”. By the way, there I also barely had time for the "C grade".

Something I blabbed, distracted a bit. So I flew here to bring my congratulations to the jubilee. From Baba Yaga - to a woman (the name reads on a piece of paper that she takes out of a bra). So ... now! Rap. My words. Folk music.

Congratulations from Baba Yagi to a Woman

Rap ode in honor of the birthday girl

Comic congratulations from Baba Yaga in the style of a youth musical and poetic direction sound very creative.

Respect to everyone! It's me, Grandma Yozhka! I'm with you again! And my rap is for the best woman on Earth (birthday name)!

My life wasn’t sweet

The road in the potholes is also not smooth,

Fate kept making faces for me

Tell me, do our lives have something in common?

But even when they shout after: “Grandma-Yozhka!”,

I know there’s a little fear in this,

There is respect, envy, love,

And admiration. Blood is excited!

Do not look back after such brow

I’m not talking about rap to you here.

Know that all women are not bitch, bitch,

We are for mediocrity like splinters.

Stand next to me, sing along with me!

We get married here rap with you.

From this moment on, no time

Will be over (name: Tanya, Luda, Nadia)! And gravity burden

The shoulders will not touch the gentle from now on!

Gloriously let your name be in the ages!

comic greetings from baba yaga

Musical scene "Congratulation from Baba Yaga to the hero of the day"

A guest can dress up in an extravagant sex bomb. And from the traditional Baba Yaga, let her have only one attribute left, for example, a broom or stupa. Yes, and on the witching vehicle you can hang the emblem of a super fashionable car. Then the scene itself will become even more modern.

Baba Yaga, who came to the feast by the arm with a leshim pumped up in a bandana and leather pants, is cool! And if she also sings her text to a melody known to everyone, then she is guaranteed success.

A wonderful option may be the famous hit "How delightful are the evenings in Russia", on the melody of which other words will be put.

How wonderful is the hero of the day!

He sits now decently, nobly,

Hears the praises of flattering publicly

And accepts favorably every gift.

Caskets, irons, shirts and watches,

Both cameras and tea sets,

Trips abroad where it is impossible without a visa,

And cufflinks, chains for beauty.


How delightful wine is here today!

Nectar is magical, as in a glass it sparkles.

And I will say now: let's have fun!

We have been waiting for this holiday for so long.

Our hero of the day, that these terrible figures have reached,

Also, let at least one century live,

We wish the jubilee longevity!

And we promise: in a century we will sing this verse.


How wonderful (say, people!) To live!

And living well is a million times better.

And so that you live this life with luck - better

There can be no wishes in the world!

Success, wealth, respect, honor,

Demand, well ... the crunch of French rolls!

Love, champagne, sunsets, alleys ...

And trouble - pah, little things, not counting!

Dance on holiday

The congratulation scene from Baba Yaga may also be accompanied by a striptease, naturally, within the framework of what is permitted. Therefore, the dance itself should be thought out in such a way that the sex bomb remains dressed by the end of the performance. To do this, her outfit should consist of many details that she will take off during the dance: a scarf, a belt, a bolero, an apron, a bow on her shoulder, a skirt fastened with a button, a cuff of sleeves, a collar, etc.

Baba Yaga on the anniversary scene

Such a dance will look very creative near the washing machine, which will imitate a pole. You can also replace the beads with a ring of clothesline with clothespins fastened to it. Before the performance, Baba Yaga can wind curlers in order to get a little closer to the image of the real Baba Yaga from real, not fabulous life.


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