A talented person is talented in everything. How to find and develop talent?

They often say about such people: "jack of all trades." Agree, each of us has at least one acquaintance (acquaintance) who has engaged himself in almost all areas of activity. He works, sculpts, writes poetry, sings, and even manages to do everything at home. Such people simply amaze and do not cease to amaze, in this case you involuntarily think about whether a talented person is really talented in everything?

talented person is talented in everything

The phenomenon of talent

Talent is a person’s ability to develop a certain skill, which is given by nature. It should be noted that it can manifest itself at different ages. The talent for drawing, mathematics or technology usually makes itself felt in early childhood. But to scientific activity, literature or politics, abilities are found at a more mature age.

At the same time, if you do not develop your talent and make no effort to do this, then even the greatest gift will come to naught over time. Abilities without industriousness cost nothing, it is only hope, an open door that can only be entered through hard work. Therefore, the expression “talented person is talented in everything” is only half true.

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Work on yourself

One famous philosopher said that even if a person is not very talented in something, but he works hard on himself, he will certainly succeed. For example, prominent writers say that the key to their success is not only giftedness, but primarily perseverance and high performance. Great achievements can be achieved not just by talented individuals, but by plowmen with the gift. For example, Mike Tyson became a world champion not only because he had abilities by nature. He trained every day from dawn to night. His coach kept him in tight rein all the time . But as soon as Mike left his mentor, he immediately began to ignore everyday activities. As a result, Tyson quickly lost his talent.

Believe in yourself

Talented people, as a rule, have been going to success for more than one year. To truly become a master of your craft or several occupations at the same time, you must:

  • set a specific goal;
  • Do not be afraid of obstacles;
  • really believe in yourself.

These items usually work flawlessly in any endeavors. Quite often we want to learn something: drive a car, embroider, dance, learn English, but at the same time we don’t even try to start a new business. Many believe that they will not succeed, and as a result, their desire remains a pipe dream. It turns out that a talented person is talented in everything only if he puts a lot of effort into his improvement.

Reasons for failure

how to find your talent

Since childhood, many parents have insisted that it is impossible to start several things at the same time, because in the end you will not succeed in anything. Someone was forbidden, for example, to attend several circles at the same time. Quite often, children tend to develop in only one direction. As a result, such restrictions lead to the fact that a person does not have the opportunity to do what he would like.

Another common mistake is that having reached heights in a particular business, a talented person simply does not want to develop anymore. Having become aces in their field, many people are afraid to start something new or go to a higher level. They are afraid of condemnation and failure, many, like schoolchildren, are afraid to get a low rating.

The third reason is more prosaic - laziness. Of course, in order to learn something, you need to make a lot of effort and spend time. As a result, laziness often prevails, and a person never reveals his potential.

How to develop talent in a child?

Each person is talented in his own way. Therefore, it is very important for parents to identify as early as possible what abilities their child has. As a rule, the baby begins to show certain inclinations by the age of 4-5. However, it happens that the giftedness for some occupation is already observed in a three-year-old child. Talented children need a patient "guide" who can guide him in the right direction. Take him to music classes, to sports and art circles. All this will certainly bear fruit.

highest degree of talent development

If the baby doesn’t succeed or you think that he doesn’t show talent for anything, don’t be angry with him. He will certainly appear a little later, you just need to put more effort and patience. If we summarize all the requirements for parents, then in a few abstracts we can say the following:

  • Do not impose your desires on the child, but listen to his aspirations;
  • reveal the talent of the crumbs and create all the conditions for its development;
  • encourage the interests of the child and establish trusting relationships with him.

How to find your talent?

One famous psychologist describes 7 varieties of talent.

  1. Digital . Children who are fond of all sorts of mathematical residues, computer equipment, programming, in the future often become engineers.
  2. Physical . For people who possess such talent, learning is easier if it goes through manipulation and practical action. The realization of this type of talent takes place in sports or in construction, where activities are closely related to mechanical processes.
  3. Verbal linguistic . A man has the ability to collect and transmit information. Such giftedness is characteristic of lawyers, teachers, journalists, and writers. Children with such talent usually begin to read and write very early.
    how to develop talent in a child
  4. Spatial Such children have imaginative thinking, they are big dreamers, they like to draw, sculpt and have a very vivid imagination. In the future, such talented people will become architects, artists, or designers.
  5. The feeling of the environment . Such people like to feel and study the environment. They most often become biologists, botanists, gardeners, etc.
  6. Personal . In other words, “emotional” talent. In this case, the emotional zone dominates the rational. For such people, an acting career is most suitable.
  7. Interpersonal . These are excellent communicators. He can easily find a common language with other people. Most often they are obtained success in politics, trade, social activities.

How to find your talent? Very simple: re-read all of the above varieties - and you will definitely find in yourself one of these species.

To summarize

Talent is what a person loves to do most of all, makes efforts to it and receives great pleasure from it. Sometimes, deciding what exactly you will do, you may not be in ideal conditions. And when you do not give up your occupation in difficult times - this is the highest degree of talent development.

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At the same time, we are all very different. A talented writer will not always be able to become an outstanding athlete, and vice versa. On the other hand, talented people achieve good results more easily than others. This is due to the fact that such individuals have self-confidence. For gifted people, free consciousness and an effective approach are most often characteristic, which helps to reach new heights in different areas. It turns out that a talented person is talented in everything only when he sincerely believes in himself and tirelessly works on his skill.

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