Profession archivist: who is this and what does he do?

Each enterprise has its own documentary archive, which requires careful systematization and control. Some important materials (personal dossiers, films, orders, instructions) have a sufficiently long shelf life and it is important that all valuable information is properly packaged in folders, has inventories with dates. This is required so that, if necessary, a person can quickly find the requested case. This issue requires responsibility, painstakingness and the right approach. The professional archivist will help to cope with the difficult work. Who is it? A valuable specialist who manages the entire archive of the enterprise is responsible for the safety and security of each piece of paper.

Interesting facts about the profession

archivist who is it

Archaeologists repeatedly during the excavations found ancient scripts, which were collected in a special way. Similar finds were found in Assyria, Greece, Ancient Egypt and Rome. The annals clearly spelled out how to keep all the valuable materials. The presence of such premises, where important documentation is collected, indicates a high culture of society. We need archives not only to preserve the memory of past events, but they also represent a certain base of applied and scientific nature.

In those years when the country was led by the great leader of the proletariat V.I. Lenin, in all state institutions there was a clear organization of the workflow. Archived materials of nationalized estates, monasteries, churches, as well as cases in which information was stored about the great folk artists, scientists, composers. The destruction of such archives was prosecuted by law. The safety of all materials was monitored by one person - the archivist. Who is this, you ask? An irreplaceable state person of any institution.

duties of an archivist

Professional duties

The archivist is engaged in the systematization of all internal and incoming materials that have come out of the workflow. He is also responsible for compliance with storage conditions, norms and rules. The duties of the archivist include: the correct execution of outgoing and incoming documents, drawing up descriptions, maintaining accounting databases, marking lists, issuing certificates and placing information on special racks. Today, at large enterprises, almost all work is carried out in electronic form, but really important materials that need to be stored for a long time are additionally printed on paper and transferred to the archive.

Of course, the automated database significantly speeds up and facilitates the work and search, but the technique has the ability to break down and fail, which is why an archive is needed to avoid the loss of all data. Participates in commissions for the destruction and write-off of obsolete documents archivist. The profession also involves monitoring the fire safety of the room.

Requirements and Qualities

archivist profession
A person with a higher (or student) education who has unlearned a degree in archiving, history, and pedagogy can take this position . Sometimes you get the necessary skills in special courses. The future employee must know the PC (office programs), be able to work with equipment (photocopy, fax, printer), have written and spoken letters.

Archivist should possess accuracy, assiduity, analytical mindset and scrupulousness. Who invented this and what are the requirements? Throughout the day, the employee is faced with a huge amount of information that needs to be read, registered and its storage period determined according to the list of workflows. This business requires attentiveness, perseverance, self-control, developed thinking, patience and fine motor skills. Not all people are able to do monotonous and painstaking work every day.

Archivist salary

Remuneration depends on the region, the financial well-being of the company and the amount of responsibilities. To date, the average salary ranges from 20-35 thousand rubles. Over 40,000 rubles. gets an experienced archivist with many years of experience. Who it is and what it does is described above. The profession is in great demand, but it is only called a little differently - secretary or clerk.


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