Where it is hot in October: the best places to stay

Rest in the fall will be unforgettable if you go on a trip to warm countries. October is one of the most successful months of the year. If you plan exactly this time for rest, then it will be useful to know where it is hot in October. During this period, there is no longer that exhausting summer heat, and nights become cooler.

where it is hot in October

If you have not yet chosen where to go, and look for picturesque places where it is hot in October, then pay attention to the following countries:

  • The Arab Emirates will please the heat up to +35 หš. The beach season continues and will please lovers of the hot sun and warm sea until the New Year holidays.
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  • Egypt can be advised to all who are looking for a place to stay, where it is hot in October. This month, the โ€œvelvet" season begins here. Water and air are heated to +29 degrees, while the nights are also warm +24 ... + 25 Celsius.
  • Fans of exotic can safely go to Thailand in October. It is warm all year round, and the rainy season has ended. That is why most tourists choosing a vacation in Thailand prefer a vacation in mid-autumn. Sea and air delight at a comfortable temperature.
  • Traveling to Europe can also be planned if you are looking for countries where it is hot in October. Spain, Italy, as well as Croatia and Montenegro will welcome guests with sunny beaches where it is safe to sunbathe, but swimming will be problematic. Nevertheless, it is in the fall that you can get unforgettable impressions of excursions. After all, the daily temperature is at around 23 ... + 25 degrees, and the water in the sea is already cool - up to +19 หš.
    where it is hot in October
  • India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Morocco and China. Looking for a country where it's hot in late October? In all these countries, you can sunbathe and swim in the sea throughout the autumn months. The heat here decreases only at night, while the daytime temperature often rises to +30 หš. Sightseeing, natural and architectural monuments, beach vacations - all this is much more pleasant when there is no scorching sun and daylight.
  • Tropical islands at the equator are worth a visit at any time of the year. Seychelles, Canary, Caribbean islands are the corners of the planet where it is hot in October and November. Even tropical rains, which are usually of a short-term nature, will not overshadow the rest. It is difficult to find more picturesque beaches and gentle waves of the ocean. Especially diving lovers will like it. Water is heated to +29 หš, and transparency is up to 30 meters deep.
    where it's hot in late October
  • The Mediterranean. The most popular resorts in Turkey, Greece and Spain will still please you with their soft October sun, clear skies and wonderful beaches. The beginning of October is a season for those who like to relax at an air temperature of +25 degrees and swim in warm water. When asked where it is hot in October-November in Turkey, it is worth answering that it is not on the entire coast. Kemer, Marmaris and Bodrum end the season at the end of September, because it is already quite cool here. But Alanya, Side and Belek are waiting for tourists until mid-November, because they are much south and the sunny resorts continue to delight us until late autumn. You can also find summer in October in Cyprus, but you need to remember the cool nights at this time.

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