Beige and white manicure: the best ideas of beige manicure

Beige and white manicure is a good idea for those who do not like to stay in the framework of any one style. This version of the nail design refers to the neutral range, while the combination of colors looks feminine and not catchy. So, beige and white manicure is equally suitable for an evening dress, and for hooligan jeans with a rocker shirt, and for a stylish business suit.

white beige jacket

We have compiled a selection of popular designs today in white and beige colors that will surely help you find inspiration.

Gentle combination

If you are not good at drawing, but the monophonic coating seems too banal to you, you can use design techniques that do not require outstanding artistic skills. White color looks very fresh and expressive on a beige background, so even with the help of simple sliders you can get a stylish and effective nail design. A great idea is to coat all nails with white varnish, and use beige on nameless ones. After drying the varnish, you will only need to place the sliders, and then cover them with the base and top (of course, carefully drying each layer).

Simple designs include those that use sequins and all kinds of decorative sprinkles. This season, options with new material called "Snowball" are relevant, and in appearance it resembles large white dust. It is enough just to spray it a little over a beige-colored nail, let the particles stick to the dispersion layer of the colored varnish, and then cover the nail with the top.

white beige manicure snow

New Trend - Baby Boomer Design

Beige-white ombre manicure looks delicate, but at the same time incredibly stylish. Today, such a design is incredibly popular. For it, you can use both dense varnishes with good pigmentation, and milky tones.

You can carry out the design using different techniques: dry and wet using a comb brush, air -uffing, using an airbrush. To make the result more spectacular, beige color is applied to the part of the nail adjacent to the cuticle, and the overgrown edge is highlighted in white. This design of nails is somewhat reminiscent of a jacket, but it looks more tender.

white beige manicure ombre

Baby Boomer can become both an independent design and part of a complex composition. White-beige ombre is well suited as a substrate for stamping, inlay, painting.

Floral ornament

Trends are great, but there are nail designs that will be relevant at all times. It’s hard to imagine that women will one day be fond of painting nails with floral ornaments. Flowers, elegant twigs, leaves - all this can become the basis and main accent of a stylish composition.

white-beige manicure painting

If you want to learn how to draw on nails, first of all take care of a good tool. No improvised tools like needles, hairpins and honed matches can be a worthy alternative. A synthetic fiber linear brush is what we need to complete this nail design.

Beige varnish cover the nail and dry in a lamp, and then cover with a top. You can perform the drawing using acrylic or gel paint. You can use white varnish, but provided that it has good density and pigmentation. Otherwise, the patterns simply will not be visible.

Carefully draw paint on the brush, trying to ensure that it is evenly distributed along the pile. If you use gel paint without an adhesive layer, you don’t need to cover it with a top, just cure it in a lamp. Acrylic paints dry in the air, but they must be covered with topcoat.

Minimalist style

Fashion for laconic and a little strange designs came from Korea. Like everything that this country gave the world, minimalism instantly became a trend.

white-beige manicure style

As a base, you can use beige gel polish. Give preference to well-pigmented materials so that your own nail does not shine anywhere. You can complement the design with elegant white lines and several color accents.

Fashionable geometry

Speaking about current trends of the fashion season, it would be unfair to ignore graphic designs. Sharp corners, color blocking, stripes and geometric shapes are real fashion hits of the season.

Coat some nails with beige polish and some with white. Draw parallel and perpendicular stripes using paints of two to three complementary colors. The main thing is that all the selected shades are well combined with each other. White and beige colors can be complemented with peach, turquoise or golden.

white beige manicure geometry

Want more? Sprinkle some elements with acrylic powder or velvet sand. The combination of textures always looks very impressive. Suitable for such a beige and white manicure with color accents and a matte top.

Spot painting

Dots is a simple-looking tool. But with it, you can perform a huge number of tasks. For example, elegant bitmaps.

Such a beige-white manicure for short nails is very suitable. For drawing a picture, you can use both paint and paste - it is more dense and dense, so that the design will turn out to be voluminous.

white-beige manicure photo

Before you begin, make a markup. Mark the middle of the nail, the directions of the future pattern, the centers of symmetry. Make sure the dots prints are the same.

Negative space

Manicure masters started using the idea of ​​using translucent “windows” in nail designs several years ago, but their popularity still does not think to fade away.

white-beige manicure design

This version of a white-beige manicure is suitable for those who are limited in time, do not have a large number of decorative elements at hand, or simply are not sure of their skills, but do not want to be limited to a trivial design. Try to cover some nails with beige varnish, and decorate some of them with “windows”. To do this, be sure to use a camouflage base, which will differ in shade from beige varnish. If the own window shines through its own window, the design may look messy.

You can draw white and beige parts simply with a thin brush, or you can use the applicators. Just seal the space that should remain transparent, then apply white and beige varnish, and then immediately remove the adhesive tape. Only then can the design be dried.

The final stage is the application of the top. Make sure that the cavity does not form a cavity. For this purpose, you can fill it with a base.

White-beige manicure with rhinestones

For design in such gentle colors, you can use transparent crystals. But colored rhinestones will do just as well: red, emerald, gasoline and even black. It all depends on the idea.

In order for the rhinestones to hold well, they must be properly fixed. For this purpose, special glue, a thick rubber base or modeling transparent gel is suitable.

white beige manicure rhinestones

Put a drop on the place where the inlay will be located. Gently lay out crystals, add broths. Dry the design for at least 90 seconds so that the material cures well. Block the job with the top, trying not to get on the rhinestones themselves, otherwise they will look like pieces of cheap plastic. Dry the top and remove the stickiness, if any. In this case, of course, it is desirable to use tops that do not emit a dispersion layer during polymerization.


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