Details on how to jump on a bike

how to jump on a bike
Riding a bike is great and fun. But not everyone is satisfied with just quiet rides. Many people wonder how to jump on a bike. However, if you decide to learn this, do not think that you will get off with a slight fright. You have to decently get soft places on a hard earth, be prepared for this.

So how to jump on a bike? It is advisable to start training with raising the rear wheel. To do this is not easy at first, but quite possible. To do this, ride a bicycle without sitting on the seat and bend your legs. The connecting rods at this time (the spare part that goes from the pedal to the frame) must be installed parallel to the ground. The feet should be thirty degrees tilted forward (this is a very important point that you must remember if you want to learn and learn how to jump on a bicycle). At first you will have to monitor the position of the foot, but soon this movement will be brought to automaticity.

how to learn to ride a bike
So, let's move on to the description of how to jump on a bicycle. Lean forward and make stops like "back and up". If you just take your feet up without tilting, then they will tear themselves away from the pedals, and only you, but not your bike, will bounce slightly. You need to carry out such a movement until you feel that you can confidently carry it out. Then you can practice jumping in two wheels. To do this, to the already learned leg movements that you made while raising one wheel, you need to add a jerk to the wheel. Before the jump itself, you need to sit on your feet to jump as high as possible.

These are the initial skills that you must learn to learn how to learn how to jump on a bicycle.

Keep in mind the fact that if you cannot jump high on your own, then with the "vehicle" you will not achieve better results. Lifting height directly depends on your physical capabilities.

how to jump on a bike
There are many varieties of jumps, and one of them we will now consider and tell you how to jump on a bicycle.

The trick is called "rabbit jump". It actually resembles the movement of this animal, as it rises first the upper part of the bike, and then the back. To perform this trick, you need to bend your legs while riding and shift your body weight back, tearing the front wheel off the ground. At the same time, you need to push your feet and lift the back of your bike. Choose an average ride speed for training, since too much will create fear, which will somewhat interfere with the performance of tricks. A low one increases the risk of falling and failures, since for a successful jump you still need acceleration, and not standing still.

By the way, all the described tricks are best done on bicycles such as BMX. It is easier and more convenient. However, if you are not afraid of difficulties, then you can well train on a regular bike. But it is advisable to use the usual, simple model without bells and whistles and small easily lost parts, so as not to completely ruin the miracle of the latest developments, which is unlikely to be designed for such jumps and (where without them, dear) falls.


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