Do-it-yourself sewerage of a country house: how to install it correctly

Sewerage in a country house is as important a component as water supply, especially if you live there permanently. But since it is not always possible to connect to the general sewage system, due to its banal absence, you have to think about how to make your own sewage system . Such an idea is perplexing for many, although, after a thorough understanding, there is nothing complicated here. Do-it-yourself sewerage of a country house will help you save a lot of money and solve the main problem: where will all the waste and drains run off.

It is worth noting that there are four types of types of sewerage. The most primitive is the cesspool. This option was once very popular, but today, due to numerous shortcomings, an increasing number of homeowners are abandoning it. Concrete wells and plastic septic tanks are also distinguished. But most often, such a modern type of sewage system as a deep biological treatment plant is used. At first glance, it might seem that installing it requires incredible effort and cost, but in fact it is not. Such a sewer of a country house with its own hands is mounted quite easily, but how to do it right, and we will go further.

First you need to carefully calculate all the characteristics, including the volume of sewage and the depth of the pipes. If it is difficult to do this ourselves, it is best to seek help from a specialist who knows how to do everything right.

The essence of all the work is as follows:

  1. The first step is to dig a pit, the size of which must be such that it fits the station you bought.
  2. The station sinks into the dug pit; it is important that it stands straight. When the station is installed, water is poured to the indicated level.
  3. Next, it is necessary to sprinkle the station with sand, which, interacting with water, will compact and more firmly fix the station. Fully equipment
    you donโ€™t need to fall asleep, because in this case it will not be possible to draw down the water outlets and drains.
  4. After the installation of the station, proceed to the excavation of trenches in which the supply and discharge pipelines will be placed. The pipe is connected to the station as follows: a hole is drilled into which the pipe is soldered with an industrial hair dryer.
  5. Now you need to take the PVA cable and pass it into the plastic pipe, which then lay in the trench. The cable is needed in order to supply electricity to the station.
  6. After all the pipes are connected between themselves and the house, the sewer of the country house with its own hands will be ready.

Now a few words about what the meaning of the deep biological treatment plant is. Do-it-yourself sewerage of a country house of this type works as follows: inside it, aerobic bacteria multiply, which perform the function of absorbing organic pollution. As a result, water is more than 95% pure. In other words, all wastewater will undergo biological treatment, i.e. filtering.

Outdoor storm sewage is also simply indispensable for a country house. Its main function is to protect the building's foundation from destruction by rainwater. The simplest option for such a sewage system is the discharge of water through special trays. Also used are methods such as installing a special pipeline and discharging water using storm water inlets. To choose the most suitable option in your case, it is not superfluous to consult with a specialist. The very installation of all the elements will not take you much time and effort, and the costs will not be so great. But you will save the foundation of your home from premature destruction.


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