DIY feed mill granulator

A household feed pellet mill can be a great help in housekeeping. And you can make it yourself, which will save a lot of money, because such factory-made plants are very impressive. The independent manufacture of the mentioned equipment is also more profitable for the reason that privately it will be necessary to process a small amount of feed, for which there is no need to purchase factory-made equipment.

Installation design features

feed mill granulator

The granulator of compound feed household in appearance resembles a tank in which there is a matrix of one kind. If we are talking about a cylindrical matrix, then it has the form of a perforated drum, which is equipped with rotating rollers. As soon as the crushed mass gets into the drum, it is exposed to rollers, which press the composition into the holes located in the drum. These holes are called press channels. From the outside, the pellets that have passed through pressing are cut off with knives.

Matrix Description

DIY feed mill granulator

A flat matrix is โ€‹โ€‹a disk that is well mounted on the shaft. The granulation technique remains the same as that used when the apparatus was used, which has a cylindrical matrix. Before you make your own household feed pellet mill, it is recommended to buy a matrix that was produced in a factory. This item of equipment is sold as a spare part for factory equipment of this type. The equipment operates due to the gearbox, as well as an electric motor with a power equal to 15 kW or higher. The matrix can be fixed on a horizontal or vertical shaft. The design also includes a container designed for raw materials coming for processing. In addition, you will need and utensils necessary for the finished granules.

Preparatory process

feed farmer granulator household farmer

In order to properly manufacture the described equipment, it is necessary to prepare all the tools and materials needed in the work, as well as familiarize yourself with the instructions for the work. Thus, the work cannot be done correctly if you do not prepare:

  • steel corner;
  • high-quality metal canvases;
  • rotation shaft;
  • matrix;
  • Electrical engine;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners.

After you have managed to prepare the necessary set of tools, you can begin to carry out work on the manufacture of equipment.

Manufacturing process

mini feed mill granulator

In order to make a household feed pellet mill, it is necessary to prepare a stable and reliable bed. During the work, it will be necessary to cut a steel corner, and then carry out the pairing of individual elements by welding. The base of the equipment is a box. Its manufacture is carried out by welding elements previously cut from a metal sheet. In the course of the work, it is necessary to carry out manipulations on top of the face of the box. In this part, a hole is to be made whose diameter is equivalent to the dimensions of the matrix purchased in advance. In order to load the crushed raw materials, it is necessary to use this particular hole.

Work with steel

feed mill granulator Ukraine

When making a homemade feed pellet mill with your own hands, the next step is to manipulate the steel sheet. Previously, it is worth cutting a workpiece, the width of which is 10 cm. Using this strip, you need to make a side that will lie along the circumference of the hole. The element is to be fixed by means of a welding machine. In the lower part of the box you need to make a hole that is useful for installing the matrix rotation shaft. In order for the finished granules to be able to exit, a hole should be prepared in the side face, which should have a square shape. The tray, which is made from a workpiece based on a steel sheet, will also be required in the design. This element should be small, and it is necessary to strengthen it to the square hole.

Design assembly features

feed pellet mill drawing

A household farmer can make a feed pellet mill on his own, only at the same time it is necessary to follow all the rules of the work. Thus, when it becomes necessary to mount the rotation shaft of the matrix, you need to choose a place for it in the box, and use nuts as fasteners. The matrix on the shaft must be fixed so that the upper face of the pre-made box and the surface of the matrix are at the same level. The box must be mounted on the bed and fix everything, using bolts and nuts for this. Then you can proceed with the installation of the electric motor, the place of its installation is the bed. The matrix shaft is connected to the motor shaft by a belt drive. In order to make it more convenient to fill the raw material into the granulator, a bell should be installed, which is located on the upper opening of the housing. For its manufacture, a tin bucket should be prepared, from which the bottom is removed. The mini-granulator of compound feed household must have a roller with gears, which is installed on the matrix. At the next stage, the master should do just that. On this we can assume that the equipment is ready for use.

Production of a granulator with a self-made matrix

Homemade feed pellet mills

If you are a craftsman who wants to independently make a matrix for his homemade granulator, then the process must begin with this. In the course of such work, it is necessary to choose rollers for the rollers. Initially, it is worth buying a disk whose thickness can be equal to 20 mm, you can use the disk that has a more impressive parameter. But as for the diameter of the disk, it can be anything. But before that, you need to know that a more impressive drive in size will provide higher performance. Thus, if it is necessary to obtain 300 kg of granules within an hour, you need to select a matrix whose diameter is 50 cm, while the motor power should not be less than 25 kW. If you have enough equipment with not so impressive performance, then you can use a matrix whose diameter does not exceed 30 cm.

Matrix manufacturing

If you need a household feed pellet mill, Ukraine, or rather, its markets for relevant products, present such equipment for sale. But if you decide to make the installation yourself, then you need to measure the parameters of the cross section of the gearbox shaft, this will allow you to make a hole, you need to use a drill, and you should position the hole in the center of the disk, giving it the dimensions corresponding to the previously defined parameters. In order to ensure a hard fit, a groove must be made. In order for the raw materials to be pressed and removed correctly, the holes must be made in the form of a cone.

The drawing of the feed mill granulator must be prepared in advance, this will help to avoid mistakes. Gears and rollers for the roller in width must be made equal to the surface of the matrix. Gears put on the shaft. Using a coupling, a shaft with gears is fixed perpendicular to the axis of the gearbox shaft.

Body manufacture

Homemade feed mill granulators have a housing. In this case, it is preferable to make this element in the form of a cylinder. You can use a pipe or sheet of metal. It is recommended that the enclosure be made integral. The upper part is loaded with raw materials, which enters the lower part. Through the hole in the tray, the material will spill into the container.

The diameter of the housing must be such that the matrix rotates freely in the upper part, however, the groove between the wall and the matrix must be minimized. In the lower zone of the cylinder, you must make a square hole and install the tray.

Using the coupling and bearings, the gear shaft must be locked in the lower area of โ€‹โ€‹the housing. To both parts, it is necessary to strengthen the ears, which are needed to interface the parts of the body with bolts. This design is easy to clean. In the case you need to mount the rollers and the matrix.


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