Tarot Card Lovers: meaning, combination

At first glance, it seems that the lasso of the Tarot Lovers reveals aspects of personal relationships. This is a typical mistake of beginning fortune tellers. In fact, the card Lovers (Tarot) has a deeper meaning. It is a challenge, or crossroads, the need for choice, a dilemma. Its main meaning is that a person is faced with a turning situation. Let's see how to interpret this lasso in various ways.

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The volumetric meaning embedded in the cards is transmitted in the image. Specialists know that various schools modify the pictures a little, but the essence remains the same. Consider the Arcana Tarot Lovers. It depicts the figures of a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) next to an apple tree, in the branches of which a snake of seduction lurks. Almost biblical plot. The image prompts reflection on the upcoming choice. Individuals are invited to decide which is more important: the sweetness of sin or the severity of duty. This is the whole point of the lasso. He speaks of a fork in which it is impossible to get past. You must choose from several mutually exclusive options. As you know, the value of the Arcana Tarot is multifaceted. Therefore, the essence of the upcoming choice will have to be judged by the neighboring cards. The woman in the image has angel wings. They say that ahead is a lesson in patience. Something will provoke sharp actions. These factors will have to be understood and overcome.

lovers tarot meaning

Inner meaning

Love requires openness from partners. Any person needs to be perceived and respected as he is. The lovers' tarot internally conveys precisely this deep feeling. When a person is sincere, he does not give up responsibility, respecting the choice of others. And he expects the same in return. Decipher the meaning of the card should be based on the meaning of close relationships. Love is not only great joy, but also sacrifice. It is precisely the need for refusal in the hidden sphere that the Lovers' Tarot card hints at. Its significance, of course, varies depending on the issue, the problem being addressed. But this is always the stress associated with the transformation of personality. Something unnecessary must die. In its place there will be a new, no less valuable, but so far unknown. A person is on the verge of development and is afraid to take the first step. Moreover, none of the areas is closed. The fortuneteller himself needs to decide which way to go. The lovers' tarot speaks only about the upcoming choice, but cannot make it. Have to think for yourself. In astrology, the sign of Gemini corresponds to the lasso. This is duality, constant doubt. The person she symbolizes is agile, flexible, sociable, but windy. It's easy to talk to her, but hard to get something to do.

tarot card lovers meaning

Map of the day (direct position)

Communication with young immature people is coming. They cause a dual feeling. On the one hand, their antics are spiteless, non-aggressive, sometimes funny. On the other hand, I want to scold the scoundrels for wasting time. As a symbol of Arcanum Day, Lovers (Tarot), the meaning of which is choice, should be interpreted in this way. A decision to be made. It will most likely be true. In the upright position, the lasso is considered positive. Therefore, look directly at the coming day. It is complicated, but in the evening you will find pleasant fatigue and pride in the ability to solve problems. For loving people, this card portends a temptation. Probably someone will show interest in the partner. Of course, this is unpleasant. But is it worth it to be nervous because of a fleeting flirtation. Remember that the lasso speaks of openness and sincerity. Trust is part of true love.

Map of the day (inverted position)

This is a bad omen. In this position, the tarot card of the lovers has a negative value. Serious, vital issues should not be addressed. Do not solve anything in a hurry. Arkan warns against a mistake. An inverted position indicates a lack of information, wisdom, leaving the right path. In addition, the person has not yet matured in order to guide his own destiny. You need to consult with your elders or avoid harsh actions, leaving yourself the path to retreat. In a more mundane sense, the lasso speaks of minor troubles with colleagues at work. Gossip will prevent one from understanding each other well. In the financial sector do not expect success. Previously, the wrong step was made, it remains to be paid. If the fortuneteller had a specific question, then there is no answer to it yet. The probability of fulfilling a desire is small. Most likely, a person could not prepare a platform for its implementation.

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Tarot. Fortune-telling: Lovers in a relationship

First, consider the upright position. The appearance in the layout of this lasso is favorable only when relations have just begun to develop. This is a sign of the right choice of partner. In combination with the two Cups symbolizes a partner for life. If the direct Sun or the Empress is nearby, then there will be a wedding. The value of the Tarot arcana depends not only on the orientation relative to the fortuneteller, but also on the specific situation in the layout. In the past, Lovers talk about a choice that has already been made. It also affects relationships. Probably the partner recalls past love. But these thoughts are no longer important. In the future, our lasso is unfavorable for couples with experience. This is a sign of betrayal or probability thereof. There is a difficult choice, says the card Lovers (Tarot). Its combination with the Tower or the Hanged Man is especially unfavorable for the fortuneteller. There is a gap that will leave an unhealing wound in the heart. If the lasso is in the "present" position, then the tragedy is happening right now. The person asking the question may not suspect this yet. But the partner already had a completely different interest.

Inverted position

In this case, the card shows all the negativity of the wrong decisions. It changes even the wonderful prospects of positive arcana. Will have to answer for old mistakes. Problems will come from the past, to which the fortuneteller has no strength, no desire, no skill to solve. The partner probably regretted your connection. He is drawn to return to the one who was before. The combination with the three Swords in an inverted position leaves no hope. If the Hanged Man is nearby, then the fortuneteller himself will abandon the current relationship, which he will later bitterly regret. When there are a lot of Pentacles in the layout, then the gap will occur for mercantile reasons. But this does not change the essence. You have to suffer and regret your action. Fortune-telling on the Tarot “The Pyramid of Lovers” will help in more detail to analyze the prospects of relations. The layout is quite simple. Four cards participate in it. Let's analyze it in more detail.

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Pyramid of lovers

You need to shuffle the deck and pull out four lasso, spreading them with pictures to yourself. They determine what are the prospects for relations, whether there are problems, what is in the way, and what, on the contrary, helps to strengthen. Position Value:

  1. Fortuneteller. His attitude to the situation, internal position.
  2. Partner. His thoughts and feelings are what he thinks of you.
  3. Relations: what happens between people.
  4. Future: talks about the prospects of relationships.

If our lasso appeared in the first position, then a person is not confident in himself. He considers himself unworthy of a partner, doubts, suffers. In the second position, the appearance of the Lovers is not a very good sign. So far, the relationship has not developed. They are windy, not durable, fleeting. If in the fourth position the Empress, Hierophant, Peace, then everything will end with a long union.

lovers tarot combination

Impact on the business sector

The appearance of the lasso in this case speaks of changes of different orders. In the direct position, he foreshadows business negotiations, new projects, contacts. It will be necessary to think over proposals well. They will turn out to be promising, but they will have to give up something. For example, change the place of service. On the new, not everything will turn out perfectly right away. But the fortuneteller has enough strength to succeed. In the inverted position, the lasso warns against excessive spending and empty hopes. A card can ruin even the most positive scenario. Lovers (tarot) in any position predict a lack of energy. There are no prospects. A man wasted talent in vain, could not realize the chances provided by fate. You have to repeat the whole way from the very beginning. The combination with the Tower indicates the loss of space or income. You will not find a new job soon. With the Hanged Man - predicts disadvantageous investments, large losses due to his own fault. With the triple of Swords upside down, offers to be careful. An accident is likely.

fortune telling pyramid of lovers

In the health layouts

In this case, the negative of the lasso is not so great. He is a sign of the choice of treatment method, hospital, spa and so on. The combination of our lasso with the Ace of Swords speaks of surgical intervention. If both cards are in a straight position, then surgical intervention will lead to a complete recovery. Should agree to it. When both cards are turned upside down, the risk of error is great. Do not rush into a decision. It is better to use medication or other types of treatment. If the moon is near, then refer to folk methods. They are more favorable than the surgeon's scalpel. In most cases, lovers in a fit for health suggest combining physical education with a diet. A dual approach to treatment or prevention is needed.

In the alignment of desire

It's pretty sad to see our lasso when they are wondering about the realization of a dream. He is good only in the position of "past", and then with a favorable environment. If there is a Hierophant, Peace or Star nearby, then there is hope, but it is necessary to work on what was conceived. In other cases, there is no answer. The cards probably don’t feel enough for the fortuneteller to digest the fulfillment of desire. This is a bad sign. It is necessary to engage in self-improvement. You see, the lasso often shows losses through his own fault. What you want is at arm's length, but the absence of something important prevents it from being raised. No one will help. Changing yourself to be happy and successful will have to do it yourself!

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