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On a large number of sites with various recommendations, you can find a huge number of reviews about mizel.ru. This site offers the purchase of smartphones and electronics from world famous manufacturers at very nice prices. What features does this site have in its work and what kind of terms of deals does it offer? About it further.

general information

The mizel.ru online store is engaged in the sale of exclusively high-quality electronics, which is produced by Asian companies. On the pages of his online catalog there is a large number of gadgets produced by such companies as Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung, as well as Sony and Lenovo.

The employees of this project guarantee the high quality of each product purchased in the online store, as each product has a guarantee.

mizel ru reviews

Warranty Terms

Any product that is purchased in the online store is subject to warranty service for one year, as evidenced by the coupon, which is attached to the contract of sale. In the event of a malfunction or sudden failure of the gadget during this period, the company assumes full responsibility for its repair or replacement. All repairs are carried out exclusively by specialists who have experience in assembling devices of certain brands - this ensures the reliability of the final result of the work done.

If you want to replace the device with another one within 14 days from the date of its acquisition, the customer is entitled to request this service. Upon a call, the courier will arrive, pick up the wrong product and return the money or exchange the product for another. The buyer can use this opportunity only once and subject to the safety of the complete set of the gadget, including the box, as well as the warranty card and receipt, indicating the completion of the purchase.

mizel ru store reviews

Mizel.ru: divorce or not?

When planning to purchase a product through an online store, many buyers want to make sure that this company really exists and that ultimately the customer will receive the selected product. So many network users who are on the site mizel.ru for the first time want to make sure that this online store offers really high-quality, genuine products for the prices indicated in the catalogs, and that after the money is transferred the courier will really deliver the right position .

According to reviews of the mizel.ru online store, it is easy to conclude that all the products that are offered on its pages really exist, and an acceptable price is indicated on it, which in most cases is more pleasant than in ordinary stores. All equipment and electronics presented in it are original and have the proper quality. In addition, each product is subject to mandatory warranty service for a year, which also inspires confidence.

Peace of mind can also be ensured by the fact that on the largest rating sites this sales portal has a large number of reviews about its work, and, in addition, the site itself has existed for a long time.

About the authenticity of goods

All products that are presented on the expanses of the storeโ€™s website are 100% genuine. This is ensured by the fact that this company conducts its business directly with suppliers from abroad. Among its partners you can find such famous brands as Meizu, Xiaomi, Vanplus, Apple, and also ZTE. If necessary, the company can provide contracts on the basis of which cooperation is carried out.

As the administrators themselves note, the above companies provide individual wholesale orders for this store, which, of course, affects the cost and quality of products. According to customer reviews of mizel.ru, any product purchased here is pre-Russified in a high-quality manner, and also has a charger created according to European standards.

Order payment

Many customers of this service talk about the fact that it offers a wide selection of payment options for purchases, which is very convenient for the ordinary consumer. In customer reviews of mizel.ru, it is often recommended to pay using the WebMoney and Yandex Money services, where small fees for the transfer of electronic funds are charged - 2% and 1%, respectively. In addition, it is possible to pay using payment systems such as Qiwi, Pay Pal, as well as by transfer from an ordinary bank card. Customers emphasize that the largest fee is charged for bank transfers, this is not profitable.

The mizel.ru online store works exclusively on full prepayment, due to the lack of the ability to purchase equipment from major suppliers using the deferred payment system. However, this feature does not scare away buyers, since the site is a reliable resource and guarantees the delivery of goods.

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How to make an order

The reviews about https://mizel.ru often say that the client can order the products he needs according to a simple scheme. The ordering system, according to most users, is designed in such a way that even an inexperienced network user can figure it out.

First of all, to create an application, it is necessary to carefully scroll through the proposed catalog and decide on the order of which device is planned, what color it should be, and also select the model of interest. After that, click on the "Place an order" button under the product and indicate all the wishes. After the application is created, the client must pay for the goods in the selected way and from this moment you can begin to expect a product.

mizel ru customer reviews

Delivery terms

Looking through reviews about mizel.ru, you can see that many comments contain information about short delivery times for ordered goods. In particular, the residents of Russia share information that the ordered products find their consumer after 15-20 days, for the population of Ukraine this period can drag on to a month - it all depends on the location of the locality to which the gadget is brought.

The mizel.ru company also works with customers from Belarus and Kazakhstan. In the first case, the delivery time is quite short - from a week to 18 days (provided that the goods are ordered from China). In some cases, delivery is carried out through the territory of Russia, because of which the terms can be slightly increased. As for the residents of Kazakhstan, the desired gadget will reach them from 4 to 40 days, depending on the product of which country of origin was chosen for purchase.

Smartphones and tablets

The most popular products that are purchased through this online store are smartphones and tablets. As a rule, customers opt for equipment of such brands as Xiaomi, Meizu, 1 + 1, LG, Samsung, Sony - they are most often recommended to be acquired by sales consultants who work with clients online and by phone.

Apple's fashion technology among modern youth is also very popular among consumers. Each product under this logo is completely original, as evidenced by certificates. Any gadget of this company is purchased directly from an official supplier from the United States.

In reviews of mizel.ru it is often said that the assortment presented in the catalog offers a wide selection of accessories for such devices. Here you can find covers, portable chargers, key rings, screen protectors and other little things for any make and model of phone. This circumstance, of course, pleases any client.

mizel ru online store reviews

Laptops and computers

A lot of attention of visitors to the online store is attracted to the section that offers the purchase of computers, laptops, as well as various components and accessories. Recently, customer demand has been growing for these products manufactured by Xiaomi and Meizu: according to advanced users, they are distinguished by their reliability and functionality.

High-quality components are offered to customers by the site catalog mizel.ru. According to reviews, video cards, hard drives, motherboards, as well as processors are best purchased in this place, since the assortment contains parts for almost all models of laptops and computers and, in addition, the prices of goods of this class are pleasantly surprising.

mizel ru customer reviews

fashionable accessories

A large number of fashion fans prefer to shop for fashion accessories in this store, which is ensured by low prices for gadgets. In particular, among the clients of this service, sports bracelets, gyro scooters, music players, various amplifiers and branded high-quality headphones are widely popular.

Visitors to the site are pleased with a large selection of models, colors, as well as design accessories.

Photo and video equipment

The reviews on the mizel.ru store, left by the siteโ€™s customers, indicate that the assortment of its catalog offers a large selection of equipment for creating photos and videos. The online store maintains close and fruitful cooperation with reliable manufacturers such as Canon, Xiaomi, Gopro, and H.View. In addition to professional and amateur cameras, at good prices you can buy quadrocopters, cameras for external and internal surveillance, as well as various accessories for these devices.

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Other goods

In reviews of mizel.ru one can also meet the opinion of customers that in addition to large goods on the pages of his catalog you can also find products of smaller formats, which are also necessary in everyday life. Such products on the site are collected in a separate section "Other". Among them there is a considerable number of accessories (Xiaomi branded pens, Meizu backpacks, covers, scarves), guitars, thermometers, air humidifiers, LED RGB lamps, teapots, humidity and temperature analyzers, and much more, which is very interesting to a simple Russian layman.

Online Store Contacts

In the reviews of the mizel.ru store, customers focus on the fact that you can always contact the management of this service in various ways. First of all, this can be done through the official group on the VKontakte social network, which is managed by several administrators. In addition, on its pages you can always familiarize yourself with upcoming promotions and their conditions, the receipt of new products, as well as learn a lot about the features of the operation of gadgets from information articles.

You can also communicate with the administration and consultants by phone numbers that are listed on the official website of the company. On this Internet resource you can also find all the details necessary to pay for goods, as well as get acquainted with the actual and legal addresses of the online store.

Warranty service of equipment is carried out at two addresses located in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

  • Moscow, Warsaw highway, 143;
  • St. Petersburg, Pochtamtskaya street, 9.

It is here that the equipment that is out of order during the year from the moment of its purchase by the customer is brought. Specialists in various areas of repair work in these points, who will be able to bring any gadget into working condition, provided that its use was proper.

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