How to do everything at work: step-by-step instructions. Time Management: Time Management

During the working day, there are often so many cases that it is impossible to cope. And the other employees are already going home, and it remains only sad to look after them, again plunging into work. How to do everything? Time management for women and men will help with this.

Time management

Morning begins by creating a work schedule.

In fact, few people know how to organize work to keep up with everything. In order for the whole process to go most productively and end when other colleagues, you need to start the day a little earlier than usual. Getting up half an hour earlier, you can slowly get ready for work, setting a fast but measured rhythm. "Hurry without rushing" - in this advice, inherited from our ancestors, a lot of useful things.

Being late for work, you can get out of the working atmosphere for the whole day, and besides, not every employer will like it, because he needs a specialist not only professional, but also punctual. A late arrival may affect their own performance, especially if the work is collective. The ability to manage time here will come in handy.

If you come to work a little earlier, you can safely check your mail, make a schedule of necessary things, get acquainted with the necessary information, and at the same time drink a cup of coffee, along the way, come up with some good offer for the company.

Time management for women - how to do everything

Convenient work schedule

Many people made it a rule to plan work hours using a schedule. When compiling it, one must take into account that at least half an hour will be spent on various conversations with colleagues, which, as a rule, are not related to work. Also, unforeseen situations may arise when it is necessary to consult with management or colleagues. Typically, such negotiations can last up to an hour. If the work is not going well, you can turn to the staff for help, and next time come to their aid.

The list of work must necessarily take into account routine work, which includes familiarization or sorting of documents, editing the existing database. These processes usually cause complete rejection. After 20 minutes, I want to quit everything and go for another cup of delicious coffee. However, ideally, this desire should be overcome. It is better to walk around the office, listen to your favorite melody and immediately return to your place, once again plunging into work and finishing it. Psychologists have found that after this time, spontaneous attention is turned on, and this process is most effective for work productivity.

It is also necessary to find a place in the work schedule for those production issues that imply the fulfillment of tasks in which other employees are involved. For example, this is joint work, meetings, business meetings, necessary discussions. Plan your work day. This will help to distribute time as much as possible and spend it effectively.

How to do everything at work and at home

How to plan it?

At home and at work, how to keep up with everything? Time management for women and men recommends the following. You need to get used to doing all the similar things day after day at the same time. For example, to get acquainted with the news or to view the incoming mail from 9 to 10.30, meetings with partners or clients occur from 11.00 to 13.00. And at 16.00, let the interaction with colleagues be held regarding work activities, and it’s nice to allow yourself to discuss problems with a cup of coffee.

Those who do not know how to do everything at work and at home need to be able to prioritize correctly, determining what needs to be done in the first place and what can be postponed for some time. You can contact your boss to suggest what needs to be done first. And one should not be silent if there is difficult work ahead, and the chief decided to load additional ones. In this case, it is worthwhile to offer him, for the sake of the task just set, to abandon all others. Then the issue will be resolved much faster.

Plan your work day

The fight for cleanliness

The desktop is its own territory, and the speed of tasks depends on the distribution of functionally located things on it. In order for everything to be ordered here, it is better to leave everything in their places before going home. Neatness in your own work area is crucial because:

  • Facilitates a day at the office. You do not have to feverishly sort it out, sort and transfer it for the tenth time.
  • Increases labor efficiency.
  • The order on the table of each employee contributes to raising the image of the entire company and the level of professionalism of each employee.

What to do next?

After lunch or a light snack, the leftover food should also be removed so that they do not interfere, do not distract with smells - all these little things will distract from work.

And if the work is collective, it is advisable that the colleagues know that in which place the table can be taken without violating the routine. And if there are a lot of documents, you can make a list of them and attach them to a prominent place. Then the search time for everyone will be significantly reduced.

It is better to hide any help or personal notes in the table, identifying specific places for them. Knowing where what is located, you will not have to waste time on constant searches. It is convenient to prepare folders of different colors or stick colored strips on them so that you can always select the desired one.

Any desktop over time fills up with new papers, so periodically you need to do an audit, freeing yourself from unnecessary things and papers. If you do this all the time, cleaning will not be time consuming.

How to prioritize

Time depends on colleagues.

For many, the workspace is one large area called open plan. It is believed that this creates functional flexibility and profitability, but for the team it is not always convenient, because constantly someone invades personal space, and prevents focus. You need to learn how to manage time and work in such an environment, and not spend precious minutes talking. For personal questions, the opportunity will come after the end of the work.

How to organize work to keep up with everything

Help and everything about her

Another way to do everything at work is to not allow yourself to be used. To help is sacred, but if this turns into a permanent action, then it's time to think about whether it is a mistake to regularly do the work for another, and do your own when everyone has gone home? As a result, there will be an opinion that the employee does not manage to cope with the task. And the next increase may go exactly to those who had to help, wasting their own time.

If something at work fails, you should not give in to panic. An objective look and concentration will help you calm down and understand that not everything is so dramatic. It is better to spend an extra half hour to think about the current situation. You may need to turn to colleagues or a manager for help so as not to waste time on an unresolved problem.

Sometimes you can admit that in some issues alone the solution does not come, since the possibilities of a person, unfortunately, are not unlimited, like working time. But it is not worth it to constantly refuse to work or invite others to help, so that the management does not decide that this employee does not know how.

But it may happen that a new task takes a lot of time, and the old ones have accumulated enough too. Then there are several options: take extra time or ask to postpone the task for later. You can also refuse an assignment if you didn’t like it for something, but you can do this a number of times, otherwise the management will be tired of an employee who shows such independence.

How to keep up with everything at work

If fatigue does not allow you to work

A large amount of work sometimes does not allow you to relax on time. Trying to quickly finish the workflow, a person does not notice that he is tired and the time has come for a long time to rest. And then comes reckoning - headache, malaise, bad mood, passivity.

But fatigue is only a brief decrease in working capacity when internal resources are depleted, but will be restored again during a respite.

Therefore, those who do not know how to keep up with everything at work should remember that after intensive work, rest must be followed. It is best if the weather is favorable, go out into the fresh air, at least for a short period of time. If this is not possible, it is advisable to drink vitamin tea or eat fruit.

Do not drain yourself

Nutrition during work supports the body. It is good if the company or the production has a fixed break. For normal working ability you need to have a good meal. And some are in a hurry immediately to smoke break, when it is time to start work. And if you consider that on average one cigarette is smoked per hour, and this time takes about 10 minutes, without taking into account that an interesting conversation with a colleague ensued during this, a significant figure is obtained.

Up to 1.5 hours are spent on cups of coffee or tea a day, phone calls with children or parents also take a lot of time, and it turns out that working days come to an end too early, and all things have not been done.


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