What can be painted on the nails? Light nails for beginners

Not necessarily a manicure - a specialist. Many girls and women quite successfully carry out this procedure at home. And each time everything is more successful and more professional. No need to immediately strive to make a complex multi-color drawing. Try it with something simple. A light drawing also looks great if the manicure itself is done carefully.

The benefits of manicure at home

Firstly, you save time on the way to the master and back. Agree, this watch can be successfully spent on your homework or your favorite series with a coffee mug.

Secondly, self-made manicure is much more profitable from a financial point of view. Not everyone can afford to regularly pay a certain amount for beautiful nails, but you really want to. Therefore, it is enough to purchase all the most necessary tools once - and a small beauty salon is already at your place. By the way, in total one or two trips to the master are approximately equivalent to the initial costs of your materials for the home.

manicure in two colors

Thirdly, at any time, you can adjust or change the design of the nails without leaving your home. Who knows, what if at 3 o’clock in the morning you urgently want a manicure with roses or butterflies?

With all these advantages, it is worth considering some nuances that arise:

  • Decorating your nails, you use both hands alternately. If you are right handed, drawing with your left hand can be difficult. But this is more a matter of practice. Learn over time.
  • Sitting at the master’s table, you are relaxed, talking and having fun. When doing the manicure yourself, you have to completely concentrate so that the nails are painted carefully.
  • Do not immediately start with realistic landscapes on the nails, it is quite difficult. Therefore, you will have to master simple manicure options to begin with. Below you will find examples of what you can draw on nails without owning this profession.

Tools and materials

Make a list in advance before going to the store. At least not to forget anything. Each one will have his own, depending on his needs. Therefore, an example may look like this:

  • varnishes of the right colors;
  • base and top coatings;
  • lamp for drying gel polishes;
  • nail polish remover;
  • degreaser, if you use gel polishes, not ordinary ones;
  • cotton pads;
  • wooden sticks for manicure;
  • set of brushes ;
  • stickers, ribbons, rhinestones or other materials for decorating a light pattern on nails;
  • scissors, a nail file or other tools for preliminary manicure, if you do not have them.

Conventional varnishes differ from gels in the way they are dried and how long they wear. The first dry just in the air, but stay on the nails for three to seven days. It all depends on your nail plate and daily activities. The second is dried under a special lamp. After hardening, they turn into plastic. Such a manicure can last for about a month. So it all depends on your personal preferences.

needle manicure

The stores have sets of brushes for manicure. They are designed to create a variety of patterns and effects on the nails. Thicker brushes are used to apply the base, top and background color of the varnish. A thin brush for manicure is convenient for drawing contours, lines, creating a neat picture. The sets may also contain special sticks with metal ends for gluing rhinestones or other decorations. Thus, everything for your convenience can be purchased independently.

How to get out of the situation earlier

We are talking about times when this huge assortment of drawing tools was not available. Just a few years ago, the design on the nails was created with an ordinary sewing needle. How to draw on nails using it? A drop of a different color was applied to the varnish layer. The tip of the needle drove a drop in different directions. Thus, the desired pattern was obtained. Popular and easy to perform were: cobwebs, all kinds of flowers, leaves, ornaments and patterns of bizarre shapes.

Nail polish drawings for beginners

Of course, the easiest way is to cover the nails with a plain layer, not all fingers are the same, and enjoy the neat, well-groomed handles. But sometimes I want to add mischief and admire the beautiful summer manicure with a picture. This does not require special skills and knowledge. The most important thing is desire, time and a little patience.

The simplest options include any geometric shapes and patterns. After all, there is nothing easier than to accurately draw with a brush lines, bends, curls. It is not necessary to repeat the pattern on each of your fingers, each nail with an excellent pattern will look original.

Guessing what you can draw on your nails, you should pay attention to the flowers that are light in execution. When you want delicate and romantic patterns, you can use a varnish that does not differ much from the main tone. Then the picture will not contrast and will be distinguished by refinement and softness. Remember the children's images: the core and several petals in a circle - here you have a flower. Make it a little more complicated: draw with single lines in the middle of each petal of the vein in the form of a single or double line.

manicure with spider web

No less cute, but with the same ease fragments of a spider web are drawn. And if you want, you can add a cute spider. It is enough to draw diverging straight lines and connect them with semicircular veins with an increasing interval. And somewhere, add a drop of dew on your finger. And your design will sparkle with colors.

A huge variety of colors and shapes of wings of butterflies give a wide scope for choosing your manicure. Even if it seems that it was not possible to portray the desired, tell others that it was such an insect that was implied. There is nothing complicated in how to draw butterflies on nails with gel polish. Given the peculiarity of drying such a varnish exclusively under the lamp, you can use a multi-color palette and create interesting transitions on the wings.

Universal background for any of your creative impulses

We are talking about black and white colors of varnish as the main coating. After all, it is these two colors that perfectly contrast and combine with any other colors and shades.

What can be painted on white nails? The light base is great for contrasting dark patterns, from simple lines, waves or zigzags to sophisticated multi-color images, such as a fox in a forest or a sea sunset. For more neutral and eye-catching nails, it is better to use light tones of varnishes: beige, pink, blue, light green, yellow and other colors.

manicure with a white background

What can be painted on black nails? In principle, in this case, everything is the same as with a white background, only exactly the opposite. Dark shades of varnishes will be harmoniously combined with black, without highlighting the pattern. A light-colored image will contrast with the background.

Conscious approach to the choice of drawing

To depict on the nails with due desire you can anything. But are there any nuances in selecting a picture? Of course. Rather, there are tips for proper placement, color selection and the image itself. After all, each girl has her own form of nails, an individual length. And depending on the desired result, you should carefully select a manicure.

Great if you have long and narrow nails. Such a pattern cannot be visually ruined, except for inaccurate manicure. It is more difficult if you need to think that you can draw on short nails. It is best to choose elongated patterns along the nail plate. Thus, they will optically look longer. As an option, if the picture is in the middle, then straight lines should be drawn on the sides of the nail. This method will also visually make the nail more elegant.

When choosing a wardrobe, many girls know that black gives the figure more harmony and thinness. This rule applies to manicure. Do not, of course, expect your fingers to become much thinner overnight. But this method will slightly correct the shape of the nail. Another option is to apply a color background with a small gap from the side of the finger. It will seem that this is your real width of the nail.

What you can draw on nails when you want warmth

For many, summer is associated with warmth and a great mood. Therefore, the selection of a manicure with such a plot will bring a drop of sunlight to everyday life. Firstly, it should be summer light and warm colors. Usually yellow, orange, green and lime, a blue tone is possible.

summer manicure

Secondly, it is better to select the base color also in the light version. White as a universal color is not excluded.

Thirdly, the plot of the picture should be associated with your summer days. When ladybugs sit on grass blades, a variety of flowers bloom around. Especially wildflowers in many are associated with summer heat. You can choose a landscape with a sunset, quite simple to execute. Or maybe the image of a grasshopper will remind you of warm evenings with their chirping. Green leaves on the trees clearly indicate the time of year. So there is a fairly large selection of thematic drawings to create the proper mood.

Universal business style

At work in the office, many managers establish a certain style of clothing for their employees. Therefore, liberties are impermissible either in makeup or in manicure. Adhering to a strict look, you will have to carefully select images for nails.

business manicure style

Usually use monophonic varnish for coating, but you can try to add a little zest to your style. So, the standard business colors for nails are considered to be body shades, pink, beige or just transparent varnish. Therefore, for a picture, it is worth choosing a color that differs by a couple of tones. The picture will practically merge with the background, but upon closer inspection you will still see the picture.

What and how to draw patterns on the nails for a business style? It is best to choose abstract options, geometric or openwork. The main thing is to adhere to the rule that the pattern should not be evident.

When there is little time or no desire to smoothly drive with a brush

The modern beauty industry is developing, and expanding the range of products for lovers of a marafet. So, for the perfect manicure with the same image, stencils are sold on each nail. From their diversity blows the head. These are geometric forms of any variations, in the form of scales, flowers, abstract patterns. Yes, and not to list everything - you must see.

manicure through stencils

Stencils are convenient in that you create a manicure without any problems and quickly enough. A great option for those who doubt their ability to draw with a brush or just a little too lazy to devote a lot of time to create a pattern.

Another alternative to tassels

This option is for the laziest. When you don’t know what you can paint on your nails or if you don’t have enough varnish colors, use nail stickers. There are several types, and each is unique in its own way.

Firstly, water based. These stickers are a thin film with a pattern already applied. You cut out the desired pattern from a common sheet, lower it into water for two to three seconds and now easily separate the stickers from the paper base. They are very thin, so it is best to use tweezers to transfer the picture to the nail. Fix on top with clear varnish or topcoat. Everything is ready, a manicure with a drawing is completed in a matter of minutes.

manicure with stickers

Secondly, slides, or water stickers, which must first be cut under the shape of the nail. They are applied to the entire nail plate. These stickers are distinguished by a clear and fairly realistic printed image. They are fixed by analogy with water under a transparent layer of varnish.

Thirdly, three-dimensional stickers having slightly convex elements. Due to this, the effect of volumetric pattern is created. Usually they are found on a glue basis, like ordinary stickers. There are also water-based ones that you read about above.

Fourthly, metallized stickers in gold, silver or other design. Against a contrasting background, they look bright and elegant. This option is perfect for creating an evening manicure.

What is worth remembering from the foregoing

Most importantly - do not forget that a neat manicure should be accompanied by well-groomed hands. Use moisturizing and healing creams for chapped and dry skin. Remember to periodically apply cuticle oil.

But for starters, nothing spoils beautiful female hands like untreated fingers. Do spa care for your brushes, apply a scrub or peeling, treat the cuticle, and file your nails gently. And only after the above procedures, it is worth starting to decorate the nails.

If you are going to make a manicure gel varnish, consider the time of socks. It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of color and pattern. If you go to work, then give preference to a business style. On vacation, you can afford any excesses. Choose the shape of the picture and the color scheme according to the shape of the nail plate, if visual adjustment is required.

Well-groomed hands and nails will always give you an attractive and feminine look, so experiment and find your style.

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