Super Sculpt. What it is? General characteristics and features of the technique

Aerobics is usually considered a completely safe and uncomplicated sport. But she also has such directions that completely do not fall under this description, for example, the Super Sculpt system. What it is? The program is a serious strength training, which requires some training and is popular with both women and men. Let's take a closer look at what a “Super Sculpt” is.

Super Sculpt. What it is?


The main equipment in power aerobics is all kinds of weights. The most common form of weights that is in any fitness club - dumbbells. The huge dumbbells used in bodybuilding are not suitable here. The weight of a projectile for power aerobics usually does not exceed five kilograms. It is recommended to use special dumbbells with rubber weights. They will protect you from injuries that may occur during intense training.

The second type of weight, which is almost always used in the "Super Sculpt", is a special bar for the pump. Pump is a muscle pumping method that takes light weight, but does a lot of repetition. It is usually used at the end of the main approach for the complete study of muscle fibers. In our case, no one is engaged in a pump, and the choice of just such bars is due to the high intensity of training. A lot of time is spent with the shell, so if it is heavy, nothing will come of it.

The third type of weight training for power aerobics is bodybara. They are often used in the Super Sculpt system. What it is? These are just special weighted sticks that weigh up to five kilograms and are used instead of a barbell. The stick is a metal hollow pipe, clad in plastic that is pleasant to the touch. Bodybars can be used both independently and with pancakes, as a simple bar.

In addition to weights, such auxiliary equipment is used in power aerobics:

  1. Gymnastic rug. The one that is used for yoga. But a simple tourist foam carriage is quite suitable.
  2. For some exercises, you will need a step platform.
  3. Expanders and other shells, the principle of which is based on elasticity.
  4. And finally, it’s worth mentioning a comfortable sports uniform and shoes.

Super Sculpt Super Sculpt

How are classes

As a rule, training on this system lasts no more than an hour and is divided into the following stages:

  1. Warm up and aerobic exercise. This is necessary in order to warm up the muscles and prepare them for stress.
  2. The main (power) part. It is carried out with weighting materials and special shells. It all depends on the specifics of a particular fitness club.
  3. The final part. It includes exercises aimed at relaxation, as well as stretching.

Load classes

There are four load classes in the Super Sculpt system:

  1. Upper Body. It involves the study of only the upper body.
  2. ABT. The study of the press and buttocks.
  3. TIT. Leg training.
  4. Body Sculpt. Exercise all muscle groups. This class is sometimes called the Super Sculpt.

Types of training can be alternated or performed separately if there is a need for a thorough study of problem areas.

Super Sculpt - power aerobics

What gives Super Sculpt

What is it ("Super Sculpt"), we found out. Now let's see what benefits it brings. In recent years, this program has become very popular among women, as it allows you to improve the shape of the abdomen, legs and buttocks. The second feature that attracts women is the ability to adjust the load and training time in the Super Sculpt complex.

Super Sculpt allows you to load the entire body at the same time, work out the arms, legs, abs, back and buttocks. Due to the successful combination of power and aerobic load, the system allows you to burn excess fat, make the body flexible, and the posture is beautiful.

But this is not all that gives Super Sculpt. Power aerobics has a significant healing effect. It accelerates metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves immunity, improves mood.

Super Sculpt: equipment


Summarizing the above, we will answer the main questions about the Super Sculpt system.

  1. What it is? This is a power aerobics program.
  2. What do you need for training? Sportswear and shoes, as well as the desire to work on yourself, everything else is in the fitness club.
  3. What are these activities useful for? They tone the whole body, allow you to get rid of problem areas, lose extra pounds, develop endurance, strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system.


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