Alize: death is delayed

In the world of modern extremely commercialized pop art, there are not so many bright personalities. The popularity of a rising star is affected mainly by the size of the amount invested in its “promotion”, and then the process goes according to ordinary market laws: product positioning, advertising campaigns, tracking sales volumes and various promotions.

alize death

It has long been noticed that when one of the famous or famous artists dies, this fact not only causes hysteria in the ranks of his loyal fans, but also increases the interest of those who were not very interested in his work before.

The French pop singer Alize became a large-scale project by Milen Farmer and film director and composer Laurent Butonn. To say that this young talent has brought something new to pop music, alas, is impossible. Nice, young, whispering, chirping, romantic. In general, typical. His voice is weak, pretty corrected when correcting studio recordings, but treacherously screeching during performances without a phonogram.

death alize

Fans of this kind of music enjoyed for some time the works of the new star, but were quickly fed up. And according to the laws of the genre in 2007, persistent rumors began to arise about a car accident that ruined the young talent on the rise of fame. The death of singer Alize would be an excellent advertising move if the information was true, but, as often happens, it turned out to be greatly exaggerated. Fortunately, of course! After all, even in the world of show business devoid of any humanity, it seems as though it’s not customary to kill artists who are losing popularity for advertising purposes. It was just that at the end of the year the release of the new Alize album was planned. The death of a beloved singer, or at least rumors about her, would certainly have served as a reason for excitement.

And so it happened. The RCA CD with the album "Psychédélices" appeared on the shelves of French stores on December 3, 2007, a little later its sale began around the world. The effect, as is customary to write in such cases, exceeded all expectations. The record became gold in three countries: Italy, France and Russia. Alisee’s imaginary, unconfirmed, but refuted with a well-thought-out late delay helped a rather mediocre record to achieve a high level of sales, although it was not possible to break her own record seven years ago. The sold edition of "Gourmandises" (Polydor, 2000) was 4 million copies.

death of singer alize

Well, 300,000 is also a considerable figure. Despite the captivating name, psychedelics should not be expected by fans of this genre. The singer became older, her music approached the standards of Milen Farmer, but she did not reach her level. An attempt was made to consolidate the success in the same year and even a month: just a week later another album “All Alize” was released. Death no longer hovered over her image, which could not but affect the more than modest album sales .

Released in 2010, the new album "Une enfant du siècle" is also difficult to call particularly successful. The image of the little girl was no longer suitable for the matured madame, and the image of the fatal lady still needs to be earned, and not everyone can do it. As Alize’s experience confirms, death is not only physical, but also creative.

However, there is still hope. The 41st position in the Belgian charts and the 23rd in the French show the singer’s popularity in French-speaking countries. Such results were shown by a new album, called "Fifth", which he is in Alize's career. Death is delayed.


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