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Board games not only allow a person to escape from the routine, but also stimulate the brain. Indeed, most of them have rules and order in accordance with the laws of logic and mathematics. Among board games, short backgammon is becoming increasingly popular. The advent of a computer version that can be played online has further expanded the audience.

Historical reference

short backgammon

This oriental game has been popular for several millennia in the upper classes of the Asian nobility. Many padishahs and viziers spent their time behind this “boring”, as they called, occupation. Short backgammon was considered uninteresting due to the fact that the outcome of the game cannot be predicted.

The prototype backgammon was known more than 5,000 years ago. There is a version according to which the short backgammon was invented by the Persians in response to the challenge of the Indian ruler, who sent chess as a riddle. Scientists not only did not figure out the rules of the “gift”, but also came up with their own game, which they sent out as an answer. Moreover, according to this version, it took 12 years for the inhabitants of India to solve the puzzle.

Short backgammon came to European countries with a wave of crusades around the 12th century AD. e. Moreover, different peoples and at different times had different names for this game. For example, in the Middle Ages, backgammon was called "backgammon", in Russia they were known as "backgammon tawley", and among the Turks - "tawla". An interesting fact is that in the countries of Western Europe, dominated by Latin, the name of the game had almost the same root and sound. Compare: Tabula (Romans), Tables Reales (Spaniards), Tavola Reale (Italians), Tawls (Greeks), and Tables (English).

Game description

backgammon game short

Backgammon was originally used in astrology to predict the future. There is a theory according to which, the principles of our universe were laid down in the game rules. Backgammon, short and long, is a logically built, interesting game, if we consider their order from this point of view, we can draw the following parallels:

  • The number of points - 24 - corresponds to the number of hours in a day. At the same time, there are 12 points on each side, symbolizing the months of the year.
  • The number of checkers - 30 - is equal to the number of days in a month.
  • The board is divided into 4 zones corresponding to the periods of the year.
  • The course of playing elements is carried out in a circle, like the movement of celestial bodies.

The goal of the game is to ensure that all checkers are removed from the board, but before that they need to be moved to an area called “your home”. The player who first removes his playing elements is considered the winner. Short backgammon is a lesson for two, here each participant has two identical zones: a house and a yard. They are separated by a bar - bar. The movement of the checkers is carried out according to the number of dice drawn, and each player has his own set of dice.


backgammon rules are short

Despite the simplicity of the order, as it might seem at first glance, this game, backgammon is short, has many concepts and special terms that take some time to learn. For example, when two identical values ​​appear on the bones, the moves increase. Also, when playing backgammon, it will not be out of place to find out the meaning of the following concepts:

  • Dave - an offer to the opponent, when he is in a disadvantageous position, to double bets.
  • Auto-double - doubling the value of bets when the same values ​​appear on the dice of both players.
  • Beaver - when declaring a dave, the player can respond with this counter-doubling of bets.

Logic fun activities and games develop memory and stimulate brain function. In this case, you can play online or sign up for a special club and participate in tournaments, while finding new friends or just good friends.

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