How to build a shower in the country with your own hands: simple methods

If you have your own cottage and you often go to it for the weekend, then you should definitely think about arranging a garden shower there. It can be light, without insulation and outdoors. If you have already thought about a similar question, you can see in detail how to build a shower in the country with your own hands.

Making the simplest shower

how to build a shower in the country with your own hands
In order to organize a simple shower, it is not necessary to have special skills. All that is needed for this is a water tank, shower head and hose. All this will cost not at all expensive, and perhaps already at hand, because often on our sites you can find many interesting things that lie until they are remembered. Further, I think, you yourself understand how to build a shower in the country with your own hands. The tank must be installed at a convenient height in the place where the water in it will be well warmed up in the sun. A hose with a shower head needs to be connected to it. Under such a shower you can already swim, but for convenience make a screen in a circle from the curtains for the bathroom and slats. The whole structure will take a minimum of time.

build a summer shower in the country

How to build a shower in the country with your own hands - what you need to think about?

If you want to make your shower not only easy to use and install, but also convenient so that it can be used often throughout the summer season, then you should think over everything well. Of course, if the area on which the shower will be installed is covered with grass, then the water that will drain from it will go to the ground. However, if there is concrete or tile in the surrounding area, and possibly any landings that would harm the soap solution, then a drain should be provided for water. It must be brought to the gutter or cesspool. In this case, water will not cause inconvenience. You can install a special heated tank instead of a regular tank. It can be different

how to build a shower in the country
volume, and even on a cloudy day, swimming will be possible and comfortable. If you do not know how to build a shower in the country with your own hands with the greatest comforts, then you should look at your creation well and decide what is missing here. Do not forget about the water tank filling system. It can also be made with convenience. To do this, you can install a pump that with a hose will automatically pump water into the shower. This is relevant in cottages where there is no water supply, since the pump can also be pumped from a well or a well.

Equip a shower stall

Build a summer shower in the country is easy. For many, it is important not only its convenience, but also aesthetic qualities. Therefore, you can make a beautiful booth, which will be not only comfortable, but also very pretty. It can be closed or open, and take the material for its manufacture of your choice. Here you yourself can already answer the question of how to build a shower in the country, showing your imagination. The most popular are wooden cabins, as they are easiest to make, and they look always beautiful on a summer cottage. If there is no desire to do everything with your own hands, then you can purchase a ready-made shower and install it on the site.


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