Kimbo (coffee): taste, aroma, recipe

Our article will be of interest primarily to all lovers and connoisseurs of this delicious drink. We would like to tell you about the Kimbo coffee. If you have not heard of it and have not tried such a drink, then our information will help you to have at least some idea about it.

Brand History

Kimbo is a coffee owned by the Italian company Café de Brasil, which is currently considered one of the largest and most famous suppliers of Italian drink. This brand is not young at all and has long established itself in the global market. Its history began back in 1950 in Naples. At first the enterprise was a family business, its members had vast experience in roasting beans and making a drink, which allowed them to create their own coffee blends for espresso.

kimbo coffee

The creators of the company Café de Brasil faced a difficult task: they decided to revive the world-famous taste and aroma of the famous Neapolitan coffee, the preparation of which uses arabica. Their experiments with new blends were so successful that already in the seventies, Café de Brasil gained great fame in its market. And in 1994, the company already boldly took the second place in terms of the volume of beverage produced in Italy. Currently, Kimbo - coffee produced by an Italian company, which is very famous outside the homeland. The drink gained wide popularity due to its excellent qualities. He is especially loved in European countries.

Features Kimbo - coffee for true connoisseurs

What makes Kimbo fundamentally different from other brands is that the drink is made on the basis of a mixture of Arabica, growing only in distant Latin America. The basis of any blend is the arabica of Brazilian origin of the highest quality. It goes through a special frying, which allows you to achieve a balance between the taste and aroma of the drink.

Variety of drinks company

Kimbo coffee is not only a grain product, but also a ground product. It is packaged in foil bags and cans. Kimbo ground coffee beans are produced on the following main lines:

  • Arabica - has the finest aroma and a small amount of caffeine.
  • Gold Metal - has a rich aroma and rich taste, which has many shades, ranging from fruit to wine notes.
  • Coffee Kimbo Aroma Espresso - perfect coffee with a rich aroma and taste.
    coffee brewed in turk
  • Espresso Napoletano - is considered the best drink from Kimbo, which has a persistent beautiful foam. It is ideal for making espresso thanks to its aroma and grinding.
  • Decaffeinato is a unique variety that does not contain caffeine, but has a full-fledged taste and rich aroma.
  • Cialda - Neapolitan drink in individual packaging.

Whole bean coffee

Ground Kimbo - high-quality coffee, but the grain product is considered the best from this manufacturer. Its range is also quite large.

The espresso line produces the following items:

  • Crema - medium roasted coffee.
  • Dolce - has deep processing.
  • Gran Miscela - light roast.
  • Aroma - medium processing.

The taste of the drink

For true connoisseurs of the drink, Kimbo Top Quality, which has a characteristic Neapolitan roast, which gives a rather piquant aroma of strong espresso with good foam, can be a good choice. Kimbo di Napoli is a medium-sized roast with a traditional Neapolitan flavor and a harmonious, very pleasant taste.

kimbo coffee

Describe the taste and aromatic properties of each company name, perhaps, does not make sense. To truly appreciate this wonderful drink, you just need to try and enjoy it. Over the years of its existence, Kimbo coffee has managed to take first place in the French and Canadian markets. The products of the famous Rubino family are represented by a wide range in sixty countries of the world.

Production Features

The production of Neapolitan Kimbo has its own technological features. In its preparation, frying is done with hot air. This method is called convection, it allows you to fry absolutely all grains very evenly. An interesting fact is that each variety is fried separately at an individual temperature. And only after all this they mix the mixture.

kimbo aroma coffee

In the end, they get high-quality products with a unique aroma and great taste that millions of customers around the world can enjoy. The main fundamental difference between the invigorating drink of this brand is the use of Arabica beans, which is brought only from Latin America.

The recipe for a fragrant drink

It is no secret that coffee brewed in a Turk has an indescribable aroma and taste. But how to create it correctly? It must be borne in mind that the drink turns out to be stronger and more saturated with longer preparation. For this reason, on a gas stove it needs to be cooked on the smallest fire. In addition, it should be borne in mind that you can not bring coffee to a boil, as this spoils its taste. Ideal is a drink on the verge of boiling.

Coffee brewed in a Turk according to all the rules will delight you with its taste and aroma. And this is done as follows:

  • Turk must first be warmed up, which will allow the grains to open.
  • Next, coffee is put in the ratio of 1 teaspoon per hundred milliliters of liquid, but this proportion can be changed as desired. Then sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, anise and other components are added to taste.
  • A milder taste can be achieved by adding a small amount of salt.
  • Next, the mixture is filled with water.
  • On low heat, the beverage heats until a foam is obtained. It is necessary to wait until it rises to the upper edge of the Turks, and can be removed from the fire. In no case should you overheat the coffee, this adversely affects it.
  • The cup into which you will pour the finished drink must be preheated.
    kimbo coffee beans

True gourmets prefer to drink coffee with water. According to the rules, a custard drink is served with a glass of water. It is believed that in the process of drinking it is sometimes necessary to take a sip of clean water, which makes it possible to feel the aroma and taste of coffee with greater strength.

Instead of an afterword

Kimbo is considered a very good brand of coffee. No wonder he won many admirers around the world. The only downside is its price. It is quite expensive, although in the world market its pricing policy is average. There are more expensive brands. So coffee lovers should try a new taste. You may also become an admirer of this brand.


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