How to make a manicure at home

Sometimes it happens that there is absolutely no time for visits to the nail salon, and the nails are already in a very poor condition. At such moments, many girls think about how to make a manicure at home, get attractive and well-groomed hands, while not spending a lot of money. It is not as difficult as it may seem. Let's look at the process step by step.

How to make a manicure at home: stages

First of all, you need to take a tool for getting rid of varnish and a cotton swab. If varnish was not applied to the nails, then they also need to be wiped, this will remove the grease film from the surface. Further you should work only with nails on which there are no traces of varnish. If they are too long, then you can cut them to the desired length using manicure scissors. It is important not to overdo it, since when they are cut to the root, they become very unattractive. And a little later they can be filed to the desired length and shape, and this is noticeably safer.

Now it’s the turn of the stage, called the bath. Here you can use the simplest option, consisting of warm water and oil. You can take olive, castor or some aromatic. Any oil will soften and moisturize the skin of the hands. Even greater efficiency is observed if the cuticle area is lubricated with an ordinary hand cream. It is clear that there are many different options for baths for hands. But this is a separate issue.

Further, with regard to how to make a manicure at home, it is necessary to delicately push the cuticle, using a special device for this. This procedure will be very simple after applying a softening bath. Now it's time to use the cuticle cutter. This is done very carefully, because one awkward movement can cause injury. Despite the fact that the manicure procedure has not yet been completed, the nails already look very beautiful, but this is not all. Now you need to give them a certain shape. The ideal is taken as a form that is almost completely combined with the shape of the base of the nails. However, their own taste preferences are very important here.

How to make a manicure at home: completion

Polishing nails is the penultimate stage of work on a manicure. This is done through a special device similar to a regular nail file. It improves the appearance of the surface of the nails and smooths it. The final stage, which concerns the application of varnish, is not necessary for everyone, but if you are interested in how to make a beautiful manicure at home, you can continue. First of all, a special base for varnish should be applied to the nail. It will be a natural obstacle from yellowing and exfoliation of nails. If you do not want to apply colored varnish, then in the pharmacy you can buy a special medical coating for nails, which will not only change the appearance, but also strengthen the nails.

After the base has hardened, you can begin the process of applying varnish. The brush with varnish first lies on the middle of the nail, then it is brought to the cuticle, while it is important not to reach it 0.3-0.5 mm, and then down. After this, the lateral zones are brought in, while a slight indentation is also made from the edges of the nail. Varnish should be applied in one or two layers, depending on its structure. After this, a nail polish fixer is required. You can make an unusual manicure at home, for this you may need several varnishes and certain skills.

It’s easy enough to make a French manicure. At the same time, the edges of the nail are painted over with white varnish, and the rest of the surface is somehow tinted and the palette of pastel colors.

If you practice these simple tips in practice, then you will realize that making a manicure at home is not so difficult.


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