How to induce a lucid dream - a step-by-step technique

The importance of sleep in human life is undeniably huge, so talking about such a fact is simply pointless. Many are interested in other parameters - the quality of sleep, its duration and productivity, as well as dreams. Few people in the morning even remember what they dreamed about, but there is a category of people who believe in the prophetic informational content of such visions and try to get the most out of such β€œfilms”.

how to cause a lucid dream

How to cause a lucid dream? Let's try to figure out the answers together. It is believed that those people who rest productively and sufficiently have a good chance in a sleeping state to realize something important that interests a person at a given moment in time. For example, to get a hint from the subconscious mind - what to do in a given situation. Quite a lot of scientific publications have already been written on how to learn lucid dreams, since the world of science has been interested in studying such phenomena for a long time. We will highlight only the main points that will help in achieving the desired.

how to see a lucid dream

So, how to cause a lucid dream. Psychologists advise you to write down everything that you dreamed of, that is, keep a diary. What does it give? Firstly, it trains memory perfectly, which will allow you not to forget about your dreams in the morning. And secondly, you can analyze incidents, that is, determine the number of repetitions and the frequency of occurrence of the same situations in the dream world.

Now to the most basic - how to cause a lucid dream. Before going to the kingdom of Morpheus, you need to think through an action plan. For example, you want to meet a friend who lives very far away, walk with her around the city, sit in a cafe, talk ... Write a detailed description of this situation and try to lose it in thoughts about ten times a day. It is better to carry a sheet of notes with you. When scrolling through the same brain at the right time, it will remember this moment and reproduce in a dream in bright colors.

How to cause a lucid dream on a certain day? It is better not to break the algorithm and get ready for some expectation.

how to learn lucid dreams
But on the day of vision, it is necessary to add a repetition of the mantra - "today I will see a lucid dream, it will come." Well, or your version with a similar meaning. This day you don’t need to be tired, otherwise the consciousness will simply refuse to work for you. Set an alarm at five in the morning and go to bed. When you call, you should definitely get up, go to the kitchen and have a cup of coffee to cheer yourself up and wake up consciousness. It is important that the drink causes a slight insomnia, during which you can think about what is important. After about half an hour, try to sleep again. The activity of brain activity does not bring the body into a state of vivacity so that it can carry out full-fledged activity, but this is enough to see that very conscious dream. For some, everything works the first time, but if this did not happen to you, do not despair, try again, and everything will definitely be!

Do not forget to keep a diary! Even lucid dreams can be forgotten as unnecessary information. Compliance with this technique makes it possible to cause up to twenty controlled dreams per month.

We hope that we have fully answered the question - how to see a lucid dream and you have succeeded! Pleasant dreams!


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