What year was the warmest winter in Russia? Frequency and localization of a natural phenomenon

In fairness, it is worth recognizing that the climate in most of the territory of the Russian Federation continues to be quite severe, especially in relation to the European "neighbors". The usual weather for the Russian winter months is frost, piercing wind and a lot of snow. Despite this, abnormally warm winters continue to be a phenomenon that periodically occurs throughout the world, judging by regular meteorological observations from 1981 to the present day. Nevertheless, the warmest winter in Russia is the weather achievement of the 21st century. Perhaps the main “horror story” of scientists, global warming, may become a reality in the near future.

Temperature measurements: who and why decided that the weather got warmer?

The history of Russian meteorology is estimated at three centuries - from the moment the first meteorological stations appeared in our country. The maximum development of this science falls on the years of the Soviet Union, when their number reached 455 units - from about the 50s to the 80s of the last century. Despite the fact that now there are a little more than one hundred and fifty existing facilities, regular information about the data obtained during weather studies is monthly supplied to Roshydromet and also replenishes the international climate monitoring base. The information obtained serves as the basis for determining the average monthly and average annual temperatures both in the country and throughout the world. Thus, the conclusions of scientists about any deviations in weather conditions are always confirmed by instrument readings.

The first statements by experts on warming date back to 1976, when the World Meteorological Organization released data on the threat looming over the global climate due to a recorded increase in water and air temperatures.

the warmest winter in Russia

How often is a warm winter in Russia?

Analyzing the entire period of regular conducting meteorological observations, we can say that the warmest winters in the history of Russia were more often recorded since the second half of the 20th century. An abnormal increase in temperature is especially distinguished: 1960-1961, 1961-1962. - at this time, winter kept the “temperature record” for a long time. The following warming was already observed today: 2006-2007, where the average readings exceeded 0.7 degrees, and, of course, not so long ago the 2014-2015 cold season “pleased” the Russians. - Until now, this is the warmest winter in Russia. It is possible that this winter of 2016, according to the results of annual average temperature calculations, will occupy a leading place in this list.

Speaking specifically about the years when the maximum monthly average temperature was recorded, we can recall February 1998, January 2007 and February 2002.

where is the warmest winter in Russia

The warmest winter according to the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation

To date, meteorologists unanimously assign the title of “warmest winter in Russia” to the last winter of 2014-2015. According to the Hydrometeorological Center, the average annual temperature during this period increased by as much as 2 degrees. Outwardly, this figure may not look very serious, but for comparison, the previous temperature record relating to the winter of 1961-1962 was only 0.5 degrees.

By the way, the climatic anomaly affected not only our country. The states of the Eurasian continent, North America to the Mexican territories recorded an abnormal increase in temperature readings to 7 degrees - this was the warmest winter in these territories. In Russia, the average temperature readings are significantly reduced due to the northern regions.

the warmest winters in the history of Russia

A place where there is no frost: in what part of Russia is the warmest weather in winter?

Despite the warnings of scientists about the imminent warming throughout the world, winter in most regions of Russia more often continues to be the season of ice, snow and frost. Of course, not everywhere - the vast territory of the country covers several climatic zones, which means that there are regions where the “Russian winter” does not exist at all. The cold season here is more like spring or autumn.

There are not so many places where the warmest winter in Russia. The leaders in the amount of sun, light and high temperatures even in the winter months in our country have always been areas on the Black Sea coast. Crimea and resort towns of the Krasnodar Territory are places where there are practically no severe frosts. They differ from other regions of the country with a mild subtropical climate and a long swimming season.

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