Work in the company "PIK": reviews of employees

Today we have to find out what an organization called "PIK" represents. Employee reviews, a description of the activity, as well as information on upcoming tests during employment are of interest to potential applicants. All this helps to judge the integrity of the corporation. What should employees pay attention to? Are people satisfied with the employment at PIK? What are the pros and cons of an organization? Understanding all this is not as easy as it seems. But if you carefully study the numerous reviews, you can come to a consensus about the boss. Not all of them are true and useful!


GK "PIK" reviews of employees about their activities are mixed. But many are pleased with the scope of the corporation. It is noted that PIK is a group of companies that is engaged in real estate issues. The work is carried out in different directions - from leasing objects to construction design.

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Accordingly, if someone wants to work in real estate, you can look at PIK as an employer. But before that you should find out more information about the corporation.

The organization is not a scammer, it has been working in Russia for a long time. The head office is in Moscow. Branches are available in different cities across the country. PIK has been offering job vacancies for many years - since 1994. And this cannot but rejoice. Some applicants are pleased that they have to work with a stable and reliable company.


But is everything really good? "PIK" employees reviews are not the best for the vacancies that are offered to staff for cooperation. The thing is that, according to numerous opinions, ordinary posts are always free. For example, the title of a realtor or sales manager. No managerial vacancies. And if they meet, then very rarely. Of course, they occupy them quickly.

Despite this, there are many empty seats. Therefore, the PIK group receives reviews of good employees for the fact that almost everyone has a chance of finding a job in the company. Yes, you will have to work as an ordinary employee. But if you prove yourself, you can achieve an increase. Almost all employees of the organization hope for this.

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Promises from the employer

"PIK" reviews of employees (Moscow or any other city - it doesn’t matter in which region the branch of the office is located, the principles of cooperation are the same everywhere) gets positive for the promises that are given to applicants at the interview stage. Most potential employees emphasize that the conditions are really beckoning.

What exactly does PIK offer? Among the main promises are:

  • official employment;
  • stable and high earnings;
  • career growth and professional development;
  • corporate ethics;
  • friendly and helpful staff;
  • work experience in a stable and reliable company;
  • full benefits package;
  • free training at the expense of the organization;
  • flexible and convenient work schedule;
  • lack of office routine.

It all looks patterned. It is noted that almost every employer lures new staff with such promises. But does PIC really provide everything it says? Or are some points invented?

Job interview

It’s hard to decide. Especially taking into account the fact that the interview, as a rule, inspires the potential employee with hope for the employer's integrity. “PIK” employees receive good reviews for the first meeting with their superiors in most cases.

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It is emphasized that recruitment managers communicate in a friendly and polite manner. They talk about all the details of cooperation, making PIK almost the perfect boss. No negativity or stress. But some are embarrassed by the fact that recruitment managers keep saying that it’s good, simple and easy to work in an organization.

Sometimes some negative events happen. For example, an HR specialist does not communicate best with a job seeker. Or the interview takes a long time to wait. But these are isolated complaints.

In general, the first meeting with the bosses takes place according to the standard scheme - filling out the applicant’s questionnaire, providing a citizen’s resume and a personal conversation with recruitment managers. Nothing surprising or special. Call back after a dialogue very quickly.

Formality official

Jobs in the "PIC" reviews ambiguous employees earned. Especially when it comes to official employment. The thing is that opinions are divided in this area.

Some employees claim that PIK cooperates only in an official manner. Each employee concludes an employment contract with entry in the work book. No cheating or tricks.

There are opinions indicating the opposite situation. Such reviews emphasize the lack of official registration in the company. In fact, employees will be on bird’s rights.

What to believe? PIK is a company that has been operating in Russia for a long time. She really hires all subordinates according to the established rules, but at the same time she will have to work for some time without registration. More precisely, during training.

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About training

Employee reviews about PIK for study are also different. Someone is happy with the result. Such opinions emphasize that during the period of training a citizen will really teach everything that is useful in further work. You can study all the specifics of cooperation and employment for a particular vacancy, as well as refuse to sign an employment contract if something does not work out.

Along with this, most workers talk about the dubious benefits of training. It is alleged that PIK uses job seekers as free labor. Indeed, in fact, during training, a person without registration under an employment contract performs all duties in a particular position.

However, it is safe to say that training does not oblige you to anything. It is impossible to refuse it if the person plans to cooperate with PIK. But interrupting and leaving the company is easy. You do not need to pay for the study process.

Working conditions

PIK LLC receives feedback from employees about its activities, both good and not very good. Working conditions, if you trust some opinions, are encouraging. The company’s offices have everything necessary for the performance of official duties. Every day, subordinates have not only a lunch break, but also tea drinking. This is a huge rarity. You will have to work in comfortable and equipped offices.

Some still remain dissatisfied with the proposed conditions. It is emphasized that the offices of PIK are not clean - everywhere there is dirt and dust. Being in an organization at the workplace is not too pleasant. Yes, there is a lunch break, the necessary equipment too. But at the same time, it is still not comfortable to be at the workplace.

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Is there any career growth at PIK? This nuance is of interest to many applicants. I do not want to work in ordinary posts without prospects. Subordinates say that PIK is not the best place to build a career. Promotion is impossible here. But at the interview, managers praise the organization, calling it the best place to build a successful career.

There is professional growth in the corporation, but it is not too fast and productive. It is mainly achieved through the performance of official duties. Seminars and trainings are rare here.

Schedule and Warranties

It is clear how ambiguous the PIK group receives employee reviews. Most of the opinions agree on the proposed work schedule, as well as social guarantees. What do employees think of their employer?

You should not hope that the work schedule at PIK will be flexible and stress-free. Initially, a clear labor time is prescribed in the employment contract. But in practice, subordinates are forced to remain overtime for work without consent. Of course, such work is not paid in any way.

Social guarantees are provided, but only to those who have worked at PIK for a long time. It is very difficult for beginners to get paid leave. Nevertheless, such a situation does not surprise anyone; according to the established legislation, it takes at least a year to work out in order for holidays to be paid. Hospital also have a place. But, according to some reviews, the "PIK" "does not stand on ceremony with unscrupulous employees" - they are dismissed with violations of labor law.


PIK receives negative reviews from almost all employees for the proposed earnings. However, like most other employers in different regions of Russia.

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Subordinates complain that their salary is small, the main salary depends on the transactions concluded (a certain% is charged from their value). Therefore, theoretically, there are prospects for high profits. But few people manage to bring them to life.

Only a few workers talk about normal salaries at PIK. Such people assure that it is simply necessary to responsibly approach the performance of their work and not be lazy.

Superiors and staff

But that is not all. What does PIK LLC (St. Petersburg) earn employee reviews? In all regions of Russia, opinions about the organization are of the same type. Colleagues are mostly encouraging, but bosses are not. Leaders do not treat their subordinates very well. Agreeing on something is impossible. Employees are not appreciated. It is precisely such opinions that are expressed in the address of PIK most often.

But with colleagues, usually the relations between employees are good. There is no competition, the work team supports each other. But no one is safe from not the best personnel and the human factor.

Conclusions and Summary

It is clear which "PIC" employee reviews earn most often. Often, an organization is blacklisted by employers. All this is due to the often expressed negativity towards the corporation.

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In general, PIK is an average employer who is not 100% honest. And all positive and negative opinions are not confirmed by anything. Therefore, you can get a job here, but at the same time you do not need to believe all the promises made at the interview.


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