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The diversified international multinational company Tiens Group has as its main line of business the production of health products based on the most modern biotechnologies. The scope of the corporation also extends to international trade and electronic commerce , financing and real estate, service and culture, publishing, education, etc.

The main office center of this global global enterprise, founded in 1995, is located in the center of Beijing. Tiens Group Corporation , whose product reviews testify to its high popularity among customers, sells its products to 12 million families living in more than one hundred and ninety regions and countries of the world.

Dietary supplements of the company, supporting and restoring health, are developed taking into account the fifty rules of Chinese and Tibetan medicine men, and are produced using the most modern bioengineering technologies. The corporation receives full support for its activities from the government of China, as well as from the Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Nutrition and the Ministry of Health of its country. At the global level, the company's products are valued:

- an international certificate of quality ISO 9000-9002, confirming the highest quality of biologically active additives;

- American FDA Certificate of the Food and Drug Administration;

- certificate of "International Standard for the Compliance of Production" GMP;

- Islamic and Kosher product approval certificates.

Dietary supplements of the Tiens Group corporation, the reviews of experts on which indicate their ability to suppress oncological pathologies, increase immunity, lower lipid levels, slow down the aging process and much more, have a positive effect on the body thanks to a unique combination of the latest scientific developments available in highly developed countries , and knowledge of ancient Chinese and Tibetan medicine.

The best scientists from different countries, including China, are working in the company to further develop the research potential, expand the range and improve the quality of products. The number of doctors and graduate students of the total number of employees is thirty-five percent.

Eighty percent of the products of the Tiens Group Corporation, reviews of which testify to its anti-cancer effect, contribute to the cure of oncology in its early stages and to alleviate the patient's condition in the later. Calcium preparations produced by the company are able to be absorbed by the body by ninety percent. Adequate intake of this mineral in the body reduces the risk of almost one hundred and fifty diseases caused by a lack of a valuable element.

Reception of biologically active additives of the Tiens Group company, reviews of experts about which indicate their ability to normalize the acid-base balance of the body, provides saturation of all tissue cells with oxygen.

The use of the company's products goes well with medical products. The interval between taking dietary supplements and medicines should be two hours.

The products of the Tiennes company, reviews of which testify to its successful functioning as an additional energy source, saturate the body with all the vitamins and microelements necessary for its vital functions. Phytocomplexes do not contain stimulants and hormones.

The raw materials for the production of biologically active additives of the Tiens Group Corporation, the reviews of experts about which they are easily absorbed by the body, are only natural components. The company's products are recommended for all age categories of patients and is used to treat all existing diseases.

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