What you can resell with Aliexpress: tips for choosing goods, expected profit

Buying cheap goods in Chinese online stores has become so profitable and simple that many see it as a source of additional income. Is it possible to resell goods with Aliexpress in Russia? Is it profitable? What categories of products should I look for?

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Business with Aliexpress

Can I resell with Aliexpress? Many novice businessmen resell trending goods and earn good amounts. The duty-free limit in international shipments is 500 euros per month (36.5 thousand rubles) per person, but the goods should be intended only for personal use. According to customs regulations, you cannot order goods for sale.

A long-term business cannot be built like that. But there is a way out of the situation - dropshipping. According to it, the intermediary only advertises the goods, and the manufacturer is engaged in packaging and sending to the address of the final buyer. So the owner of an online store can start a business with minimal investment, because you do not need to purchase a shipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of resale

Resale of goods requires minimal initial investment. Purchasing can be done independently and without interruption from the main activity. If sales go well, they will not only make a significant contribution to the family budget, but can also become the main activity.

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The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to constantly monitor the market, look for goods that will potentially be in demand. In this area, there is a lot of competition, and sometimes, in order to sell goods as quickly as possible, competitors significantly reduce the price.

Assortment formation rules

What can be resold with “Aliexpress” profitably? Almost any product can be in demand, but it must be of high quality. After purchasing a low-quality item, the buyer is unlikely to contact a specific seller again. Therefore, choosing a product, you need to see photos, descriptions, reviews of real people. So you can reduce the risk of ordering low-quality products.

In the case of resale of clothing, you need to study the sizes: Chinese do not always coincide with Russian and European standards. It is necessary to pay attention to the table proposed by the seller of the goods on Aliexpress. You can write a message to the supplier with a request to send measurements and help in the selection.

Delivery terms are important. Sometimes the cost of transportation is comparable to the price of the goods, some sellers offer the possibility of partial payment, while others greatly reduce the price when ordering only two or three units. By the way, when choosing the category “cheapest” in the search, you can immediately see the suitable offers. You can also check the box “free delivery”.

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Preliminary product testing

What can be profitably resold with Aliexpress? To determine the exact product, you can first conduct a test. The corresponding sale announcement can be placed on “OLH” or “Avito” and analyze the number of responses. In order not to lose customers, you can inform those who are interested that the first batch has already been sold out, and for a preliminary order you can promise a tangible discount.

It’s more difficult to check the effectiveness of one-page sites. You need to run the landing page, and then order contextual advertising. To achieve maximum efficiency, you may have to carry out A / B testing at every step. Full-fledged online stores may not need advertising if their position in the search results can attract traffic.

Ways to advertise a product

Any product can be sold through the website of the online store, social networks, free bulletin boards or landings. On the bulletin boards for effective promotion, you can use the purchase of a priority position, recommendations to friends on social networks and mailing to e-mail.

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Good response is given by the publication of posts on social networks. You can post in themed communities, organize a newsletter or promote your own group. Affiliate programs, contextual advertising, multimedia and display advertising, and email newsletters “work” for landings.

The most difficult thing is to promote an online store site. You need to use SEO promotion, email newsletters, contextual, media and multimedia advertising, place products on aggregator sites and catalogs, Internet marketing methods, affiliate programs, recommendations to subscribers and friends, paid posts in popular communities.

How to follow trends on “Aliexpress”

What can you resell with "Aliexpress" profitably? Trending products always diverge quickly and even with a large margin. The ideal platform to follow trends is YouTube. The technique is simple: if children's goods are sold, you need to subscribe to entertaining children's channels (preferably English-speaking, because most of the popular trends come to Russia from there) and watch what the younger generation plays in.

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What is profitable to resell with "Aliexpress"

The main requirements when choosing a product are versatility, demand and maximum profit. It is advisable to start with inexpensive things that you can make a big margin. It can be accessories for smartphones, jewelry, players, headphones, small electronics, household goods, cosmetics.

What can I resell with Aliexpress? One of the popular categories are smartphones. Some products of Chinese brands are not inferior to the original models in terms of electronic quality and original design. Today, well-known brands do not guarantee quality, but you still have to overpay “for the name”.

What products can be resold at Aliexpress? You can make good money by selling accessories and bags. The site presents a variety of models at the lowest prices: sports and evening bags, urban models for every day, clutches and backpacks, cosmetic bags and children's backpacks.

What else can you buy profitably? What can I resell with Aliexpress? Cases for phones, soft sports shoes, cosmetics, watches, headphones, lenses, protective films, and children's toys are in demand. You can save money when buying using cashback services and choosing the best delivery method. One of the most popular courier services is China Post Air Mail. Fast delivery is provided by EMS.

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Actual product categories

Other liquid goods with Aliexpress that can be resold:

  1. Quality leather goods. Wallets and purses practically do not depreciate.
  2. Car accessories. Motorists are solvent public, which you can use. You can profitably resell car mats, brushes with scrapers, seat covers, water-repellent film for side mirrors, polishes, and an abrasive component to remove small scratches.
  3. Kitchen utensils. Heated lunchboxes, universal graters, choppers and vegetable peelers are in certain demand.
  4. Products for children. At AliExpress, you can buy diapers, vests, toys, baby cosmetics and other useful things at a bargain price.
  5. Mobile accessories. Cases for smartphones and headphones from Apple, wireless bluetooth headphones are selling well.
  6. Lighting. Garlands and designer chandeliers, high-tech smart lamps and LED bed lighting are in demand. With effective promotion, you can achieve high sales.
  7. Electronics and accessories. You can trade wireless alarms for apartments and summer cottages, car radios, game controllers, bluetooth speakers, etc.
  8. Seasonal clothing and accessories. Working with clothes is quite profitable, but difficult because of the need for a constant search for things, you need size, acceptable quality and an objective price.
  9. Trend cosmetics and other popular things. The difficulty in working with this category of goods lies in the fact that the peak of the implementation of specific commodity items passes as suddenly as they gain popularity.
  10. Gifts and original items. On “Aliexpress” you can find a huge number of original goods: portable game consoles in retro design, slogans, stun guns disguised as gadgets, and so on.
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Specific Trending Products

What can I resell with Aliexpress? The following products are in demand:

  1. Leather Accessories Tauren. Quality wallets, business card holders, wallets, wallets and key holders made of environmentally friendly materials in a wide range of colors. The cost of such products in ordinary stores may exceed the purchase price by 2-2.5 times.
  2. Bottles My Bottle. Reusable containers made of eco-friendly plastic for storing any liquids are resold with a wrapping up to 300%.
  3. Glow - glowing headphones. Stylish gadget is in demand among young people. Glow “pulsate” to the beat of the music or repeat the heart rate, do not get confused.
  4. Fullips Lip Enhancer. A miniature lip enlarger has become a real sensation. The device costs only one dollar, and is sold at a price 2-4 times higher than the purchase price. It works on the principle of a pump that quickly and painlessly increases the volume of lips.
  5. Hoverboard SmartWay. The powerful and at the same time compact mini-Segway has a speed of up to 10 km / h, is fully charged in 120 minutes and fits easily into a backpack. The maximum load capacity is 120 kg.

It is more convenient to resell these products through single-page sites. So you can achieve the greatest response in a short time.

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