Creative nail design: an overview of fashion trends and new products, ideas, photos

Want to look stylish? Then think about creative nail design. Well-groomed hands say a lot about the girl. It is from the freshness of the manicure that you can understand how much the girl loves herself. So, if you want others to appreciate you too, try to look appropriately and do not forget to timely update the manicure in accordance with fashion trends.

Gloss and dullness

creative nail design

Judging by the reviews, such a manicure is simple to execute, but it looks very original. Even a beginner can repeat the result from the picture. Creative nail design should be done in several stages. The first will be preparatory. Saw your nails with a buff and degrease them. After this, you can begin to apply the base. The second layer on the plate is color. Dry the varnish and cover it with a matte top. Take dots or a large brush and dot the nails. Creative design is ready. It remains only to paint the dots with a glossy finish. If you wish, you can make a manicure not one-color, but multi-color. Options made in the same color scheme, but in different tones, look pretty.

Striped manicure

creative nail art photo

Do you like fashion trends? Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to conduct interesting experiments on their own nails. Creative nail designs may not be appropriate for women in some professions. Therefore, girls are forced to do with standard options. But you can always show imagination and transform even an already boring pattern with stripes. How to make it original? Everything is very simple. Try drawing strips using the dry brush technique. But before you paint on the nails, you need to make a substrate on them. File your nails and degrease them. This will improve the adhesion of the varnish to the plate. After that, apply the base and color in two layers. Choose a shade of varnish that is best suited to the color of the base. Take a fan-shaped brush and apply a few drops of varnish to its bristles. Dip a brush on a napkin to remove excess paint. Now in a vertical or horizontal position, drag a pile along the nail. You do not need to firmly press the brush to the plate, just barely touch. Let the varnish dry and finish the finished result.

Stylish geometry

Stylish geometry

How to make a creative nail design? You need to choose the right design. If you give preference to simple geometric shapes and design them in a minimalist style, you are guaranteed to be successful. Therefore, do not be afraid to do too simply. How to repeat a stylish manicure? Prepare your nails for work. Saw the plates and then degrease them. Choose a base color and paint over your nails. The preparatory work is done, you can start the design. Using a thin brush, draw two rectangles of different colors and sizes. Geometrical figures can partially go beyond the borders of the nail. Using a thin brush, you need to make a black outline around the figures. You can circle the entire design, or just some part of it. Focus on your sense of taste. The final stage is the top cover of manicure.

Game of contrasts

Game of contrasts

Photos of creative nail designs you can see above. An unusual combination of burgundy, silver and blue colors create a fabulous impression. Beautifully designed nails can both complement the evening look, and make everyday look bold and expressive. How to repeat a manicure? Prepare the plates for work. Saw them and degrease. Now apply the base and color in two layers. If you wish, you can cover the burgundy varnish with a matte top. Then the effect of the design will become even more expressive. A silver varnish should be applied to the cuticle and a smooth gradient should be made to the middle. You do not need to try especially hard. Sequins should be freely distributed on half of the nail. To smooth the transition, you should take rhinestones. You can use as blue pebbles, and gold, silver, burgundy or even green. Remember to cover your design with a finish.

Manicure with inscriptions.

Manicure with inscriptions.

Today, one can express one's life position in various ways. One of them is to write everything you think on your nails. Your appeal will be noticed by relatives. So think what you write and for whom you do it. How to make a creative nail design? You can see the photo of the new manicure above. Before repeating the drawing itself, you need to do the preparatory work. File your nails and degrease them. Apply base and color. Ideal for the base is white. Any inscriptions will be well read on it and any drawings will look. Take a bright varnish and draw simple figures. It can be hearts or some books, stars, planets, etc. Next, armed with a thin brush, you need to make inscriptions. To make the manicure look more interesting, on two fingers you can depict a drawing of the brain or something else that attracts the eye.

Toothy manicure

toothy manicure

Want a creative shellac nail design? Take a look at this evil manicure. It looks catchy. Your friends will appreciate your sense of humor. How to make a similar design? File your nails and degrease them. After that, apply a thin layer of the base. Now you can start applying color. They should paint the nails in two layers. It is advisable to use black, but you can replace it with any dark shade. Now take the white brush. Above and below the nail plate, draw white triangles. Geometrical figures should organically bend in the shape of a nail. When the teeth are ready, you can proceed to drawing the jaws. Spend a red strip at the cuticle, and then another strip at the free edge of the nail. A similar pattern of the mouth can be applied to all nails or select only one finger. If you select one finger, then you can do experiments on everyone else. For example, make the glossy surface of the nail matte or sprinkle it with acrylic powder.

Big eyed manicure

Big eyed manicure

A similar design does not need to be drawn for too long. You can handle it in 10 minutes. No complicated drawings are required. How to make nail design shellac? First you need to prepare the nail plates. Saw them and degrease. After this, you can begin to apply the base. As a base color, it is better to choose any dark shade. It is not necessary to use black, although it will look brighter than everyone else. Apply the varnish in two layers. Now take the dots. If you do not have a special tool for creating points, then use a cotton swab or the back of the brush. On each nail you need to put two points. It will be the eyes. When the varnish sets a little, it will be necessary to draw a black pupil in each eye. If you wish, you can not put black dots, but glue dark rhinestones. Cover the finished manicure with a thin layer of finish.


Manicure with broths

Summer creative nail design should look bright. You can experiment not only with texture, but also with texture. For example, make a design with broths. Bright small beads can not only become a complement to the design, but also replace the varnish completely. How to repeat an interesting result? Saw and degrease nails. Then apply a thin layer of the base and any neutral color shade, such as beige. Sprinkle the dry surface with small broths. The smaller the balls, the better and longer they will hold. If you could not evenly sprinkle the nail with broths, distribute them with a brush. Dry the result and then apply a thin layer of finish to the colored balls. Try to distribute the transparent substance well so that it flows between the broths.


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