A registered letter with a description of the attachment. The order of sending a registered letter with a list of attachments

In the age of computer technology, people write paper letters to each other less and less. It may seem that in the near future, an organization such as mail will generally become obsolete. But in fact, this is far from the case. Quite often, it is simply impossible to do without mail forwarding. In this article we will consider the procedure for sending a registered letter with a description of the attachment. We will also talk about how long the letter will take, and how much this service costs.

registered letter with an attachment description

What is allowed to put in an envelope

Before talking about how to forward a registered letter with a description of the attachment, let's understand what it is allowed to send in an envelope without violating the rules.

It is fundamentally wrong to think that only a greeting card or letter can be sent in a mail envelope. A shipment can contain almost any paper:

  • diplomas and certificates;
  • passport;
  • various certificates;
  • the contract;
  • flat paper products, cardboard frames or crafts;
  • Photo;
  • brochures;
  • Magazines
  • much more.

Most importantly, the shipment should not exceed the permitted weight:

  • 100 g - in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • 2,000 g - for shipments abroad.

Often, post office employees refuse to accept letters for sending small items, such as jewelry. They argue this behavior by the fact that when affixing stamps and seals, the envelope may break. The reason for this will be a voluminous investment, and mail workers will disentangle the situation. However, many of those who regularly send such things claim that you can get consent to such an investment if you exclude the explicit probing of the subject. For this, the attachment can, for example, be wrapped in thick cardboard.

send registered mail

We send a registered letter

Now let's talk about how you can send a registered letter and how it differs from the usual one.

Unlike regular mailing lists, registered mail is used to send official correspondence or various important documents. Most often in this way are sent:

  • complaints
  • claims;
  • notifications;
  • the contract;
  • inquiries;
  • petitions;
  • other official papers.

Unlike regular letters, custom letters are provided with a special track number. According to it, you can, if you wish, trace the departure route from one point to another. To do this, you just need to go to the official portal of the Russian Post and drive in the track number in the section โ€œTracking Departuresโ€.

If you decide to send a registered letter, you can be sure that the one to whom it is addressed will receive it. Such a letter is not thrown into the mailbox. It is handed out personally to the addressee upon presentation of a civil passport.

how much is registered mail in Russia

A registered letter is paid, and even if you have a postal envelope with a stamp, it simply will not work to drop such a mail. To do this, you need to personally visit the post office, contact the employee and inform him that you need the "Registered Letter" service. The branch employee will weigh the envelope and calculate the cost of the shipment. After payment, the shipment will be registered in a special journal, a track number will be assigned, and a special barcode and the required number of stamps will be pasted onto the envelope.

Why order a notification and how to draw it up

Sometimes it is necessary to send a registered letter with a list of attachments and a notification. This is necessary in order to know exactly when the recipient received the envelope. For this, a special form is attached to the letter, in which the addressee signs on receipt of the shipment. After this, the notification form is detached from the letter by the mail officer and sent back to the sender.

You should not consider a notification as an unnecessary piece of paper. This is a completely official paper, which, if necessary, can serve as evidence of receipt of correspondence on a particular day.

A special form F-119 is used to issue a notification. You can get it from an employee of the department or download it on the Internet. Filling out such a form is easy. It is enough to simply answer the questions posed. If all else fails, you can ask the postal worker for help.

registered letter with a list of attachments and a notification

How to send an envelope with an inventory of attachments

Quite often it happens that you need to clearly record which papers were sent to the addressee. To do this, there is a registered letter with a description of the attachment. This type of correspondence is considered the most reliable. Indeed, in this case, the post assumes additional financial obligations. In the event that your departure, God forbid, be lost, the Russian Post will be obliged to pay compensation in the amount of the amount that you rated the letter when sending. Such a letter is assigned a special number by which it can be tracked at any point on the route.

In order to send the so-called registered letter with an inventory of the attachment, you will have to work hard. First of all, you need to download it on the Internet or ask a postal worker for a special form marked โ€œf โ€“ 107โ€.

The sender at home or in the office fills out this form. And he does it in duplicate. Each item indicated in the inventory is certainly evaluated. The letter is brought open to the post office and the department employee carefully checks the contents of the envelope with the list indicated in the document. Only after that the postal worker signs on each copy and puts a stamp. The sender also leaves his autograph.

One copy of the inventory is placed inside the envelope, and the second sender retains. In the future, it will serve as a confirmation of what exactly was enclosed in the envelope. Now the package (envelope) can be sealed and transferred to the post office employee for registration.

registered letter with a list of attachments

Subtleties of sending

And now it's time to tell you the worst secret! Russian Post does not send a registered letter with an attachment description. Out of their ignorance, post office clients often confuse some concepts.

An extremely valuable letter is sent with a list of attachments. In this case, the sender fills out a special form, which was mentioned above.

Of course, you can also send a registered letter with an inventory of the attachment. No one has the right to forbid you to do this. But only you will have to make such an inventory by hand and in any form. Nobody will check it and generally pay any attention to it. Neither the seal nor the signature of the department employee will be on it. And this means that if necessary, you canโ€™t confirm that the envelope contained exactly those documents that, according to your words, you put there.

How to fill in the list

If you are not sure that you understand how to issue a registered letter (with a description of the attachment), you can see the sample directly in the post office or in our article. The thing is, in general, simple.

  1. First of all, you must specify the address of the recipient of correspondence, that is, the one to whom you write.
  2. In a special field, all documents placed in an envelope are entered one by one. It is advisable to indicate the name of the document, date of issue, number and summary.
  3. The next column indicates the number of documents of the same name.
  4. Another column is the value you declare for each paper. Any amount can be set here, but do not forget that it is from this figure that the state duty will be calculated, which will have to be paid. So do not rate a million photos of your beloved grandmother.
  5. The bottom part summarizes the total amount, which is obtained by adding all the numbers in the "Cost" column.

Since the inventory of the attachment is filled out in duplicate, it is very important that the information in them is letter-wise identical. Having discovered a discrepancy even in one letter, the operator may require to rewrite the document.

Russian post registered letter with a description of the attachment

How much does it cost to send an email

It is almost impossible to unambiguously answer this question. The fact is that it all depends on too many factors. Departure price is affected by:

  • Shipping weight
  • shipping distance;
  • delivery method;
  • with notice or not;
  • whether it is registered or not;
  • whether the letter has a certain value.

For letters with an inventory of attachments, it is worth remembering such a nuance. Such letters are called "Valuable." This means that when sending you will have to pay an additional fee (insurance fee) in the amount of 4% of the declared value. So before you evaluate the investment, think carefully about whether you have enough money to pay for the shipment.

By the way, in case of loss of the letter, the insurance fee is not reimbursed to the sender. You will be returned only the declared value of the shipment itself.

Delivery terms

Another question that is often of interest to citizens: how much is registered mail in Russia. As you know, clarification is also required here. It all depends on where the letter was sent. For example, delivery of correspondence within one municipality cannot exceed three business days. Well, if you sent a letter to the other end of the country, then it will be quite difficult to answer the question how long a registered letter is in Russia.

order of sending a registered letter with an attachment description

In any case, the Russian Post has certain standards that it must adhere to. So, you can often find out at least an approximate delivery time from the branch operator.

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