Matte Black Nail Polish: Manicure Ideas

Today, there is a huge variety of options for creating the perfect trending manicure. Matte black nail polish has long won the hearts of women, as it looks pretty advantageous and is suitable for girls of any age. With it, you can create many different options that will stand out from the crowd. At the same time, they are easily repeated at home.


According to world stylists and trendsetters, black is one of the neutral shades, which has the ability to complement any look. It is considered truly classic and conquers others at the same time with restraint and brightness. Black matte varnish has become in demand among professional manicure artists and ordinary girls around the world.

There is a huge variety of design options that are suitable for owners of nails of any length. It should also be noted that among the range of decorative coatings, you can find several options for shades: blue-black, graphite, dark chocolate and with a purple tint. Due to the wide variety of black matte varnishes, each girl can easily choose the right one to create the perfect manicure.

Manicure Ideas

Professional masters argue that this shade allows you to create various options for both short and long nails. The most popular among girls is a plain matte manicure. Shellac allows you to create a long-term result, so the frequency of use of conventional nail polishes is gradually reduced. But you can create the perfect manicure with any coating. The one-color matte design can be supplemented with various rhinestones, sequins, lettering or combined with various shades.

black design

According to professionals, matte-glossy black French manicure is quite popular. In this case, you can change the position of the shades of your choice. The "smile" on the tip of the nail can be either matte or glossy.

Matte Black French Manicure

This color blends perfectly with various sparkles. All nails are covered with black matte varnish, and one or two are generously sprinkled with sparkles. Thus, a manicure is able to play in different shades with a certain amount of light.

Black and Gold Manicure

Marble design won the fair sex, so it is often combined with black matte varnish. This shade is in demand due to the fact that it perfectly combines with all colors and is able to complement any image. With it, you can come up with various ideas for manicure, depending on the individual imagination.

Selection and Application Guidelines

The cosmetic market has a huge number of trading brands that produce matte nail polishes. According to customer reviews, you can make a rating of the most popular, high-quality and inexpensive representatives of this segment:

  • El Corazon;
  • Avon
  • "Divazh";
  • Zoya
  • "M.A.S."
  • Golden Rose
  • "Orly".
The best black matte varnish

It is these cosmetic companies that have released an extensive line of matte nail polishes that do not require additional coverage. When applying shellac, it is necessary to have a matte TOP to create the perfect velvet coating.

Professional masters of manicure give several recommendations for applying a matte black varnish to obtain the desired result:

  1. Plate preparation. Before starting to create a specific design, the nails must be cleaned of the old coating, make a hygienic manicure, align the shape and remove the cuticle.
  2. Base. The peculiarity of black varnish is that it is able to stain the plate. To avoid this, a good base should be used before applying the decorative coating. She is also able to prepare the surface of the nail plate and smooth out all the bumps.
  3. Accuracy. Black varnish is quite difficult to wash off from the skin and can leave sloppy stains on its surface. Professionals recommend applying the product with a thinner brush or applying special protective films to the area around the nail.


Matte black varnish has been trending for many years. According to the masters of manicure and ordinary girls, this shade allows you to create unusual solutions that make it possible to stand out from the crowd and complement any image. When applying varnish, the recommendations of professionals should be followed to obtain the perfect result.


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