Exercise with your own weight at home. A set of exercises with their own weight for men and girls

Many lovers of a healthy lifestyle prefer to perform a personally developed complex, which involves one exercise with their own weight after another, instead of visiting the gym. Moreover, their motivation - to save on the purchase of a gym membership - is quite rational.

In order to improve health, become more agile, flexible, increase your strength indicators within the II - III sports category, such exercises are quite enough. Another thing is if the student sets ambitious goals: I sports rank and higher. In this case, you can’t do without a coach and a specialized gym.

Is exercise at home possible?

A universal way of physical improvement of a person is exercises with their own weight at home.

body weight exercise
They are relevant if the trainee is not able to attend the gym (due to remoteness, lack of time, or for other reasons). In favor of this type of training is their accessibility.

At the same time, it is important to correctly assess your level of health, so as not to harm him with such physical activity. After all, physiologically, training is stress for the body, accompanied by superreduction of muscle tissue. And stress should be prepared. In a word, you should take up exercises with your own weight at home, observing some caution.

To test the work of the heart, a test to restore its normal rhythm after exercise is well suited. But if you did not pass it, you should not be sad. So, you should first do cyclic, dynamic exercises that train the heart.

Warm up

To start regular training for people suffering from chronic diseases should only with the consent of the supervising doctor and subject to periodic monitoring of health status.

Do not forget that in order to avoid injuries, you can perform any exercise with your own weight only after the pre-workout complex, warming up the muscles and preparing them for the physical activity of the main complex. Moreover, just before the warm-up, a moderate cyclic load is recommended, which prepares the cardiovascular system for training, as a moderate run for 15-30 minutes. Failure to warm up is fraught with injury. After all, any physical activity is a stressful effect on muscle fibers, leading to their overreduction (in a larger volume).

On a set of exercises with their own weight for men

A set of exercises with their own weight for men can have many options. Usually it includes 7-10 exercises.

bodyweight exercises at home
Each exercise (their group) has a goal - the development of a specific set of muscles. For men, they recommend separately - on different days of the week - to work out various muscle groups. For example, bivariate training:

  1. Chest, deltoid muscles (their bundle “covers” the shoulders), latissimus dorsi, legs - moderately.
  2. Biceps, abdominal muscles, legs - accented.

A four-time cycle for a week involves two workouts per week for the first option and two for the second. Combine exercises should focus on the muscle group being worked out. It is important to know which exercise matches it.

Exercises for different muscle groups

Imagine this correspondence for exercises with own weight:

  • chest - push-ups from the floor, classic pull-ups;
  • deltoid muscles - pulling up on the horizontal bar, exercise “side bar”;
  • the broadest muscles of the back - pulling on the horizontal bar with a wide grip, flexion-extension of the arms on the uneven bars;
  • legs - moderate squats on both legs: classic or plie type;
  • biceps - pulling on the bar with a reverse grip;
  • abdominal muscles - bending to the toes of the legs or lifting the legs behind the head;
  • legs (accented) - squat on one leg.

What loads should women limit themselves to?

Of course, exercises with their own weight for girls have their own characteristics. Women should do more cardiac movements, as their anatomy suggests a higher content of adipose tissue (7-10%).

Accentuated sets on the development of the latissimus dorsi, deltoid muscles are not recommended for them to form a female figure. Also, classical exercises that form the front surface of the leg in the male type are not recommended.

set of exercises with your own weight

However, the misconception is the statement that a lot of training woman “builds” an impressive muscle volume due to intense training. We will reassure the training the fair sex: due to the natural deficiency in the female body of testosterone, this is impossible. Therefore, the above complex is done taking into account the mentioned limitations that do not correspond to the female type of figure (development of the latissimus dorsi, muscles of the anterior thigh.) It is natural that exercises with their own weight for men are different from women.

Horizontal bar as a classic exercise

Among the many exercises there is a group of classical ones, i.e. generally recognized in most people's workouts. Let's start with pulling up on the horizontal bar.

a set of exercises with their own weight for men

It is called the base for the development of the muscles of the hands, shoulder girdle, and back muscles.

Trained male athletes perform pull-ups in 4-5 sets of 10 times. It is enough for women 3-5 times in a set. However, if the physical form of an adherent of physical education does not allow this, then bending-unbending your arms in a hang on the bar costs as many times as possible. However, the number of repetitions should be increased from training to training.

To begin with, traditionally the best bodyweight exercises for men include pull-ups on the bar. It has an ancient history, because the first horizontal bar was the spear of the Roman legionnaire, sandwiched between the rocks in a narrow gorge.

Pull-up on the horizontal bar

Please note: this exercise is mainly male. Women practice it, but with less intensity. Due to the importance of the exercise, it is recommended that you install a horizontal bar at home.

To do this, measure the gap between the walls in the corridor. Buy a horizontal bar in sporting goods with spacers of suitable sizes. A hired worker with a hammer will fix it in half an hour.

The exercise itself should begin with a classic pull-up. Starting position: from hanging on the crossbar, arms - shoulder-width apart, hands grip on top. Synchronously, both arms are bent at the elbows to a position while the chin is above the bar.

Pulling is performed ten times in four sets. It is this intensity - the minimum for improving physical tone. Thus, the upper bundle of pectoral muscles is strengthened, moderately - triceps, deltoid muscles.

Another exercise with its own weight on the bar that we will mention is called pulling back with a tight grip. In this case, the hands on the crossbar are placed one from the other at a distance of the palm. The arms are bent at the elbows until the chin is fixed over the bar. It is also performed four times in ten sets. This exercise accentuates your biceps.

The third exercise is pulling up with a wide grip (arms are wider than shoulders, the crossbar is wound behind the head). In addition to a moderate load on the muscles of the hands, the latissimus dorsi muscles (“wings”, as they are called pitching, also train).

Push-ups from the floor (bar)

The second name of the exercise mentioned in the subtitle is flexion-extension of the arms lying in focus. It is practiced by men.

The classic version - the hands are located at shoulder width. At the lowest point, you should touch the chest (but not rest!) On the floor. It is carried out depending on fitness in 4 sets 35-50 times.

bodyweight exercises for men

For women, push-ups are partially replaced by a “bar”. This is a static exercise. The trainee rests on the forearms and toes of the legs on the floor and, thanks to the tense press, the body keeps straight, without sagging.


Squats are another basic exercise in physical fitness. Trained legs determine the speed and endurance of a person. It, in addition to the development of leg muscles, is a good indicator of the cardiovascular system (Martine test.)

Consider the classic squat, which forms the muscles of the legs in the male type. The legs are shoulder width apart. For proper execution, the back should be even, and the knees should not be displaced from the imaginary axis passing through the big toe. For an accented load, you should squat in two counts, and rise in eight. In this case, the front surface of the thigh is formed. The exercise is performed in 3-4 sets of 30-100 repetitions.

Squats of another type - plie (butterfly) - are recommended for women. It forms elastic buttocks. In this case, the knees are divorced to the sides. The number of sets and reps is similar to the classic squat.

Sometimes self-weighted exercise is just as effective as barbell exercises. This is a squat on one leg (while the other leg is stretched forward). How many times do it? Start as much as you can (physically difficult exercise) and gradually bring up to 10 repetitions in the set. Three sets are recommended for training.

Abdominal Muscle Development

It is obvious that a good figure (meaning both male and female) involves an elevated chest and a tucked up stomach. It is obvious that exercises for training with your own weight in their classic form necessarily involve strengthening the abdominal press. And this is not surprising. After all, these muscles take part in almost any physical activity. They play the role of a stabilizer, providing overall coordination of movements.

best bodyweight exercises

In addition, their development involves a greater amount of training work than, say, the development of the latissimus dorsi or biceps. Perhaps that is why trained athletes do not miss the opportunity to brag about their “cubes”.

Usually a set of exercises with your own weight involves a separate training of the upper and lower parts of the press. At home, two exercises are most often performed for this. Moreover, the starting position for both is lying.

To train the upper part of the press, the feet are fixed, hands in the lock with a horizontal position of the body are fixed on the back of the head. By tilting, the hands are released from the lock and the toes are touched. Then the body returns to an almost horizontal state, and the hands return to the castle behind the head (“almost” means: the back does not touch the ground). This achieves additional tension in the abdominal muscles. The exercise is performed in 4 sets. The number of repetitions in each of them is 35-50 (depending on the degree of fitness).

When performing exercises on the lower part of the press, the practitioner hands fixes the upper part of the body, holding outstretched objects with his outstretched hands. Both legs are straight. They simultaneously take off from the ground and touch the floor behind their heads. In the reverse phase of movement, they also fall directly, but slightly, not to touch. As in the previous exercise, in this way the effect of tension of the abdominal muscles is achieved throughout the entire exercise cycle. The number of repetitions is also similar to the first exercise.

weight training exercises


Complexes of exercises with their own weight can lead the human body to an excellent functional state.

Moreover, exercises with their own weight, according to experts from the sport, are an obligatory step for an athlete in its development. But it is unreasonable to overload the cardiovascular system unprepared by training with premature weights.

For many people, the above is enough to feel good. However, some students, having passed the “with their own weight” stage, go on to classes under the guidance of a coach in sports sections and gyms.

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