The most expensive company in the world - Apple, Google or Microsoft?

Rapid development, profit and volume of assets - today we represent the top most expensive companies in the world.

In the business environment, Forbes magazine is considered an authoritative publication whose professionals objectively evaluate, record the ups and downs of famous businessmen and world corporations. Various agencies, such as BrandZ and Interbrand, also compile ratings.

the most expensive company in the world

Forbes specialists take into account the following indicators:

  • profit;
  • capitalization;
  • revenue
  • volume of assets.

Each year BrandZ presents a rating of the most expensive companies in the world based on data from professionals and consumers, comparing more than 23 thousand brands.


Regardless of the agency that submitted the list, the top five are the same corporations. Apple has been at the top of the ranking for two years now. The most expensive company in the world is associated with innovative technology and great design. The founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, created their first PC in the 70s. After selling a dozen copies, entrepreneurs managed to secure financing and officially register a new company.

Until the early 2000s, Apple products were well known in the publishing business, educational and government segments, but they were not widely used. The situation changed dramatically in 2001, when the iPod appeared on the market, and six years later, the company released the first touchscreen iPhone smartphones. Finally consolidated the success of the creation of a tablet computer. Thanks to stylish and high-tech gadgets, Apple has made record profits and in 2011 for the first time took the lead in the ranking of the most expensive brands.


Literally on the heels of the leader is another American company - Google Inc. The famous search engine was originally a research project of two graduate students at Stanford University. Sergey Brin and Larry Page created PageRank - a technology that determined the relevance of sites.

ranking of the most expensive companies in the world

In 1998, the company was registered, and the main source of income was advertising related to the search for keywords. Brin and Page gradually expanded due to the purchase of small companies that made popular such well-known services as Google Earth, YouTube, Google Voice, Gmail, Google Chrome and others.

According to some publications, the most expensive company in the world is Google. This was a reality in 2011, before the heyday of the "apple" competitor. Today, Brin and Page act as the main pursuers - their system for Android mobile devices is not inferior to iOS, but the cult of Apple is not easy to destroy.

Coca cola

It is a mistake to believe that the top five are represented by exclusively high-tech companies. The Coca-Cola Company, the most expensive non-alcoholic beverage company in the world, occupies a well-deserved third place. The famous soda appeared in 1886. The author of the recipe, John Pemberton, introduced the drink as a medicine that helps with disorders of the nervous system. The main ingredients were coca leaves and tropical cola nuts.

From year to year, Coca-Cola's sales revenue and popularity grew. Opponents appeared in the drink, who claimed the dangers of fresh coca leaves and the cocaine contained in them. The recipe was changed, and a lot of copies appeared at the soda, and the company's management was closely engaged in lawsuits. Today the drink is presented in more than 200 countries - Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.


The fourth place in our rating was again the company associated with the world of high technology. Microsoft, unfortunately, is not the most expensive company in the world - for the last ten years it has been literally a stone's throw from victory.

apple is the most expensive company in the world

At headquarters in Redmond (Washington, USA), experts work on software, new products for the PC and the famous Xbox consoles. Microsoft products are translated into 45 languages ​​and sold in 80 countries, and the Windows operating system, thanks to Bill Gates and his team, has become the most common software platform in the world.


In the last place of our "modest" rating is the most expensive fast food company in the world. Mack and Dick McDonald's opened their first restaurant in 1940. After 12 years, Ray Kroc became interested in the McDonald's service concept, who acquired the right from his brothers to open restaurants with the same content and name. The franchise network began to grow rapidly. Over time, Crock acquired all rights and registered McDonald's System, Inc. The businessman came up with uniform standards and a special training system.

top most expensive companies in the world

McDonald's, of course, is the most famous fast food establishment, but sometimes it is inferior to competitors. For example, since 2010, the company is in second place after the Subway chain in terms of the number of restaurants. The largest McDonald's in Europe is considered the Moscow restaurant on Pushkinskaya Square, opened in 1990. It was this institution in 2008 that broke a record within the network - 2.8 million visitors.


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