Television Rostelecom: user reviews

Internet TV is a service with growing demand. This is facilitated, in particular, by the widespread prevalence of communication channels with high throughput. Leading Russian providers provide their subscribers with the appropriate service with a wide range of infrastructure options. What are the features of providing such services as Internet television by the largest Russian telecom operator - Rostelecom? How do users and experts evaluate the quality of services in the corresponding segment provided by this provider?

Television Rostelecom reviews

Television from Rostelecom: general information

Television “Rostelecom”, reviews of which are found in quite a large number on various forums and thematic online portals for the reason that this telecommunication brand is among the most recognizable, is based on TCP / IP technology. That is, it is a service provided by the use of Internet resources by the provider.

However, it is not necessary that the user gets access, in fact, to the Internet. The service in question may be delivered independently of other web services.

Using a service such as Rostelecom television (user reviews can confirm this) does not imply the use of equipment that is difficult to configure. All that a subscriber of a given telecommunications operator needs to watch television channels:

- branded prefix;

- router;

- a working Internet channel - for example, fiber optic.

Rostelecom reviews on the Internet and television

It should be noted that, depending on the particular set-top box, the configuration features of a service such as Rostelecom television (expert reviews characterize it, however, can be quite universal in terms of using common communication standards). In addition, the difference in the quality of the broadcast stream can be significant in a number of cases, especially if you approach the device settings not too carefully.

Thus, it is useful for a television user from Rostelecom to take into account the hardware capabilities of a particular device, as well as to ensure the installation of the corresponding hardware component in accordance with the instructions.

Consider the main characteristics of the popular models of consoles for the organization of Internet television "Rostelecom", as well as user reviews regarding the convenience of setting up the corresponding devices.

Features of the console SML-482: reviews

Let's start with the popular SML-482. Experts characterize it as one of the most technologically advanced - of those that are used by the provider to provide a service such as Rostelecom television. Reviews about the operation of this console are the most positive. But how difficult is it to configure it?

Special problems with bringing the prefix in question into a functional state should not arise. If necessary, detailed instructions for installing this hardware component can be requested directly from the operator.

Wireless tv Rostelecom reviews

It is noteworthy that the set-top box can be connected to the TV both through a wire and via Wi-Fi, if it, of course, supports this communication standard. The main characteristics of the SML-482 set-top box, which Rostelecom offers its users (reviews on the Internet and television can confirm the demand for this device on the market) are as follows:

- the device has a RAM module with a capacity of 512 MB;

- the device is equipped with an infrared module;

- the device has USB ports;

- the prefix is ​​compatible with CVBS, HDMI;

- The device supports popular audio and video codecs.

These characteristics are generally consistent with those of the leading set-top boxes in the Internet television segment.

The hardware capabilities of the device in question allow, in particular, to realize viewing a television picture in 3D. In general, when using the SML-482 set-top box, the quality of Rostelecom television (expert reviews can confirm this), provided that the device is correctly configured, will be at the highest level.

Another popular model of consoles from Rostelecom is the Infomir MAG-250. Consider its capabilities.

Television quality Rostelecom reviews

Prefix MAG-250: reviews

Note that the device in question is actually a classic. It has been used on the Internet television market for quite some time, however, its capabilities are still in demand. Actually, there are no special complaints about the quality of the picture broadcast using the device in the expert and user communities.

It is noteworthy that the prefix can be used not only for the purpose of using a service such as television from Rostelecom via the Internet. User reviews indicate that the device can also be successfully used as a multimedia player. It supports a large number of varieties of files that can be played by connecting certain media to the device via a USB cable. True, for the correct use of this function of the device, you may need to install special firmware on it.

The main characteristics of the device are as follows:

- the device is equipped with a RAM module with a capacity of 256 MB;

- the device is controlled by the Linux operating system;

- supports device interfaces S / PDIF, HDMI, USB, Ethernet.

As a source of multimedia files that can be played using the console, you can use external hard drives, flash drives. In addition, you can provide broadcast media from network resources, including those that are located on the Internet.

The set-top box allows you to play the highest quality television picture formed within the framework of the stream that the provider provides, providing a service such as Rostelecom television (user reviews can confirm this). If necessary, the user can purchase an additional Wi-Fi module and connect it to the device.

It can be noted that such a solution as the Rostelecom IPTV RT STB HD Standart is also common on the telecommunications market. In fact, it is a renamed copy of the MAG-250 device. Therefore, if the user is offered digital television “Rostelecom” (expert reviews can confirm this) using the specified branded version of the set-top box, then we can safely count on the use of the same device capabilities that characterize the MAG 250 device.

The next popular modification of the set-top boxes used by Rostelecom to ensure the functioning of Internet television services is the Yuxing YX-6916A device. We will study the features of using this device in more detail.

Prefix Yuxing YX-6916A: reviews

The device in question is made by a well-known Chinese brand, which, as experts say, produces the highest quality products in the corresponding segment. There are no difficulties in setting up this device. Its main advantages: fast operation, automatic resumption of stream broadcasting upon disconnection, support for wireless data transmission.

However, the device in question is not suitable for playing multimedia files from external media. The quality of the device’s operation when used by the provider to deliver a service such as digital television “Rostelecom” (user reviews can confirm this) is the highest.

Thus, the assessment of the quality of Internet TV from a Russian brand can be carried out taking into account the specific features of a particular device. In many cases, the effectiveness of communication equipment becomes a key factor in showing the user a high-quality television picture. In this sense, subscriber satisfaction may not always depend, in fact, on the bandwidth and stability of the provider's channels. However, the competence of the service provider is to provide the customer with the best equipment. How does Rostelecom cope with this task? Reviews on the Internet and television allow you to give the provider a good rating.

It will also be useful to consider the specifics of specific formats for the provision of services by Rostelecom within the framework of the corresponding standard.

Internet Television Formats from Rostelecom

In fact, we are talking about 2 main formats: 1.0 and 2.0. Television 1.0 from Rostelecom implies the provision of the service in question by the provider only on the condition that the subscriber has also drawn up a tariff plan for accessing, in fact, the Internet from the corresponding provider.

In turn, Rostelecom TV 2.0 (user reviews characterize this service as not inferior to the first in quality) can deliver even if another provider provides the Internet subscriber. In fact, this means the possibility of moving the set-top box from one apartment to another: the main thing is that there is access to the network on the line with sufficient bandwidth. Re-signing of contracts in this case is not required.

Television 2.0 from Rostelecom: What are the advantages of the format?

Technology 2.0 from Rostelecom allows you to organize broadcasting TV shows of the highest quality. At the same time, a subscriber has at his disposal a huge number of channels. Within the framework of this format, Rostelecom wireless television can be provided (reviews of it are also presented in large numbers on thematic online portals, which indicates a high level of demand for this service). That is, it is possible to use a console that supports Wi-Fi technology. Of course, the TV should also support this wireless standard.

Rostelecom television 2 0 reviews

Service Quality Reviews

We’ll study in more detail how users evaluate the organization organized by such a brand as Rostelecom. Operator customer reviews can be classified into the following main categories:

- opinions regarding the usability of the equipment;

- reviews on the quality of the television picture;

- assessing the stability of the Internet television service.

We will study them in more detail.

Reviews on the quality of the television picture

Above, we examined the features of the equipment used by Rostelecom to broadcast a television stream through online channels. In practice, the quality of the image is largely determined, thus, by the performance of the respective devices and the stability of their work.

Digital tv Rostelecom reviews

But at the same time, the supply of quality equipment, as we noted above, is within the competence of the provider. In this sense, Rostelecom, as noted by users, ensures the supply of sufficiently technological and stable devices.

As regards directly ensuring a stable video stream, the provider is also doing well with this. Thus, in order to receive a service such as cable television “Rostelecom” (expert reviews can confirm this), two conditions must be met: high-quality equipment, as well as a stable channel through which the video stream is transmitted.

Of course, the equipment must be configured in accordance with the instructions. If it is difficult for the user to comply with these settings, then he can contact the support service of Rostelecom. It works, as users note, at a high level. You can go there for advice at any time.

Ease of use reviews

Actually, the main condition for obtaining a high-quality picture is correctly configured, as well as correctly used equipment, which is provided by the provider. Typical controls for the associated communications infrastructure are a branded remote control from a set-top box, as well as a television remote control. In the general case, the subscriber should not have any difficulties with the use of these hardware components. They are attached to the instructions, and if necessary - again, you can contact the support service.

Another condition for obtaining a high-quality picture is to configure the software options of the console. We noted above that in order to use some hardware functions of devices of the corresponding type, it may be necessary to install a certain version of the firmware on the console. But when using Rostelecom's standard services, the need for such actions usually does not arise. The main thing is using the Russian-language, as a rule, interface of the program menu of the console, it is necessary to ensure that the device detects the necessary channels. Which subsequently will be systematized in a convenient form by the operating system of the console.

Internet and television from Rostelecom tariffs reviews

Service stability reviews

Ease of use of the service in question and the quality of the image are an important aspect of customer satisfaction with relevant services. But a less significant aspect of using services such as Internet and television from Rostelecom (tariffs, reviews about them are also important, of course) is the stability of the infrastructure provided by the provider.

Estimates of users and experts regarding how stable Internet TV from a Russian provider can be very different. But in general, they allow us to say that the company provides services with the proper level of infrastructure stability and, most importantly, it is ready to promptly eliminate the shortcomings that have arisen. It is important to contact the provider's support service in a timely manner.


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