What is Shaggy Cheese?

In connection with the development of technology, new professions and organizations appear that provide a wide range of services that are in demand in modern conditions. These new-fangled trends include the young Shaggy Cheese agency. It employs talented and creative people who promote SMM content in the media. Many people still do not quite understand what exactly the guys are doing, although their services are in great demand. Today we will tell you what “Shaggy cheese” is, and we will open the veil of secrecy over the activities of its employees.

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SMM Agencies: Description and Summary

If you become interested in this issue and start searching for information, you will immediately stumble upon the fact that Shaggy Cheese is an SMM agency. Of course, it is rather difficult for a person who is not strong in modern terminology to understand what exactly is hidden under this phrase.

However, experts in this field argue that every year this definition will be found more and more often. And the services of such organizations will be used by almost all well-known brands that care about their promotion in social media.

If you still can’t imagine how to decipher the abbreviation SMM, then we are ready to reveal this secret. Translated from English, it means “social media marketing”. That is, a specialist in this field is engaged in the promotion of goods and services on the market primarily in social networks.

Many underestimate this tool, but it is considered one of the most effective in the vast social media.

What do SMM agencies work with?

Social media includes not only social networks, but also blogs, forums and other communities on the Internet. According to recent research, it can be concluded that the audience of these media is more significant than that of television channels. But to everything else, she is also very active, and also very attentive. It is not so easy to win it, but once you get the interest of this audience, you can hope for her loyalty.

It is noteworthy that social media is called the most promising area of ​​work to promote products. In Russia, it is still considered non-standard, but this method has already gained some popularity, which has caused an acute shortage of professional SMM specialists.

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Social Media Marketing Tasks and Tools

Before we start a substantive discussion about Shaggy Cheese, we need to dive a little more into the nuances of SMM technology. The main tasks that specialists can solve can be expressed in the following list:

  • brand or brand promotion;
  • rating increase;
  • PR company;
  • website promotion and increase in popularity, expressed in traffic.

Many SMM managers say that using social media you can work simultaneously with a large target audience and solve several tasks at once.

Among the SMM tools stand out:

  • creating blogs, maintaining and filling them with content;
  • Promotion of blogs, communities and social networks;
  • creating thematic blocks in groups;
  • direct, viral and hidden marketing;
  • monitoring and analysis of positive and negative information;
  • creating a certain positive background;
  • optimization of Internet resources.

Turning to SMM agencies, you should not expect an instant result. Usually, cooperation between an organization and a brand can be long-term, only in this case you can be sure of the result. At the same time, the brand always spends a minimum of funds in comparison with other types of advertising campaigns, and the effect of SMM ultimately exceeds all expectations.

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Establishment of Shaggy Cheese

Now our readers understand what the organization with such a memorable name is doing, and we can move on to the story of its occurrence. The company is considered one of the youngest, it exists only three years. But during this time she managed to fulfill several large orders and today is leading projects of well-known brands in our country and abroad.

It is noteworthy that the very opening of the agency was spontaneous. The fact was that after a quarrel with management, several leading SMM specialists left the same company at once. Their experience in this area was quite significant, so job offers fell on all sides. However, the guys wanted to work for themselves, and the idea of ​​an SMM agency was born - at a table in a small cozy cafe. Even a meeting of all six founders was held at the playground.

It is not known how the fate of the new agency would have been if it had not been for Anton Nosik. He invested a large amount of money in Shaggy Cheese and became a member of its founders. He also brought the first customers and continued to do this until his death in July of this year.

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The appearance of the name

Shaggy Cheese Company ... Probably, there is no person who would not note the strangeness of this name and would not ask about its origin. But even the creators of the company themselves will not be able to answer it. They argue that the name arose on its own, and put forward several versions of its interpretation.

According to the first, it should symbolize something well-fed, comfortable and calm. Each client who comes to the agency will be able to feel at home here. But another version carries a different message. According to the guys working in the company, the phrase “SMM Agency” sounds very unpleasant for many people. Therefore, they tried to come up with something completely different, but no less strange for the ears of ordinary people.

Be that as it may, the notion turned out to be good. After all, there is not a single person who, having heard this name, would remain indifferent to him.

Company ideology

As it turned out, there are practically no professionals in the SMM services market. Few really understand how and what needs to be done. "Shaggy cheese" stands out against this background.

Its specialists always adhere to the principle that the brand that you drive must be loved. They literally immerse themselves in the topic, intuitively feeling when and what needs to be written.

Of course, those who work for the company are best known for the brand. They can write high-quality texts about her, but, unfortunately, this is not enough. Therefore, most large brands have to seek the help of professionals.

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Agency Team

If you are interested in vacancies in Shaggy Cheese, then we hasten to disappoint you. The agency has a team of twelve specialists. It is they who are involved in all projects. Usually one employee is enough for one project, sometimes a professional is able to work simultaneously with two brands.

It’s almost impossible for a person from outside to enter the state. If necessary, outsiders are involved in the projects, but most often they are employees of the brand that the agency promotes.

A few words about projects and clients

Oddly enough, it’s very difficult to find reviews about Shaggy Cheese. Usually their clients do not like to advertise the fact that they contacted the agency. The audience should not know that professionals purposefully worked with it.

The employees of Shaggy Cheese themselves also masterly circumvent the theme of their customers. They do not talk about them, but share that at the moment they are conducting at least ten projects. And by these numbers you can judge the relevance of the service provided.

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According to some reports, the client of the SMM agency was Aviasales. At the same time, its rating has grown significantly in just one year. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but many consider this trend to be the result of the coordinated work of the Shaggy Cheese team of professionals.

Therefore, if you want to promote your brand, website or blog, then do not try to do the impossible on your own. Just contact the SMM agency - and in a few months you will notice positive changes.

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