Pleasure boats (Perm): advantages, features

When visiting a city, many tourists always take excursions on a river boat. After all, it is so possible to explore the city and relax with your soul.

Pleasure boats in Perm

A cruise is considered a great option to take a break from the bustle, everyday difficulties, stresses that are related to hours of work and life in a metropolis. Many people, when weekends or holidays arrive, seek out of town to experience nature at full strength. Someone goes to the country, someone to the sea or lake. Rest on the water can have a different direction: it can be fishing or relaxation in tents, or it can be a rest on the boat. If you decide to try something new, then the last option is what you need. As soon as you get on the boat, all the problems and vanity will be left behind. If you decide to rent pleasure boats, Perm provides such an opportunity.

pleasure boats Perm

Get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city

Modern pleasure boats "Perm-Zarechnoye-Perm" allow you to enjoy nature and relax at the highest level. You can choose the level of comfort yourself, it all depends on your habits and financial capabilities.

Pleasure boats "Perm-Zarechnoye-Perm" - this is an endless forward movement, change of seats, meeting new people and city landscapes. A slow walk along the river allows you to admire the scenery of the coast, and long stops of the ship in places with a rich history and in nature allow you to diversify your stay on board.

The quiet sound of the waves, the singing of seagulls overboard, the sun and the wind, an entertainment program and interesting excursions - this is what a tourist needs for complete relaxation. You can get such pleasure in your city and do not need to leave anywhere. Most residents of large cities do not even suspect that river pleasure boats can be organized in Perm. A huge advantage of river trips around Russia is the unnecessary execution of additional papers, the implementation of a long and expensive move to the recreation area and customs clearance.

When you return from a cruise, you will remember your trip and view photos for a long time. Pleasure boats "Perm-Zarechnoe-Perm" fill every tourist with amazing emotions. Why not take the whole family on a mini river trip?

Perm pleasure boat tickets

How to buy tickets for a pleasure boat?

At the appropriate time, when the use of ships is allowed, you can always find out how excursions are organized. Contact the river station of your city, where you can find out the schedule of pleasure boats. Address and telephone number can be found in the information desk. After making a call to the branch of the river station, you can find out the prices of tickets for the pleasure boat Perm-Zarechnoye-Perm.

Schedule of pleasure boat in Perm

The ship runs on weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00, the cost is 250 rubles per person. Children under 7 years old ride for free. Pensioners pay 150 rubles for admission. On weekends, the cost is slightly higher.

river pleasure boats

Take a boat ride

If you contact a company that offers pleasure trips on a boat, rent or purchase, you should carefully consider the following factors. Pay attention to how many years this company has existed in the market, which customers it has more: satisfied or with negative reviews. If you decide to take a rest on a pleasure boat (Perm), then it should not be spoiled, so it is important to pay attention to the safety of the vessel. There is nothing more surprising than a boat trip with your whole family or friends. Recharge your emotions all year round.


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