The act of flushing heating systems. Sample document filling out and methods of work

Flushing of heating systems is carried out by specialized organizations after the preliminary conclusion of the relevant contract. At the end of the work, an act of flushing the heating systems is drawn up . The sample and appearance of this document depend on the complex of events held by specialists.

Mandatory procedure

Heating systems are a set of equipment (pumps, boilers, pipelines and radiators) designed for space heating. Due to the fact that heated water is usually used as a heat carrier, all parts from the inside are covered with a dense layer of dirt. Sometimes in pipes such deposits reach more than fifty percent of the cross section. This reduces heat transfer and lowers the temperature inside the room. There are two ways to deal with this phenomenon:

  • replacement of individual parts of the heating circuit;
  • flushing the system.

The second option is considered more preferable, since it does not require serious constructive interventions. After carrying out the necessary set of measures, an act of flushing the heating systems should be drawn up, a sample of which the specialists have in the form of prepared forms. They do not have to be ordered at the printing house. You can use any printing device for this. How to fill out an act of flushing heating systems? A sample is usually a standard text in which individual columns are required to be omitted.

act of flushing heating systems sample

It is usually made up by a representative of a cleaning organization. What does the act of flushing heating systems look like? A sample form begins with its name and date of compilation. The following information is sequentially presented:

  1. Address of the object.
  2. Data on the three mandatory participants in the presence of which this procedure takes place (customer, representative of the service company, specialist from the cleaning organization).
  3. Date of work.
  4. Of the four options, the method by which the system was cleaned is selected.
  5. Indications of water meters before and after work. The expended quantity and temperature are separately indicated.
  6. The quality of the work done.

All data specified in the act ends with signatures of three parties.

Additional work

After washing the pipes and other equipment, it is advisable to crimp. This additional procedure will allow you to check the tightness of the entire system and identify places where air or water can escape. Such actions are not required, but highly desirable. They correspond to the interests of both the customer and the contractor. At the end, both will be able to verify the quality of the previous stage. Performance of work fixes the act of flushing and crimping the heating system. A sample of it will look like a table, which contains a list of all activities carried out during such a procedure.

act of flushing and crimping a heating system sample

Against each of the points, the specialist must make a mark on the implementation. At the end, as usual, the customer and the contractor put their signatures, confirming the fact of the work. Specialists sometimes call this procedure a hydraulic test, since most often a similar test is carried out using water. It is believed that air can be more dangerous if serious malfunctions are detected. Therefore, many prefer to go the easier way.

Reliability check

In the spring after the end of the heating season, the system is usually preserved for the summer period. Before that, it should be checked. This measure is often used as a preventive measure by the specialists of a service organization in multi-apartment residential buildings. It is called hydropneumatic testing. Of the equipment for the procedure, only a pump with a measuring device (pressure gauge) is required. The work is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. First, the system under test must be filled with water.
  2. Then you need to connect the press.
  3. Check the pressure gauge.

Verification is usually carried out within thirty minutes. If during this time the readings do not change, then the system is considered airtight. Otherwise, it can be argued that there is a leak in it. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate it. At the end of the work, a pre-prepared act of hydropneumatic flushing of the heating system is drawn up. Its sample is similar to all described above.

act of hydropneumatic flushing of the heating system sample

This form also describes the entire procedure with an indication of the specific value of the measurements. The act is signed by representatives of the parties and is retained until the next test.


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