Where to call in an accident? How to call a traffic police in an accident from a mobile phone

According to the traffic police for 2017, there were 170 thousand traffic accidents in Russia, in which 19 thousand people died and more than 215 thousand were injured. The first question that arises for a person who has got into an accident, where to call? Faced cars have become quite commonplace. Despite this, many people are lost when they first have an accident, and cannot decide how to act and whom to cause in an accident. Meanwhile, the life and health of the victims, as well as the success of police actions to detain the hiding culprit of the accident, often depend on their efficiency.

When you don't need to call anyone

Before deciding where to call in an accident, you need to decide whether to call anyone at all. Indeed, the law has long provided a way to get along "on our own." From June 1, 2018, the amount of the so-called Euro Protocol has changed, according to which participants can arrange an accident on their own. Now it is 100 thousand rubles, and in four regions of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Moscow and Leningrad regions) - 400 thousand.

Man talking on the phone

In addition, it is now allowed to issue Europrotocol even in case of friction between the accident participants, but only if the ERA-GLONASS system is installed on both cars, which will automatically send information about the accident to the traffic police. In all other cases, Europrotocol is executed on the same conditions:

  • no more than two cars are involved in an accident;
  • no victims of road accidents;
  • There is no disagreement between the participants about who is responsible for the incident.

Subject to the above conditions, you do not need to call someone to the scene of an accident and wait, complicating the traffic situation. It is enough to fix the accident in the photo and video, fill out the necessary forms and record the data of witnesses, if any. Documents need to be drawn up very carefully - often because of errors, insurance companies refuse to pay. If for some reason it is not possible to issue Europrotocol, you will have to call at least traffic police officers, and possibly other services - it depends on the circumstances of the particular accident.

When and how to call the traffic police in a traffic accident?

Traffic police sign

If the accident caused serious damage to the vehicles, your opponent is trying to hide or is aggressive, you need to call a police squad. You will also have to do this if the GLONASS system is not installed on the cars and you and your opponent cannot agree on the issue of guilt. You can call the traffic police on an accident from a mobile by the following numbers:

  • Megafon, MTS and TELE-2 - 002;
  • Beeline - 002;
  • Skylink - 902.

Calls to listed numbers are free of charge for all operators. In areas with difficult mobile communications, the number 112 will come to the rescue. You can call him even from the remote taiga, even when the phone has run out of money or no SIM card at all. The call is also free. You need to dial the number and ask to connect with the police. If the machine answers, dial 02 in tone mode.

You can also call the landline number of the local traffic police on call, if you know it. The phone list is easy to find on the Internet. You can print it and carry it with you in the car.

Casualty incident

Before you call a traffic police in an accident, you need to perform a series of actions. If the accident is insignificant, then the procedure is as follows:

Warning triangle
  • turn off the engine, turn on the alarm;
  • set a warning sign;
  • make sure there are no injuries to yourself and other participants;
  • call the traffic police.

Then you should wait for the inspector, who will draw up the necessary documents. Prior to his arrival, it is forbidden to move cars, collect parts that have fallen off, etc. In a word, you should not touch anything that may be relevant to an accident.

Where to call in case of accident with victims

If you are in a serious car accident, the matter will not be limited to just calling a traffic police. First of all, it is necessary to identify the victims and call an ambulance. You need to do this in any case, even when a person claims that everything is fine with him, but you have doubts.


The fact is that in a state of shock, people can not always adequately assess their damage. A large amount of adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, which mobilizes the body and dulls the pain. When its action ends, there is a sharp deterioration. First, a person with a complicated leg fracture can run like an Olympian - and then he will have to amputate his leg. Not to mention the fact that in the event of a sad outcome, you can be accused of refusal of assistance after the fact (Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) - and this is a criminal liability with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, the answer to the question: β€œWhere to call during the accident with the victims?” unequivocal - in the ambulance.

Call it from your mobile phone by the following numbers:

  • MTS, TELE-2 and Megafon - 030;
  • Beeline - 003.

Like the traffic police, you can call an ambulance during an accident by calling 112.

If the culprit escaped

Leaving the scene of the accident is fraught (at least) with the deprivation of rights for a period identical to the punishment for "drinking". If there are victims of road traffic accidents who need help, such behavior can already be qualified under the criminal article. Therefore, in no case should you give in to emotions and try to escape, even if it happened that you became the culprit of a car accident.

Traffic police patrol

If the instigator of the accident disappeared, there is no need to pursue him. Without special skills, you risk becoming the culprit of another accident. Try to fix the car number, make, model and color. If the intruder runs away, remember his appearance or try to take a picture. After that, you need to make sure that there are no victims, and if they are not there, then call the traffic police, and in case of injuries - "Ambulance".

Insurance call

Do I need to call an insurance company during an accident? Many people, especially for the first time in an accident, are very nervous. In this state, it is difficult to adequately assess the situation and act wisely. Many insurers have customer support phones, by calling which you will receive prompt advice on their further actions, possibly some psychological assistance. They will tell you what to do after the accident, how to correctly fill out the documents and receive insurance payment.

Commissioner Call

Almost any person who had an accident would be pleased to shift all the chores associated with this to someone else's shoulders, and to calmly β€œmove away” from stress. There is such an opportunity - it is provided by the emergency commissioner. He can act on behalf of the insurance company or independently.

Emergency commissioner - a specialist in the design of car accidents, providing various assistance to road accident participants. This person will completely take over the management of the situation and perform all necessary actions:

  • inspection of the scene of the accident;
  • calling doctors, and, if necessary, first aid to the victims;
  • photo and video shooting of accident circumstances, damages and documents of participants;
  • control over the execution of documents by the traffic police;
  • work with witnesses to the accident;
  • preliminary calculation of the cost of car repairs, advice on further actions.

It should be remembered that the commissioner of the insurance company will act in the interests of his employer. Therefore, you should carefully check the documents completed by him. It is best, if finances allow, to conclude an agreement with an independent company, whose employee will be completely on your side.

Where to call in an accident if it smells of gasoline?

Firefighters at the scene of an accident

If, as a result of an accident, one or more vehicles are ignited, firefighters must be called in. You can do this on your mobile by the following numbers:

  • MTS, Megafon and TELE-2 - 010;
  • Beeline - 001.

Like other services, firefighters can be called by number 112 in case of communication problems or lack of money in the account. The call should be made even if nothing is burning, but there is a smell of gasoline around the scene of the accident or it is visually visible that a gas tank of one of the cars has been broken. Now readers know how to cause traffic police in an accident.

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