Ombre manicure: ideas, colors, trends

Want to make a fashionable ombre manicure, but can't figure out how? Then this article is for you. You will learn how to process nails, apply and fix varnish. And also here you will get acquainted with various ways of applying both ordinary varnish and shellac. Look for all the details below.

Interspersed gradient

ombre manicure for short nails

This trendy manicure is in trend today. A rich blueberry hue, which turns into a pale blue color, can not leave indifferent any girl. How to make an ombre manicure of such a plan? First of all, you need to prepare the nail plates for work. Gash them with a buff, and then degrease them. To keep the varnish longer, you need to apply a base coat on the nail. Now you can start creating the gradient. First, paint the nail with blue varnish. Please note that the lightest shade is always applied to the nail and only then the darkest. In this case, it will be convenient to form smooth transitions. After the first layer of color has dried out, you can create a gradient. Paint the base of the nail in dark blue 1/3. Now we take a flat synthetic brush and make a smooth stretch. If the first time the result did not satisfy you, you can once again apply a dark color to the base of the nail and make a second attempt. The final action is the overlapping of the result with the top.

Brilliant ombre

pink ombre manicure

If the soul demands a holiday, do not resist this impulse. Make shiny nails. They will cheer up not only you, but others. Such a pink ombre manicure looks stylish and very girlish. You can experiment. For example, make one nail shiny, and on the others draw a gradient resembling a French manicure. How to repeat a similar ombre? Such a manicure is done very simply. Nails are buffed, and then they should be degreased. Now you need to apply camouflage to the nail plates. The free edge of the nail is painted in pink, and with a thin synthetic brush we make a smooth stretch. On one of the fingers, stretching should be done with shiny varnish. The final result is overlapped with the top.

Ombre with rub

ombre fashion manicure

Today you will not surprise anyone with the texture of the foil or metal on the nails. But the ombre manicure looks stylish and unusual. Therefore, if you like experiments, you can afford to sit an hour or two and try to invent something new. For example, a gradient with a rub. The principle of work should be like this. We file and degrease the nails, and then apply camouflage to them. It can be either pink or beige. Now you should cover the nail halfway with the top without the sticky layer and dry it. We rub in half of the nail rubbed, but we do this not with our fingers, but with the applicator. Your task is to make a smooth transition between color and shiny surface. To achieve this, you need to press the applicator well at the base of the nail and lightly touch the center. It turns out an interesting effect of a double texture. It remains to fix the manicure with a top and dry the result.

Gentle gradient

color ombre manicure

Do you want a smooth transition? Ombre manicure, the colors of which consist of white, pink and lilac, can satisfy your desire. The nails look gently, and most importantly, the color palette repeats the shades that are fashionable this season. If you can’t create the gradient with a brush, then you can try the second option. How to make a smooth transition? Use a sponge. Consider a step-by-step process. We file and degrease the nails, then apply the base and the main color. Now on the palette we put three drops of the necessary varnishes and with the help of a toothpick we make smooth transitions between them. We print the varnish on the sponge, and then make a print on the nail. To make the gradient effect more pronounced, you should slightly move the sponge along the growth of the nail before removing it. It remains to remove the excess varnish that fell on the skin rollers, and then fix the finish with a manicure.

Contrast pastel

ombre manicure

If you want to make a fashionable ombre manicure, but at the same time use contrasting or very different colors, you will again have to resort to the technology of applying varnish with a sponge. The principle of operation will be the same as in the previous paragraph. We file the nails and degrease them. Now you should apply pink polish to all nails and dry them. So that later there would be no problems with removing the remnants of varnish, the side skin rollers can be sealed with adhesive tape beforehand. Now mix pink and turquoise on the palette. If you do not have a palette, you can use a piece of foil. Now we print the varnish on the sponge and with a shift we make an impression on the nail. Remove the tape from the fingers and cover the manicure with the finish.

Red with black

Ombre manicure how to do

If you have an airbrush at home, then you can do an ombre manicure on short nails with it. The gradient technique will be much easier. After all, you do not have to mix varnish and then transfer it. It will only be necessary to spray the paint in one direction. How will the work process look like in stages? We file and degrease the nails. Now you need to cover them with a base. We apply the main color on the nail plates, in our case - red. Now we drip a few drops of varnish into the airbrush. We turn on the device and drive the air through the system. It is necessary to spray paint on a sheet of paper for several seconds before starting work. Now we tint the nail. We aim the airbrush not at the nail itself, but just below its free edge. We make sure that the gradient on all fingers is the same. After the work is done, apply the top.

Gradient through three colors

Color gradient

Do you want to make an ombre manicure for short nails? In this case, you can experiment with different colors. So you can visually make the nail plate longer, and the design is more interesting. You need to choose pastel colors that will blend well with each other. Bright shades are better not to use, they are not in fashion today, and trendy dark tones do not mix well with each other. When you have decided on the color scheme, you can go directly to the process of work. We file and degrease the nails. Now you need to apply the color of the substrate. In our case, it is yellow. Why exactly him? As already mentioned above, the substrate should be the lightest shade that is in the manicure, otherwise it will be difficult to overlap. Now on the foil we mix the necessary shades and then with the help of a sponge we transfer them to the nail. Is it possible to make a similar gradient with a brush? It is possible, but it will be much more difficult to do. The final effect is the application of a stamp on the nails.

Pearl gradient

Pearl Rub

Not sure how to do an ombre manicure? Everything is very simple. Follow the steps in this order step by step. We dust the nails with a buff, and then degrease them. Now apply the base and the white backing. 1/3 of the nails, starting from the cuticle, are stained with beige. Take a thin synthetic brush and make a gradient. That is, we stretch the beige color to white. If necessary, you can repeat the operation, but the stretch in the second layer needs to be done stronger than in the first. In order to make the manicure more interesting, it can be given a pearl coating. Color the resulting gradient with a top without a sticky layer, and then rub the pearl rub with a finger. It turns out an interesting result. To fix it, paint the nails with a layer of finish.

Metal gradient

ombre metallic

An interesting ombre effect is obtained by rubbing. Such a manicure today is at the peak of its popularity due to the contrast of matte and glossy texture. How to repeat the result from the picture? First of all, you need to prepare the nail plates for work. Saw them and degrease. Now you need to apply the base, and after it is black varnish. Dark color will play the role of a substrate. On top of black varnish we apply a top without a sticky layer and dry the result. Now we take the rub and with the finger or applicator rub it into the nails. And now with the help of white varnish you need to create a gradient. We make it either with a synthetic brush, or use a sponge. Do not forget to cover the manicure with the finish.

Gradient pattern

Ombre with a pattern

You think that manicure ombre varnish looks boring? Then you can complement the design with a pattern. But before applying the image, you need to make a colored substrate. Saw and degrease the nails, and then apply orange polish. Mix orange and pink colors on the palette and print them with a sponge on the nail. On such a substrate, a pattern can be applied. If you have been doing manicure yourself for a long time, then you can make any image with a brush. If you are just learning, then you can use the sliders-stickers. Transfer the image to the nail, and then fix the result with the finish.


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