How to recognize your lasso in Tarot by date of birth

Tarot cards bring people much more information than is commonly believed. Each of them has its own character, is responsible for a certain tendency in development and relations. Each person is advised to be guided by these tips in order to first of all better understand themselves, and then to realize potential opportunities. But how to find out your lasso in Tarot, you should thoroughly understand. After all, a mistake in this matter can lead to great confusion, if not trouble. Let's get it right.

Card history

To understand why this deck speaks so objectively about events and people, some research has been undertaken. They are even more relevant for those who want to understand how to recognize your lasso in the Tarot.

how to know your lasso in tarot
After all, you will not begin to believe any information presented. Maybe it's fiction or jokes. However, an objective and reliable history of the Tarot does not exist. These maps first flashed in medieval Italy. There are sources claiming that they were used to play in the fourteenth century. A little later, after two centuries, the general public understood the purpose of the deck. They began to be used for fortune telling. A lot of time passed until the information about the correspondence of the date of birth to a certain card became known to the masses. However, now more and more people are wondering how to recognize your lasso in Tarot. That is, the majority of people believed in the magical properties of cards. There is a legend that says that the aliens brought the deck to Earth. They say that it has existed for many millennia. However, there is no reliable evidence for this. And those people who encounter the Tarot gradually begin to trust them, so to speak, in their own skin, feeling the wisdom of the perspicacious advice of these ancient cards.

What do tarot cards give us?

Finding out your lasso is not enough. Well, look at the picture. Maybe you will like it, something so almost elusive will arise in the head or heart. So, what is next? What to do with this information? Before you figure out how to find out your lasso in Tarot, it is recommended to speculate or inquire about why such information is needed, how to use it. Of course, if you do not do such "bullshit", following fashion trends or obeying the generally accepted trends in the group. The tarot card is your personal one. This is a tip and a hint. She can completely change her life, help to understand a difficult situation. And most importantly, it allows you to more deeply understand yourself. That's why the information on how to recognize your lasso in Tarot has become so popular. Those who have tried, with enthusiasm, recommends that friends and acquaintances master this magical information. It is not the picture itself that matters, but the information hidden behind it. You can’t tell about everything in a short article. And it is dedicated to a narrower topic. Namely, how to recognize your Tarot lasso. More detailed recommendations and tips for using the card should be found in wise books that reveal the depth of the issue.

find out your lasso tarot

Happy birthday

Enough of "agitation." We proceed directly to practice. That is, we will figure out how to recognize your lasso in Tarot. There are several counting options. For example, the simplest is to determine the lasso by the number of births. It will be a map of the day. It is minor, but significant. This lasso tells about the most important personality traits of a person. Calculating it is very simple. If the birth number is less than twenty-two, then nothing needs to be done. See which lasso is indicated by this number. If more than twenty two, then subtract this number from the date of birth, that is 22. Get the number of your lasso. View the map, or better yet, read as much as you can about it. She will talk about those traits that others see in you. Many may be surprised by this information. It is known that society leaves its mark on our personalities. Some features progress, others fade. It turns out such a strange bias, negatively affecting fate for the most part. Think about how much new you will discover in yourself when you figure out how to recognize your lasso in Tarot. The value of this information is simply hard to overestimate!

We calculate the date of birth

Now let's move on to the main map. To determine it, you must write on a piece of paper the full date of birth. This refers to: day, month (in numbers), year (fully). You should get eight characters.

tarot cards find out your lasso
Do not miss the zeros. Now add the numbers together. They work with the result as described above. If it is less than twenty-two, then leave unchanged. More - we decrease by subtracting the number 22. As you can see, it is easy to recognize your Tarot lasso. For this, even algebra is not needed, just elementary arithmetic. All the most difficult will be ahead. After all, the figure itself, corresponding to the lasso, does not mean anything. The three or ten you have succeeded does not matter until you plunge into the magical world of map values. But immediately this is not recommended. Especially for those who encounter a deck for the first time. After all, there is something imperceptible and intangible that prompted you to figure out how to recognize your lasso in the Tarot. Tip: look at the picture, try to feel the response to it from the subconscious. Do you like it or not? What emotions does it cause?

First acquaintance with your lasso

You and I learned how to recognize your lasso in Tarot by date of birth. Now you need to use this information. And the first impression of your own lasso will help you with this. You see, this process can be compared with magic, or a psychological experiment, if you do not believe in magic. We look at the picture and listen to the sensations.

how to know your lasso in tarot meaning
They should be remembered, but better written down. These "data", as experienced researchers say, will be very useful to you later. They will show how much in his development a person has gone astray. Lazy or not believing this information is recommended to pay attention to negative emotions, if they appear. These are precisely the ones that arise when the natural talents and abilities in you are oppressed and do not develop. And magicians say that man did not go his own way. In this case, subconscious dissonance arises. It is expressed in dissatisfaction with the image that appears before your eyes. One seems that, for example, the Devil card does not suit them at all. Others are horrified by the name "Hanged Man" and the image seen on this lasso. In general, you should listen to yourself, do not dismiss the subconscious. It, by the way, never lies.

Another way

The option described above to determine your own lasso is not the only one. It’s just related to the date of birth. There are alternative ones. Let's touch them in a few words. Some experts believe that the deck itself will tell a person how to recognize your lasso in Tarot. It should be decomposed in front of you completely. This refers only to the major lassos, although sometimes the younger ones are also used. It depends on the level of education and the school where the person studied. So, consider the pictures. The one that evokes the response is yours. Agree, the method is quite complicated, even if you consider that you have to get acquainted with just twenty-two images. Try it yourself. Do you hear that response deep down in your heart? Without training, most likely not. This option for determining your own Arcana Tarot is recommended only to trained people. Incidentally, they are used by experienced specialists who determine fate with the help of tarot cards. Without sufficient skills, such is difficult to achieve. Although, of course, you need to try everything. Information comes to us in the ways that are available. Who knows, maybe this is your option.

how to find out your lasso in tarot who tried

Interpretation of information received

It is clear that people are looking for information on how to find out your lasso in Tarot, how to guess, not to get even more confused. In the meantime, we have not reached the point. The number and picture are just the beginning. Now you should find out the interpretation of the lasso. We will give only short characteristics. Be aware that detailed analysis takes up volumes of printed text and gigabytes of information. Those interested will have to search on their own. Let's move on to the lasso, pointing them in order. A person whose birth date is associated with the Mage possesses gigantic willpower. No obstacles can stop him on his way to the goal. He has special trials in life. Here it is necessary to explain what the tarot cards mean. To know your lasso and understand its meaning means to apply it to your own life circumstances. That is, if the Magician corresponds to you, this does not at all indicate the need to accomplish a feat. This means that you perform your own tasks without looking at obstacles. And what are they, determine for yourself. The purpose of one is to turn the world around, and the other to raise children. The map does not describe events, it characterizes their orientation, as well as the person himself, his nature, way of thinking and the likelihood of action.

how to find out your lasso in tarot decompose

Arcana Description

The priestess falls to a person who is able to attract to himself what he wants. It is very bad when he himself does not know about it. After all, when such a person desires evil, it happens. And it is with her! Priestess people should be especially careful in their intentions. The Universe hears them! Leadership qualities are distinguished by those to whom the Empress falls. Yes, they themselves feel it. As soon as you analyze your behavior, you will see that with a great creak you agree with the opinions of others. Empresses feel great when they lead others. Even tougher behave those who correspond to the next lasso. He is called the Emperor. Under this sign, potential tyrants appear. They should control themselves. The hierophant in fortune-telling is interpreted as spirituality. People born under this sign are distinguished by conservative thinking, respect for traditions, loyalty to the family. They are excellent lawyers and spouses. Those who fall in love with the lasso solve important issues throughout their lives. This is karma, as they say. Moreover, for them love in the highest sense of this concept is of great importance. Lovers are often carried away by the condemnation of other people who are not characteristic of such a philosophical attitude to events.

We continue to get to know the lasso

The chariot speaks of the special fortune of the individual. It is not just given from above. The fact is that Chariot people are very realistic. They are difficult to trick or confuse. Therefore, they always take the right steps. Arkan Strength must please the one to whom he fell. This card characterizes a person who is confident, reliable. It is customary to equal and rely on this in case of difficulties. In addition, the Force recommends sympathy for those who are not given such a firm character. Remember that people are different. The Hermit falls to the philosophers.

how to know your lasso in tarot options
For these personalities, spirituality is often much more important than the vain world. If it fell to you, then analyze your thoughts yourself. Come to the same conclusion. Competition in the struggle for money or position is unlikely to greatly excite you. But the problems of the world as a whole seem more exciting, worthy of attention. Fortune speaks for itself. She characterizes the minion of fate. Only with one, so to speak, retreat. Man of Fortune really gets everything he wants. But you have to give something else. They are encouraged to control their intentions, given this fact. Justice speaks of striving for harmony for all. The hanged man falls out to those who do not sit still. These are people who are more inclined than others to frequent, often revolutionary changes.

Briefly about other lasso

Death should not frighten those to whom this sign has fallen. He speaks of great prospects if one manages to cope with sinful inclinations. Moderation is a sign of harmonious people, bringing peace to the life of others. The devil speaks of a bright personality, prone to narcissism. Those who have to go through life are happy with difficult trials, consisting in the desire to outwit others, even to their own detriment. Star - card of gifted singles. The moon indicates the presence of magical abilities, as well as a tendency to pessimism. The sun predicts great opportunities for a person who gives happiness to others. For these, it is especially important to create a family. The court speaks of the need to engage in self-knowledge. These people are very touchy. Such quality should be overcome. World. This lasso falls to the builders of reality. Their task is to organize and guide others. The jester speaks of impulsiveness, immediacy, sometimes about childish naivety. These people are especially sensitive to restricting their degree of personal freedom.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to recognize your lasso in Tarot. Reviews about this technique are mostly positive. People who can not only read the text, but also engage in deep work on themselves, most often achieve excellent results, enriching the theory of Tarot with their discoveries. For this, reviews are written so that it becomes more clear to others in which direction to look, how to cognize this world and its place in it.


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