Tarot for the week: features and interpretation

Tarot cards are a great way to find out the past, present, and future of a querent. There are a huge number of layouts that help you find answers to all your questions.

The most common ones, of course, relate to the future questioner. Different layout techniques are responsible for different periods of time. The layout can be done for a day, for a week, for a month, for the coming year. The choice depends only on the desire of the querent. In Tarot cards, the layout for the week is one of the most popular techniques.

tarot deal for the week

Fortune telling

Depending on the situation, it is recommended to practice various divination techniques. Besides the fact that the period is taken into account, the sphere of a person’s life matters about which the tarot cards are asked. The layout for the week can be short or complete. For a quick answer, you can use a shorter fortune-telling of 3-4 cards, for the expanded one, select a detailed layout. Below will be presented the three most popular techniques that help to know the near future for the week.

Celtic cross (4 cards)

It is necessary to lay out the four Major Arcana in the form of a cross. Left and right will be positions 1 and 2, and above and below positions 3 and 4, respectively. The first card talks about the problem itself, sometimes these are obvious things, but more often it reveals the ins and outs of the problem. The second and third cards describe the situation and tell how it will develop over a period of 7 days. It is very important to study well the value of the Arcana, not only individually, but also in combination with neighboring cards. To clarify, you can use the Minor Arcana.

fortune-telling tarot for a week

In Tarot cards, the weekly layout usually describes the events of the near future (2 and 3 positions). 4 card in this scenario tells what the result will be.

The cross from the Arcana can be interpreted by the days of the week: the first card is Monday and Tuesday, the second is Wednesday and Thursday, the third is Friday and Saturday, the fourth is Sunday.

Celtic Cross (full layout)

This technique uses 10 cards. In addition to the fact that the layout clearly describes the problem, development prospects and outcome, the first 4 cards tell about the personality of the querent. An important nuance in Tarot cards: the layout for the week can show not only future events, but also what preceded them, that is, the past. In the Celtic Cross fortune-telling, the first card describes the consciousness of a person, the second - the soul, the third - the contradictions in the soul, the fourth - the subconscious. These are important cards in the center. Next, cards with positions 5 and 6 are laid out. They describe events in the past and in the future. These 6 cards form a cross. Next on the right are 7.8.9 and 10 cards. They indicate the attitude towards oneself, to others, hopes and fears, as well as prospects and results. Accordingly, it is precisely the 10th position that will complete the alignment and indicate the result. Do not forget that it is the cards with central positions that are important! The layout of the Tarot for the week is presented below.

tarot deal for the week

Seven-day layout

The layout is very different from the previous two. If the fortune-telling “Celtic Cross” deals with a certain problem and its development over the course of a week, then the “7 days” layout simply describes the events for the coming week.

weekly tarot layout

This is the simplest fortune telling. The layout of the Tarot for the week is as follows: the Querent draws 7 cards from the deck. Arcana laid out in a horizontal line. It is very important what day of the week you are wondering, because the first card will indicate the next day of the week. So, if you make the alignment on Saturday, then the first card in the row will indicate the events of Sunday, the next - Monday, and so on until next Saturday.

tarot deal for the week

When drawing out each subsequent card, it is very important to call the day of the week out loud. If the value of one of the cards is too generalized, and it is difficult to determine what will happen on that day, it is allowed to draw one or two additional cards.

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