Bodybuilder Vitaly Fateev: sports not achievements and biography

Vitaly Fateev is one of the most successful bodybuilders in the Russian Federation. He is also the most titled athlete among Russian bodybuilders.


Vitaliy was born in 1983. The hometown of the future athlete was Stavropol. It is in this city that he will take his first steps in sports.

Fateev grew up as a very active child and this caused a lot of problems for parents. His mother realized in time that the guy needed something to do. The future champion begins to make music. After some time, the parents decide to take their son to a model school. The guy goes to music school for several years, but the model’s career will end before he starts.

At the age of twelve, the guy is fond of sports. He dreams of getting a beautiful figure. The teenager, along with friends, begins to actively go to the gym, is engaged in bars and horizontal bars. Fateev also regularly practiced at home. Parents thought that the guy will pass this hobby, but the sport turned out to be the thing of his life.

Carier start

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At the age of fourteen, Vitaly Fateev is already starting his career and spends all his free time in the gym. Vitalik set a goal - to become a professional athlete. Naturally, far from everything turned out, because young age affected. Gradually, the guy's body became more and more prominent, his muscles poured strength. As a result, he was able to achieve his goal.

It is worth noting that in adolescence, a bodybuilder tried to engage in martial arts. He liked it, but still had to make a choice in favor of bodybuilding, even though the wrestling trainers predicted a great future for him. The young man understood that it was bodybuilding that he loved the most.

Vitaliy faced many problems at the beginning of his career. This may include the lack of normal conditions for professional training, and the difficult situation in the country, which affected the morale of the athlete. Despite everything, he always stubbornly walked towards his goal and did not stop at any obstacles. Thanks to his assertive character, Vitaly Fateev has become what he is today.

Training Features

Vitaliy Fateev biography

Vitaly Fateev belongs to that group of athletes who believes that the main thing in bodybuilding is aesthetics. He has repeatedly stated that he is trying not only to grow muscle muscles, but also so that they acquire a beautiful and harmonious look.

Thanks to this approach, Vitaly Fateev managed to achieve success. The photos show a really well-built guy whose figure any power athlete would envy. Bodybuilder scrupulously approaches the calculation of calories. Some bodybuilders believe that you do not need to calculate their number, but Vitali is of a different opinion and carefully plans his diet and training.

Athlete Awards and Achievements

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He won his first award at a very young age. The athlete managed to become a leader in the championship of Moscow, although no one expected victory from him. He proved that he is a really strong bodybuilder and in the future will compete with many titled bodybuilders.

After the Moscow tournament, Vitaly Fateev became known throughout Russia. After some time, he again wins the competition. This time the title of the strongest bodybuilder of the Moscow region was at stake. Fateev was one of the contenders for the victory and fully justified the hopes that lay on him. After this tournament, he had the opportunity to speak internationally.

2014 was the most successful year in the career of a Russian bodybuilder. He becomes the absolute champion at the Arnold Classic Europe 2014 tournament. This victory makes him famous throughout the world.

Next year, he again goes to international competitions. They took place in the USA, namely in Orlando and Columbus. He was one of the favorites, but, alas, performed very mediocre. Vitaly took only ninth place and returned to Russia very upset. In an interview after the tournament, the athlete emphasized that no one was guilty of his defeat, he simply was not ready in comparison with other bodybuilders.

Vitaly Fateev: height, weight

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For any bodybuilder, physical parameters are the most important. Vitaly's height is 183 centimeters. His weight fluctuates. In the period when he does not participate in competitions, Fateev weighs 125-127 kilograms. When the stage of preparation for the tournament begins, the athlete has to β€œdry” and lose weight to 115-118 kilograms.

Despite its relatively modest parameters, Fateev shows the following results in basic exercises: bench press - 225 kilograms; Squats - 290 kilograms; deadlift - 275 kilograms.

These are the indicators Vitaly Fateev, whose biography is inextricably linked with bodybuilding. He is the idol of many bodybuilders and a vivid example of the fact that you need to go to your goal, regardless of the obstacles.

By the way, Vitaly Fateev claims that he does not use steroids to build muscle. Athlete promotes a healthy lifestyle.


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