How to make a homemade tractor with an engine from Oka

To make a homemade tractor with an engine from Oka is within the power of any master who knows how to work with the tool and knows what components the car consists of. Before you begin to manufacture the unit, you must study its design and understand what these or those nodes are for. A self-made tractor will be a good helper in the household. You will especially notice this when planting the garden or cleaning it. But let's take a closer look at all the important points.

Features of tractors based on the car "Oka"

What is good about the power unit of the Oka car is that it is reliable and economical. In addition, it is very easy to find spare parts for it, in any, even the most seedy store, they are available.

Engine from Oka on the frame

For what purposes you can use a makeshift tractor with an engine from the Oka:

  1. Get rid of weeds.
  2. Digging potatoes.
  3. For the formation of beds.
  4. For cultivating the site.
  5. For planting potatoes.

In addition, if you have livestock, then you can make a trailer to this tractor in which you can take out manure, hay, feed, etc. in other words. In other words, this unit will provide you with the most active help.

What units are needed for manufacturing

To build a makeshift tractor with an engine from Oka, you need an emergency or understaffed car. And more precisely, such aggregates will be required:

  1. Directly power unit (engine).
  2. Gearbox (transmission).
  3. Half shafts of wheels.
  4. Steering gears.

If you wish, you can generally take some units from other cars, for example, the classic series (VAZ 2101-2107).

Wheels on a frame

All components you can purchase for a nominal amount and at a showdown. The frame for the tractor should be made of channels No. 6-8. It is allowed to use a corner 40 x 40 mm.

Materials and Tools

So, now let's look at what materials and tools are required to make a homemade tractor with an engine from Oka:

  1. Welding inverter.
  2. Angle grinder (grinder).
  3. Set of open-end wrenches, combination spanners and socket wrenches.
  4. Set of screwdrivers.
  5. Sheets of metal.
  6. Spare parts for VAZ 2101-2107 and Oka cars.
  7. Wheel and tire rims - up to 24 inches can be used, depending on where and how the tractor will be used.

The seat will fit almost anyone, even from the Oka will do, just install them correctly. Perhaps you should not "collective farm" and put on the design of office chairs or wooden boards. This will not only strike at comfort, but also significantly worsen the appearance.

Getting to the tractor

So, we start with the manufacture of the frame. To make a tractor with your own hands, you need two spars - left and right. You will also need two traverses (front and rear). For the manufacture of side members, you need to use channel number 10. For traverses, channel number 12, number 16. is suitable. According to the scheme given in the article, all parts must be connected.

Gearbox rotation transmission

As for the engine, then ideally, of course, choose a diesel. Such engines have much higher torque than gasoline engines. In the event that you plan to make a tractor with all-wheel drive, you will need to increase the gear ratio on gearbox pairs. But if there is no diesel engine available, it is allowed to install the unit from the Oka car.

The front axle from the Oka is mounted on the frame unchanged and fixed on it at four points. In principle, you can install a driveshaft from any rear-wheel drive car, for example, VAZ-2101.

Tractor drive

The gearbox is mounted on the tractor frame. To synchronize the clutch with the motor, you will need to make a new basket. It is always customized to the required size. In the flywheel mounted on the crankshaft, you need to make the rear plane shorter. And in the center you need to make a hole.

The ideal option is to install a hydraulic or electric power steering amplifier. Each wheel on the drive shaft must be controlled by a separate gearbox. However, with a special desire, you can put the steering rack - it is much easier to control than the gearbox from the classics.

Homemade tractor drawing

It is allowed to use the rear axle from absolutely any car. The only thing to do is shorten the axle shafts. After all, the width of the tractor is less.

And now the most important thing is the choice of wheels. When choosing them, you need to take into account the purpose for which you will use the tractor. In the event that a self-made tractor will be used exclusively for the transport of goods, it is allowed to install wheels with a diameter of 13-16 inches. But if you need to perform agricultural work, then you need to put the wheels, the radius of which is 18-24 inches.

The main stages of manufacturing

So, now you are in the know what components are required for manufacturing. It is necessary to take into account what engine on the Oka. This is, in fact, half of the VAZ-21093 engine. It is simple, hardy, reliable, but only on condition that you change all components in a timely manner.

Mounted tractor

So, let's take a closer look at the manufacturing steps:

  1. First, make a frame of channel number 10 and sheet metal. You should get a rectangular shape at the output.
  2. For a frameless hinge, a fist from an UAZ car is ideal.
  3. The rear and front axles are made of components from the Oka or any other car.
  4. Mount the motor on the frame. If you believe the reviews of the owners, the engine "Oka" is suitable for creating mini-tractors. He has sufficient power, reliability, and most importantly - that it is very easy to find spare parts for him. By the way, if there is a desire to double the power, then put the VAZ-21093 motor.
  5. To improve cross-country ability, it will be necessary to increase ground clearance, as well as develop fastener for the coupling mechanism. It will be necessary to strengthen the rear and front side members.
  6. Clutch is two V-belts that transmit rotation from the motor to the gearbox.
  7. You can take any gearbox - even from Oka is ideal.
  8. Next, the steering gear components are installed.
  9. Install the gas tank, brakes and mount the wiring.

It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that when assembling a homemade tractor you will not spend a lot of money. And such an aggregate will fully pay for itself in one season.


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