Coffee drinks: recipes, tips and tricks

Every third inhabitant of planet Earth cannot imagine his day without a cup of aromatic coffee. Someone cannot start the day without this awakening drink with a rich aroma, someone maintains his vigor and tone with coffee throughout the day. Usually, the love of coffee drinks is limited to two or three types of preparation familiar to us. But the fact remains, coffee is one of the most famous hot drinks in the world. It remains to figure out what the benefits and harms of coffee are, and which recipes of the types of coffee drinks are the most popular.

Effect on the body

The country of coffee lovers is Italy, it was here that smart merchants began to sell coffee beans first in Europe, pre-purchasing them from the Turks. Information about the effect of the drink on the body caused a lot of controversy and controversy both in those days and to the present day. However, the scientists still managed to find out the main pros and cons, and now everyone decides individually whether to start their day with a cup of saturated coffee and study recipes for coffee drinks.

coffee beans

The benefits of coffee

Thousands of studies have been carried out around the world to find out how coffee affects the human body. Scientists were able to identify both disadvantages and significant advantages:

  • American scientists from the National Institute for Research on Cancer, in the course of their research, concluded that four cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of skin cancer by 20%.
  • Coffee is a great helper in losing weight. Studies have shown that coffee fans have a 16% faster metabolism than those who for whatever reason refuse to drink.
  • Coffee drinks are rich in antioxidants, the goal of which is to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. And in coffee, these useful elements are even more than in cranberries and apples.
  • Down with the Depression! Studies conducted in 2011 proved that women who drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily are 15% less prone to depression than others.
  • Two cups of coffee a day and a strong short-term and long-term memory are provided. And besides this, the reaction rate also increases! Thanks to this, we can safely say that caffeine reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
different types of coffee

Impressive, isn't it? And this is far from a complete list!

Coffee damage

We praised coffee drinks, now we need to scold them, because the list of minuses is no less impressive:

  • Coffee is a powerful psychostimulant that is addictive akin to a drug. That is why often with frequent use of coffee, depletion of the nervous system occurs. At first, a person feels an unprecedented surge of vigor, but after him comes irritability and a sense of anxiety.
  • If you drink coffee drinks without knowing a sense of proportion, you can not only earn depletion of nerve cells, but also get problems with the adrenal glands.
  • Coffee drinks dull the thirst and also have a diuretic effect. That is why dehydration occurs, do not forget to drink a glass of water after each cup of coffee.
  • Digestive difficulties arise when drinking coffee with milk. This drink is not just high-calorie, it is also difficult to digest due to the combination of fineness, which is in coffee, and casein, which is part of milk.
  • Many cosmetologists recommend to refrain from drinking coffee, as it provokes premature skin aging.
  • Numerous studies have once again proved that coffee increases the risk of heart disease. If you consume more than 6 cups of coffee per day , the risk increases to 71%.

Now it remains to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to drink coffee.

popular types of coffee


This coffee drink is quite popular among coffee lovers. Its distinctive feature is that frappe is the only coffee drink in the preparation of which instant coffee is used. The origin story of the drink is quite interesting. Back in 1957, the well-known Nescafe brand presented at the trade fair a children's instant drink with the addition of chocolate and milk, which had to be whipped in a blender. One of the employees of the company, whose name was Dmitris Kondios, decided to take a break from the bustle that prevailed at the fair, and made himself a cup of strange coffee. There was no hot water, I had to dissolve the coffee in cold, add sugar and beat the drink in a blender, and then add a couple of ice cubes. So everyone’s favorite frappe turned out. This is one of the most popular recipes for cold coffee drinks. In Greece, frappe is prepared with milk and ice cream, it turns out incredibly tasty and very high-calorie. You can try real frappe in Athens, in the restaurant "Anafiotika" (Anafiotika).

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Dissolve two teaspoons of instant coffee in cold water. Add sugar there and beat the mixture until foamy with a blender. A beautiful tall glass, ice cubes - that’s the perfect coffee drink. Photos with recipes for coffee drinks are sometimes even posted on their sites the best coffee houses in the world.

Viennese coffee

Viennese coffee is a drink that has undergone many changes over the long history of its existence. Initially, it was ordinary coffee with milk, but today everything is much more interesting. There are legends that the Ukrainian merchant invented Viennese coffee, to whom the Turks handed over three hundred grams of coffee for courage. Without thinking twice, the merchant decided to boil it and sell it, and to make coffee in high demand, he added milk and sugar to the drink. You can try real Viennese coffee, of course, in Austria, in Vienna. Take a look at the world-famous Cafe Central (Caffe Central). This place uses the best recipes for coffee drinks.

classic coffee

The way to make coffee

To start, brew the most ordinary coffee in a coffee maker, whip 50 ml of cream. In the resulting coffee, add sugar, orange zest, a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg. The coffee is ready, it remains only to decorate it with whipped cream, and you can enjoy the exquisite taste.

multi-colored coffee

Kvass with instant coffee

We all love gourmet recipes, but even the most traditional kvass can be made from coffee. You just need to be patient and with the following ingredients: a teaspoon of dried yeast, a teaspoon of citric acid, a teaspoon of instant coffee, a glass of sugar, a small handful of raisins and three liters of water.

The recipe for kvass from a coffee drink is quite simple:

  1. First, heat two liters of water to a temperature of fifty degrees, then add the remaining liter there, but already at room temperature.
  2. Add all coffee, yeast, sugar, citric acid, raisins to the water and stir until coffee and yeast dissolve.
  3. Cover the jar with gauze or bandage and send on the windowsill to insist for seven to ten hours. Kvass will be ready when bubbles appear on the surface.

Now the real coffee kvass is ready, it remains to bottle the drink and send it to cool in the refrigerator. Such kvass is not much different from the purchased one. It has a pleasant coffee taste and is considered more useful than store counterparts.

baby coffee drink

Baby Coffee Recipe

Many in kindergartens were indulged in coffee drinks, but they made it not from ordinary coffee, so as not to harm the child, but from worthy analogues. It could be chicory, acorns, soybeans, rose hips, chestnuts and so on. Such surrogate coffee can be easily found at grocery stores in tea departments. In order to recall the taste of childhood and make such a drink you will need: ultra-pasteurized milk (50 g), drinking water (60 g), a teaspoon of sugar, a coffee drink (4 g). The recipe for a coffee drink in kindergarten was this:

  1. Boil the water and pour the prepared coffee counterpart into it.
  2. Bring to a boil and let the drink brew for five minutes.
  3. After the drink you need to strain and add to it hot milk, sugar.
  4. All must be thoroughly mixed again and brought to a boil.

A coffee drink from childhood is ready, it remains to pour it into cups and treat friends, just like in a kindergarten.

In fact, what kind of coffee a person drinks can already tell a lot about his taste, style and preferences. Coffee is the perfect drink for experimenting with tastes and aromas. And there are so many recipes for coffee drinks that everyone can find an option for their taste.


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