Queen of the Pentacles: meaning (tarot). Queen of Pentacles in a relationship

The Queen of Pentacles is also called the Lady of Denarius, the Queen of Coins, the Benefactress and the Throne of the Earth. Appearing in the scenario, it usually guarantees a favorable outcome of the event, which coincides with the wishes of the questioner.

Card description

Traditionally, Lady Denarius is portrayed as a woman sitting on a throne in the middle of a blooming rose garden. The dark-haired beauty on her knees holds the pentacle - a coin representing wealth.

The Queen of Pentacles is not young, but you cannot call her elderly, she is confident in her abilities and knows what she wants. She prefers stability and trustworthiness in everything: family, work, finances and home. As a rule, when this card is issued, the questioner has something to take care of, and the worries are not spiritual, but earthly in nature: home improvement, planning for major purchases.

Tarot Queen Of Pentacles

Often the Lady of the Coins is correlated with such qualities as kindness, a realistic view of things, hard work, high efficiency and sensuality. Like the Queen of Wands, the Queen of Pentacles symbolizes an accomplished, confident, and experienced woman.

She can be a caring mother and a talented actress, a bohemian artist and a real business woman. But if the measure in the manifestation of desires is not observed, then the positive aspects can turn into a negative: melancholy, inertness, laziness and unbridled desire to receive pleasure.

Who does it symbolize in the layout?

The meaning of the Queen of Pentacles tarot will depend on various factors. First of all, from the one whom she points to. If it is a signifier (questioner), then the card can be interpreted as a wonderful family man who sincerely cares about his partner. The Queen of Coins represents a prudent man, noble and generous both spiritually and materially. She is loved, respected by colleagues and friends, but at the same time she knows how to separate the personal and the public, and does not like to go beyond the established framework. Her generosity also has limits: the Queen will not allow herself to be used, who want to communicate with her exclusively for the sake of profit. After all, all that she has is achieved by hard work, and not received momentarily.

relationship tarot

A big lover of good cuisine and quality things, knows how and loves to enjoy life.

If the card fell in the value of “rival”, then you have to face a strong opponent who will not give up after the first failure.

Direct position of the card

The meaning of the Queen of Pentacles tarot in a direct position symbolizes a favorable outcome. This can be a profitably concluded transaction, which in the future will bring big profits, getting a stable job with good development prospects or a decent salary. Everything that bothered you and brought adversity will remain in the past. The card does not promise a quick and easy way to implement the desired, however, difficulties will be overcome and the winner will receive a well-deserved reward. Even if clouds appear again on the horizon, you should not panic - these are not thunderclouds, but a light gloom, which will soon disappear.

Value upside down

The younger Arcan Queen Pentacle inverted represents the crisis of all endeavors. Indecision and neglect of one’s duties can lead to sad consequences, and it will not be easy to rectify the current situation. Strong dependence on others will only aggravate the situation: friends can turn away when they realize that the financial source is temporarily blocked. Try to focus on the essentials and don't be afraid to take time out to think about solutions. Now this is much better than mindlessly taking sides. Hasty decisions and impractical actions can lead to the loss of everything that you achieved with long painstaking work.

tarot for the future

Another meaning of the "Queen of Pentacles" tarot in an inverted position is a certain suspicious person in your surroundings. He does not trust anyone and tries to switch all his attention to himself in order to control everyone.

Value in the layout for work

If you got a Queen Pentacle card in a direct position when you asked about your future professionally or financially, then the answer will be yes. An unfavorable period ends and new opportunities appear. All that remains for you is not to miss the chance given by fate and to show yourself from the best side.

The Queen of Coins symbolizes that the questioner can cope with any task assigned to him, the scope of his knowledge and skills allows you to boldly try yourself in different fields. Particularly worth paying attention to are creative professions that value the ability to express oneself (journalism, design), or that require good organizational skills.

Due to her ability to work, the Queen of Pentacles can equally well manage both the household and her own business. The main thing is to correctly prioritize and have a clear motivation. Then the workflow will become even more fruitful.

queen of pentacles combined

Do not forget to behave sensibly and judiciously, not rushing headlong into pleasure, after receiving a reward. The meaning of the Queen of Pentacles tarot hints that restraint and practicality should be your principles so as not to lose touch with reality. Dispose of it wisely, then you will come closer to your most cherished dreams.

In the financial and career setting of the Tarot for the future, a flipped upside down Queen Pentacle card warns against excessive greed. Not only in the literal sense, but also spiritual. Excessive conceit and pretentiousness can ruin everything that you worked on. Do not blindly trust others: you can be deceived. So think carefully about what you say and to whom.

Be patient and go to the goal in small steps, now is not the time to conquer the world. Make useful contacts and wait for an opportunity, fate has not forgotten about you, she just took a short vacation.

Personal Relationship

In the layout of Tarot cards on the relationship, the Queen of Coins in the upright position promises a favorable development of events. She talks about the need to make useful contacts that can lead to something more than friendship. With the right approach and serving yourself, not only a long romance is possible, but also marriage.

queen of pentacles upside down

First of all, the card indicates the reliability of an existing relationship or the stable feelings of a partner just starting to meet a couple. There are no obstacles to your love. You create for the chosen one the ideal conditions that he dreamed about, next to you he finds the peace and confidence he needs.

The Queen of Pentacles in a relationship means stability. What your partner feels for you may not look like a hot volcano, but the warm even flame of the fire in the fireplace is much safer and more reliable. Moreover, this fire is bred exclusively for you. Your relationship is built on mutual trust and respect for each other, and not just on the physical aspect.

The layout "on him"

If the Queen of Pentacles is the signifier of your partner in the alignment of the Tarot, then her meaning will be read a little differently.

Your chosen one is completely devoted to you: both in soul and body. He sincerely tries to take care of you, and his care is often down to earth: to make sure that you are full, satisfied and in good health. Spiritual affairs fade into the background. If desired, he can try and even arrange an unforgettable candlelit dinner, but rather, to please you, than from personal romantic motives.

queen of pentacles in a relationship

He perceives you as you are, and will not start a scandal from scratch due to an unprepared lunch or laundry. But if offended, then seriously. And it will bring a lot of reasonable arguments why you are to blame.

However, if a fortuneteller is interested in a person already in a relationship, then the meaning of the Tarot of the Queen Pentacles is completely different. The chances of starting any romantic relationship are nil. This card symbolizes loyalty and devotion to an existing partner, and any possibility of an affair on the side is perceived extremely negatively.

The appearance of an inverted card in the relationship

For those in a relationship, Arkan in this position speaks of the period of stagnation in your pair. Excessive suspicion, hysteria, and distrust of the partner, combined with indecision to clarify the situation and start talking about the pain, only worsens the situation. Fear of failure leads to self-doubt and suspicion. It begins to seem that you are wasting your time in a stranger who was once a loved one. There is a feeling of defenselessness, and resentment accumulates and grows. To break out of the vicious circle, you will have to take courage and take the first step. The dialogue will help to understand difficulties and find a way out of this situation.

For free or just parted, the inverted Queen of Pentacles promises neither the appearance of new love on the horizon, nor the resumption of old relationships. You need to be patient and wait out the unfavorable period. Instead of waiting for the prince and yearning, direct the energy in a different direction: pursue your own career or a new hobby.

Health Implications

The Queen Pentacle Map indicates that a person is healthy or is recovering well. To improve the general condition, it is necessary to change habits and begin to move more actively.

queen of pentacles with other cards

In an inverted position, the Queen Denarius may indicate a possible exacerbation of leg diseases, rheumatism, as well as skin diseases.

Queen of Pentacles: Map of the Day

Be confident in yourself and go to the intended goal. Do not pay attention to the negative statements of ill-wishers: they are baseless and do not carry any semantic load. However, listen to the words of a familiar woman aged: she will give advice that will be useful to you in the future.

How to interpret the meaning of the card in combination with the Major Arcana?

In the situation, if there are nearby Major Arcana, the importance of the Queen of Pentacles can increase and the main quality will come to the fore.

With the Senior Arcanian Jester in the layout of Tarot cards for the future, the Queen of Pentacles will lose her positive character and will begin to indicate a lack of practicality in any endeavors.

The Queen of Pentacles, in conjunction with the Mage, suggests that the success of any undertaking depends on a carefully thought-out plan.

In combination with Arkan, the High Priestess calls for the preservation of sanity, regardless of the circumstances. Thoughtless actions do not bode well either now or in the future.

In tandem with the Empress, it’s time to remember about saving and become more practical and sane. If the Empress is upside down, then do not avoid a major quarrel.

The Emperor, who appeared nearby in the scenario, hints that it is time to reconsider his business, otherwise problems will arise. A carefully crafted plan and patience will help you get out of any difficult situation.

In combination with the Lovers, the positive significance of the Queen of Dinars is enhanced. In all matters, especially romantic ones, success is inevitable.

The union of the Queen of Pentacles and the Major Arcana of the Force symbolizes the need to take the situation under tight control. The slightest indulgence or desire to let things go by their own will lead to a negative result and you have to go back a few steps.

queen of pentacle day card

In combination with the Senior Arcanum, the Hermit Queen of Coins becomes negative: any ideas are far from practicality and implementation and can lead to a loss of state.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears, fate hints that you need to wait for the right moment and act decisively.

In tandem with Justice, the Lady’s card means that any of your actions will be carefully analyzed, weighed on the scales of fate and appreciated. Awarding or punishment will not keep you waiting. Each will be rewarded according to his deserts.

The Hanged Man in combination with the Queen Pentacle speaks of the senselessness of any undertakings. Now is not the time for action, do not initiate something new.

When Death appears near the Queen of Coins, each word must be weighed. Be careful, do not trust anyone.

When the Towers appear in the layout, refrain from large cash expenses or capital investments.

In combination with the Star, Junior Arkan says that realistic dreams will soon come true.

The Devil and the Queen of Pentacles hint at the need to moderate their greed and selfishness and think about others.

The fallen moon in combination with Dame Denarius says that everything is not as it seems. You see only the tip of the iceberg and, if you do not find the ground under your feet, losses are inevitable.

A very favorable combination of the Queen of Pentacles and the Sun is a 100% chance of success, no matter what you take, be it creative plans, career or love. The Queen of Pentacles, when divining on a man in combination with the Arcanum of the Sun, promises an early marriage.

Another favorable map is the World. She promises fast career growth.

In combination with the Priest, the Queen of Pentacles warns against committing rash acts. The card is not negative, however, it is worth listening to its advice.

The Queen of Pentacles with other cards (Queens of the Minor Arcana) means that in the near future you will have an important meeting, the result of which will have a great impact on the future.

Thus, the Queen of Pentacles is one of the most important cards in the layout, affecting its interpretation.

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