Motor ship "Prince Vladimir": reviews and description

A unique comfortable cruise floating hotel with modern equipment, two restaurants, a cinema and concert hall, several pools, a disco, a spa area and bars - this is our “Prince Vladimir”.

According to tourists, a trip on it gives the most vivid impressions. The cruise program is designed for passengers of any age. Incendiary shows have been developed for adults; cognitive programs and entertainment events have been prepared for young guests. Animators do not let you miss a single minute.

Motor ship prince vladimir reviews

As passengers write, rest on this airliner is what everyone has been waiting for so long. A comfortable trip without a long tedious flight , without issuing a passport and visa ... It's a pleasure!

President's order

The cruise ship “Prince Vladimir” was acquired by FSUERosmorport ” to fulfill the president’s assignment to resume cruise routes along the Black Sea. Today, the ship runs between the Crimea and the cities of the Krasnodar Territory. On the way to the floating hotel, popular resorts: Novorossiysk, Sevastopol, Yalta, Sochi and others. The journey lasts a week. The route “Crimean-Caucasian Line” is circular, so you can start it at any port. The regular communication of Sochi - Crimea with the ship "Prince Vladimir" (reviews of the trip with rare exceptions enthusiastic) began on June 11, 2017.

Established for these purposes, Black Sea Cruises LLC acts as the general agent for the sale of vouchers for the liner. It is also responsible for creating a tourism product and serving passengers on board.

The agent reports that the ship leaves the port of the Olympic capital every Sunday, on Monday he arrives in Novorossiysk, on Tuesday and Wednesday the ship spends in Yalta, Thursday in Sevastopol, then returns to the port of departure. In winter, "Prince Vladimir" will be overhauled in order to resume its work next year.


The motor ship “Prince Vladimir” (traveler reviews is better than any advertisement) is the most famous navigation project of this year. At the end of the winter of 2017, a cruise ship built in France in 1971 was bought from Israel. Initially, it was a car ferry that changed several owners. In 1981, passenger cabins and a pool appeared on the ship. Since then, the liner has been repaired several times and changed names. In Russia, he became "Prince Vladimir", and it is no coincidence. His path runs along the legendary route Crimea - Caucasus through Korsun , or Tauric Chersonesos (Greek), or, which is more usual for us , Sevastopol. It was in this city that Prince Vladimir was baptized. There were rumors that the liner will also go to Istanbul. But it did not happen.

Motor ship prince vladimir tourist reviews

In 2013 and 2017 a large-scale modernization and reconstruction was carried out on the vessel. Now all ship systems meet the necessary safety standards. Cabins and public places have been brought to perfect condition, this is noted in their reviews by tourists from the ship "Prince Vladimir". Restored air conditioning.


The nine-deck liner. The crew serving it consists of 250 people. The ship weighs over 9,000 tons. Its length is 142 m , its width is 22 m. The liner settles down for almost eight meters and accommodates 940 passengers.

On board the floating hotel are two chic restaurants and four bars. There is also a cinema hall, venues for discos and concerts, a hairdresser, a children's playroom, a shop, spa and aquazones . The latter includes two swimming pools for adults (with sea water), one for children and a jacuzzi. For the convenience of guests there are three elevators.

Smoking areas are organized on deck 8.

The first service after boarding is dinner, and before the end of the cruise, breakfast.


There are 360 ​​types of cabins of three types on the liner: external, internal and suites of various capacities. Their categories also vary - from economy class to luxury. All of them are air-conditioned , each has a shower and a bathroom. Mostly have televisions, intercom phones and refrigerators. The price includes accommodation, meals (three meals a day, including tea, coffee and water during meals), show programs and the use of the aquazone .

Suite category

External double cabin with a dull window. Its area has been increased, and there are all amenities (wash basin, shower and toilet). Of the equipment - two single beds (some have double beds), a hairdryer, a desk, a telephone for communication on the ship, air conditioning (the system is centralized) and a 220V socket. There are 21 similar apartments, they are located on decks 5 and 7.

Prince Vladimir ship reviews for July

Category A1

Judging by the reviews, the ship “Prince Vladimir” is one of the most popular categories of apartments. The cabin is external, double, but designed for one guest. The window is dull, all amenities. The cabin has two single beds, a TV, a hairdryer, a desk, an internal telephone, air conditioning and a 220V socket.

The apartments are located on decks 2 and 3.

Category A2

External double cabin with a dull window. Convenience is everything. Two single beds (some have double beds), 220V socket, desk, TV, hairdryer, air conditioning, internal telephone.

In separate cabins of this class it is possible to additionally accommodate one or two guests in a berth of the upper location.

There are cabins of this category on 2, 3 and 4 decks.

Category B1

Opinions are mixed about this category of cabins on the Prince Vladimir motor ship. Officially, this is an internal double apartment with no window, but with all amenities. They are designed for one guest. The cabin has two single beds, a TV, a hairdryer, a socket (220V), a telephone for intercom, air conditioning. These cabins are located on decks 2, 3 and 4.

Category B2

Internal apartments without a window, with all amenities. Two single beds, hairdryer, TV, desk, air conditioning, telephone for intercom and a 220V socket. In some cabins the beds are double and it is possible to accommodate one or two passengers in sleeping places of the upper location.

These cabins are located on 2, 3, 4 and 5 decks.

Reviews about the trip on the ship Prince Vladimir


Meals are organized in buffet format in the Rivera restaurant. It is located on deck 5 and is truly huge: from side to side, with large windows. Breakfast / lunch / dinner is scheduled. Guests in reviews of the tour on the ship "Prince Vladimir" write that the food was always hot, a large selection of salads, sauces and desserts. Dishes during the week cruise were practically not repeated. The products are fresh, of excellent quality. Vegetarian reviews are also interesting. The menu for them, too, was striking in variety. Porridge, fruits, vegetables, cheeses (at least three types), nuts, yogurts, cottage cheese, mushrooms, pancakes, omelettes, pancakes, etc. Bread (as passengers write) from a ship's bakery. The restaurant staff is polite and helpful.

For a fee, you can eat at the Prince Vladimir Restaurant (accept cash and cards).

Bars are also on top. According to vacationers, the best is on the sixth deck, near the pool. Serve in it quickly. The bartender is humorous and very disposed to himself. The choice of drinks and snacks is large, prices are almost the same as on the beach.

In the reviews of the cruise on the ship "Prince Vladimir" among the various tips, there is one important one: you need to come to the restaurant in appropriate clothes, leave shorts, tunics and slippers for other occasions.

Guests leaving on excursions are given a packed lunch or (upon prior arrangement ), lunch / dinner is served separately.


Almost every evening on the ship " Prince Vladimir" (in reviews for July tourists vying to talk about it), incendiary shows for adult guests are held with the participation of invited artists. You can relax in a nightclub or in a disco. On a sunny day, it’s good to sunbathe near the pool on the sixth or eighth deck. They are both open and unheated. Sun loungers and towels are provided free of charge. Water is changed every morning.

Children have fun with animators or in the playroom. The liner organizes excursions to the sights of cities in which the ship enters. And this is the Olympic capital - Sochi with unique climatic conditions (by the way, this is the only Russian city in which palm trees grow), Novorossiysk with its famous port and no less famous winery in the village of Abrau-Durso, picturesque Yalta with palaces of unreal beauty and Mount Ai -Petri with a cable car and, of course, the city-Hero of Sevastopol with unique historical sights .

Reviews in August about the ship Prince Vladimir

Tourists, vacationing on the ship "Prince Vladimir" in August, left reviews mostly positive and grateful. A lot of comments are accompanied by photos from the liner and the city's parking lots.

Additional services

Any excursions and drinks that are not included in breakfast, lunch or dinner are paid separately.

You can also pay the second place in the cabin and travel alone. Its cost is 65% of the main place, and in cabins of the category of suite - 100%.


Interesting reviews about the trip on the ship "Prince Vladimir" leave people of advanced age. They are entitled to a 5% discount, as well as employees of law enforcement agencies (including members of their families).

For children under 14 inclusive, a ticket will cost 15% cheaper.

Discount on sleeping places for overhead accommodation - up to 25%.

Group discounts are also provided: groups from 25 to 40 people can count on 5%, more than 41 on 10%. The leader of a group of 25 people rests for free.

When booking a trip before the first of June for the summer months, a seasonal discount of 5% is offered.

Children under five years old without meals and places travel for free.

Motor ship prince vladimir photo cabins reviews


Cruise, as follows from the reviews of tourists on the ship "Prince Vladimir" can be purchased in installments. The down payment must be at least 40%. If you close the payment a month before the start of the trip, the cost of the ticket will be calculated on the day of the down payment.

The price of the ticket depends on the season. They were identified by three:

  • Low (September 24 - October 8).
  • Medium (June 11 - June 18 and September 3 - September 17).
  • High (June 25 - August 27).

The general agent announced the estimated cost of the cruises. The minimum price in low season when landing in Yalta or Sochi per passenger will be 25,100 rubles, in average - 26,600 rubles and high - 29,500 rubles. When landing in Sevastopol or Novorossiysk - 29,300, 31,000, 34,400 rubles, respectively.

The highest price for the trip on the ship "Prince Vladimir" for cabins of the category category, located on the fifth and seventh decks. In this case, the minimum cost in the low season when leaving from Yalta or Sochi will be 55,300 rubles, in the high - 65,000 rubles. If you leave from Sevastopol or Novorossiysk, you will have to pay 64 500 rubles in the low season, and 75 800 rubles in the high season.

Rules for guests

Check-in starts a few hours before departure. Inspection takes place twice: on the pier and then on board. At the end, passengers are given a key and a plastic pass card. On its front side, the liner is depicted in all its glory, on the back - the dates of the beginning and end of the flight, cabin number and surname and initials. Inside the card is an electronic chip that, when read on a special device, will show passport data and a photo of the owner. At the end of the trip, the card is left as a gift. Also, upon check-in, each passenger is offered to take a sponge for shoes, a shower cap and cotton buds with disks.

Photos of the cabins of the Prince Vladimir motor ship from the reviews show that the room has everything you need for a pleasant and carefree vacation, even a large wardrobe (life vests are on the top shelf). On the table is bottled water (a new one is put every morning) and two glasses. As well as a folder with information on the cruise, including sightseeing routes, and a sign “Cleaning Required” / “Do Not Disturb”. According to tourists, the situation in the cabin meets the declared and the cost of the ticket.

Motor ship prince vladimir negative reviews

On the inside door, on the inside, is a diagram of the ship, on which a specific cabin and possible escape routes are marked.

Towels (for arms, legs and body) are changed every day, bed linen - every three days.

Every evening, passengers are given a program with a list of events the next day. It must indicate the weather at the port of arrival, its address, time of departure of the liner, as well as the schedule of concert programs on board, workshops, shops, salons, bars, restaurants, etc.

Negative reviews about the ship "Prince Vladimir" outraged many tourists. There are opinions that wrote them those who sailed on the first, test flight. Perhaps then there were problems. Guests of subsequent flights even talk about the fact that every day they brought new jars with shower gel and shampoo. The work of the staff and the service as a whole did not cause any complaints.

Post scriptum

On board the ship "Prince Vladimir" (reviews strongly recommend that you pay attention to this) you can not bring electric heaters and any kind of alcoholic beverages.

There is free Wi-Fi on the liner, and cellular communication is available only in ports.


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