Do-it-yourself little box: step-by-step instructions, original ideas and options

The best packaging for a small gift has long been a handmade small box that will show a person how much he means to you. Making such packaging is very simple, the main thing is to stock up with the necessary materials and arm yourself with imagination and patience.

Necessary tools

Before you begin to find out in detail how to make a small box with your own hands, so that it looks cute, elegant and festive, you should stock up on the necessary materials for needlework. And of course, the more elegant the packaging, the more all kinds of tools will be needed:

  1. A ruler and a pencil will be needed in order to make a box template.
  2. Paper will serve as the basis for packaging. This can be ordinary cardboard, thick designer paper, scrapbooking paper, colored pastel paper or watercolor, which can be painted on their own.
  3. Sharp scissors are needed to create cuts and cut patterns.
  4. Bright ribbons, cords or ribbons are necessary to create bows and bandage boxes.
  5. Double-sided tape or glue is needed to glue the packaging details, it would also be nice to use the "Moment" glue in a small bottle, which is best suited for gluing decor elements to the box.
  6. A nail file is needed in order to clearly draw the fold line of the box.
  7. Beads, tags and buttons are necessary for decorating boxes, however, it is better to use them already for experienced craftswomen, and at first you can do without them.
do-it-yourself little beautiful boxes

Rules for creating small DIY gift boxes

To ensure that all your efforts are not wasted, when creating gift wrapping, you should be very careful and follow certain recommendations:

  1. At the very beginning, you should take care that you will have at hand all the necessary materials for needlework and a ready-made scheme for creating a box on which you can draw a template on your paper.
  2. Paper should be cut with the sharpest scissors or clerical knife so that no burrs, cracks or creases form on the fold lines.
  3. When choosing a template for creating a box, you should not choose the most beautiful package, saturated with a number of decor elements, since to create it you will need considerable experience in needlework, perseverance and accuracy.
  4. Before you make a beautiful little box yourself from gift paper, you should first make it from a regular piece of notebook to practice and then know exactly where to cut something, and where to bend.
  5. It is very important to draw the packaging template correctly, for which you first need to measure the size of the gift itself, and then add a centimeter to its length and width, which will be the size of the bottom of the box.

Simplest packaging

how to make a small box yourself

It is better for beginners not even to try to think of how to make a small box with their own hands, which will be dazzlingly beautiful, original and unusual. For starters, make packaging simpler. For this we need only bright beautiful paper, a pencil, a ruler, glue and scissors. First, determine what the width and length of the box should be, and draw a rectangle with these parameters.

Next, determine the height of the box, and draw rectangles of this length to the previously drawn geometric shape. Next, we make one incision in each drawn rectangle. After that we bend the workpiece along the lines, grease the glue sticks with glue and collect our packaging. True, this will be only half the battle, as we will only assemble the bottom of the small box with our own hands, so then we will need to make its cover as well, for which we draw the main rectangle on the template the same as the first time, increasing its sides only 3 mm, but the length of the remaining rectangles is made equal to only 1-2 cm.

After that, we repeat all the same actions as when creating the bottom of the package. On this, the creation of the box will be completed, it remains only to put a gift in the smaller part of the box and cover it with the most part, that is, a lid. And finally, you can still glue a bow on top or bandage the package.

Flower box

do-it-yourself little box

It will look very original and funny, a little box made by oneself from cardboard, which opens like a blossoming flower, you just have to pull the tip of the bow from the braid. To do this, we need a cardboard box with a size of 18 * 18 cm, a hole punch, a pencil, a ruler and scissors. Yes, you don’t even have to glue anything here, and the main pipes will consist of drawing a template and cutting it out of paper.

First of all, we draw our sheet of paper into 9 identical squares, 6 * 6 cm in size, drawing a grid, like for playing tic-tac-toe, and then cut four squares located at the corners of the sheet. Next, bend all the others to the center square, and then cut off two sharp corners of these four squares, so that in the end we get a flower of four petals, as shown in the template diagram.

After that, we make a puncture at the edge of the petals with a hole punch to make a small hole, we stretch a ribbon in them, put a gift in a box and tie a ribbon in a bow, which will be the final touch to create a charming flower box.

Cylindrical packaging

It will look cute, made of paper with your own hands, a small box that looks like a small cylinder that closes with a lid. First we decide what the diameter of the package will be, and then we draw and cut 4 circles of the desired size from thick paper, and 2 from corrugated cardboard. Next, cut out two rectangles from paper, the length of which will be equal to the circle circumference, that is, you will have to remember the very school formula and multiply the radius of the circle by 2 and 3.14.

The width of the first rectangle will be the same as you want to see the height of the package, and the second - the same as its cover should be, that is, half as much. Next, with glue or double-sided tape, glue the circles of corrugated paper with paper circles to make the bottom and the lid of the package, and then glue one rectangle to the bottom of the box, and the second to its lid. Everything, the box is ready, it remains only to put a gift in it and decorate it at your discretion.

do-it-yourself little cardboard box

Secret Box

If you are thinking about how to make a small gift box with your own hands, which will surprise the person presented no less than the present itself, you can use the instructions for creating an unusual box that will fall apart as soon as it is opened. We make the lid here exactly as when creating the simplest, traditional packaging, but you will have to work on creating the box itself.

First we take a square sheet of paper, for example, with a size of 21 * 21 cm, and draw it into nine identical squares with dimensions of 7 * 7 cm, after which we cut and discard the four corner squares to get a large cross. Then we bend 4 squares to the central one and carefully smooth the bend place with a nail file. And then we take old postcards, beads, we make tiny bows from ribbons, and all this is glued to the inside of the box.

In addition, on all five squares you can write beautiful wishes of a person, funny phrases, quotes. In general, the fantasy here is not limited. Then it remains only to put a gift, raise 4 squares up, put on a cap, and the present will be ready. Unless, it will be possible to decorate the packaging by bandaging it with a bright ribbon.

Transparent box

Wanting to surprise a person, you can give him a handmade box with small gifts, which will be visible even before the package is opened. For this we need only a cutter, scissors, a 1.5 liter plastic bottle and a cold iron. First, take a bottle and cut off the upper and lower parts from it, so that we get a blank of 14 cm.

Next, gently flatten the bottle and iron its rib, then iron the second rib, then bring the workpiece back to its original state, then flatten so that the ironed ribs are above and below, and then iron the third and fourth ribs.

beautiful little boxes with gifts

As a result, after straightening the workpiece, we will get a little box made almost by our own hands without a bottom and a cover. But this is easily fixable. Next, we take a marker and top and bottom on each edge we make marks of cuts by 3.5 cm, after which we make an incision with sharp scissors. Then we make the resulting valves curly, cutting off sharp corners, and collect the bottom of the box, bending them inward. In the end, it remains only to pour small gifts into the jar, just bend the valves at the top of the box, and bandage the package with a wide bright bow that will be on top of a transparent box.

Packing for Valentine's Day

If you want to surprise your soulmate on February 14, you can put your gift in a small handmade box with a lid, which is made in the shape of a heart. First you will need to draw a packaging template, which will be the most painstaking part of the job. To do this, take a beautiful red paper and draw a rectangle with the parameters 15 cm wide and 1 cm high on its back.

Then we count 5 cm from its edge, and draw a second rectangle with parameters of 11 cm in height and 1 cm in width, which stands vertically on the drawn rectangle. Then we count 5 cm of a vertically standing rectangle on both sides, and another 5 cm from a horizontally lying figure. Next, we draw two hearts that will be symmetrically located on both sides of the vertical rectangle, cut out our blank, make bends, glue the box on one side, put a present there and close it.

All done, the heart packing is ready. Naturally, if you want, you can make the height of the rectangle not 1 cm, but more, it’s worth focusing solely on the size of the gift that you put in the box, given that the smaller side of the rectangles is the height of our future box.

do-it-yourself little cardboard box

Christmas tree box

Wanting to surprise and amaze friends and relatives, on the eve of the New Year holidays for everyone, you can make small boxes with your own hands out of paper that will resemble small Christmas trees. To create such a package, we will need green corrugated cardboard, narrow bright ribbons and beads and small bows that will depict toys on a Christmas tree. The first step is to draw a template on the back of the cardboard.

To do this, draw a square with a side of 17 cm in the center of the paper, and then draw 2 sides of an equilateral triangle to each side of the square, the size of which will be equal to the same 17 cm. Then, draw a trapezoid with a height of 1 cm to one side of each triangle. After that, we cut out the resulting final figure from paper, and then we lift the triangles up and bend into the trapezoid, carefully ironing the fold lines.

Then in the middle of the box we put a gift, and we begin to alternately lift the sides of the package and glue them to each other, applying glue to the curved trapezoid. After that we cross the box crosswise with a beautiful ribbon and tie it with a bow on top of our Christmas tree. And all the other elements of the decor of bright color are simply glued on all sides to the package, thereby decorating the Christmas tree and making the box bright, original and unusual. Of course, in order for everything to work out as it should, you will have to try, so it’s better to take care of creating such boxes for the holiday at least a month before the New Year.

Decoration of the packaging inside and out

It is also important to beautifully decorate the gift box. Moreover, it should look good not only from the front side, but also from the inside. After all, it will not be pleasant if a person opens a present and notices a template of a small box drawn by himself, which will look completely unremarkable. Therefore, in order to avoid such a misunderstanding, it can be glued inside with beautiful color paper or painted with paints. True, paints should not stain a gift, so you definitely can’t take gouache and the coloring itself must be done in advance.

And if you have solid experience in needlework, then you can cover the box from the inside with a beautiful satin fabric, which will make the packaging even more extraordinary and attractive.

make a small box out of paper with your own hands

And outside it’s not difficult to decorate a small box with your own hands. It is only necessary to show imagination and try not to overdo it, as excessive decor can also ruin the packaging. You can glue on top of the cover, made of colored paper, a flower and a couple of green leaves. You can glue a fabric flower or a lush bow to the lid, the middle of which will be decorated with rhinestones, beads or unusual buttons.

You can also beautifully wrap the box crosswise with a satin ribbon, tying it on top in a bow. In general, the choice is huge! The main thing is to remember that for a man, all the same, gift wrapping should look stylish and elegant with a minimum of decor, but for a woman you can make a box decorated in a more varied and romantic way.


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