We make a parrot from plastic bottles

plastic bottle parrot

The fantasy of people creating crafts from improvised materials is truly limitless. It seemed where to go further? It is simply impossible to come up with something new, all ideas have long been realized. But no, the cute man-made products of skilled craftsmen continue to amaze and delight us. Have you ever seen a parrot from plastic bottles? Not? Then let's try to make it together.

Procurement of materials

In addition to the main material, to create a parrot from plastic bottles we need: high-quality glue, needles with threads and acrylic paints. The body of the bird can be easily cut out of polystyrene foam, sometimes it is made of a five-liter plastic can, while various bottles that have served their life are more often used. It all depends on what size you want to see the future handsome. However, let's agree on this. Since we have decided that we will have a "parrot" craft made of plastic bottles, then we will stick to the latter option.

Making the body of a parrot

DIY plastic bottle parrot

For reasons of beauty, we take a bottle with a "waist", narrowed in the upper part, the lower one will serve as a body for the bird, and the upper - for the head. Next, we make blanks of feathers, small in size, as well as wings and tail - much longer in size. It will be more correct if they are immediately painted in different colors and allowed to dry, so that later they do not get dirty again.

Then, with the help of a needle and a thread, each feather is sewn alternately to the wings, alternating colors. Of course, you can pre-make incisions on them and gradually insert a feather into each of them, but nevertheless it will be more reliable to fix the plumage of the parrot with threads. Further on the sides and behind the body into the same incisions we insert the finished wings and tail. No less neatly we fix the “feathers” around the whole body so that our friend looks a little tousled, and we build paws. So, half the battle is done, the lower part of the parrot from plastic bottles is ready.

We make the head of a parrot

We proceed to the main part of our work - the head of the parrot, because it is she who will give completeness to the whole appearance of this bird.

To make the beak on the bottle, you need to make a semicircular incision. Then, from another suitable container, carefully cut out the circular sector and paint with black acrylic paint. After it dries, the future beak is bent and inserted into that billet. Further, it is possible to show originality by constructing a semblance of a palm tree on a bottleneck. To do this, cut thin strips, paint them in green and put them in the place where the bottle should have a cork. We make a perky crest, add a “couple of strokes” to the plumage of the head, draw or glue the nose and eyes, you can use small buttons to make it look more natural. That's it, the bulk of the work is done.

To give shine to the colors and to make our parrot shimmer and shine in the sun, you can apply a layer of colorless varnish on it. And so that it is stable and does not "fly away", a handful of small pebbles should be poured into the bottle itself.

You only admire our parrot from plastic bottles. Well, isn't he beautiful?

plastic bottle cache parrot

He reminds us of someone

Looking closely, you can see that our bird-craft reminds us very much of someone.

And for sure, she really looks like that same fun and cocky parrot Kesha from a series of animated films that was loved not only by children, but also by adults.

We have no doubt that our handmade homemade parrot Kesha made of plastic bottles will take its rightful place in the country yard, and maybe even somewhere at home and with its presence will delight and delight all guests for a long time.

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