SPA-manicure: execution technology and reviews. Nail care

All girls and women strive to maintain their beauty as long as possible. Therefore, they devote a lot of time to the face and body, performing various care procedures. But what about the hands? Do they really need nothing but a manicure? Hands should also be taken care of, because it is with them that you can easily determine the age of a lady. Therefore, a procedure such as SPA manicure was created specifically for them.

What is it

SPA-manicure is a hand care that includes several stages. After the procedure, the skin becomes soft and velvety, and the nail plate is strengthened. In the salon SPA-manicure, the master can do quite a long time, about two hours, but the result is worth it. Therefore, the procedure is becoming more popular. There are several varieties:

  • classic spa manicure;
  • Japanese;
  • hot;
  • almond.

Each has its own distinctive features, but all of them are aimed at supporting the beauty of your hands and allowing you to relax and enjoy this procedure. The technologies for their implementation are not very different from each other, the main difference is the compositions that are used to perform SPA-services.

the master creates the desired shape of the nails

How do they do it

There is no specific technology for performing spa manicures. Each master has his own approach. He can add, for example, massage or body wrap for greater effect. Therefore, SPA-sets for manicure may vary.

  1. First, the master removes the varnish.
  2. Then he treats his hands with an antiseptic and degreases his nails.
  3. Using a file, the master gives the nails the desired shape. Then, using a special liquid, softens the cuticle and pushes it with a stick. All movements should be unhurried and smooth.
  4. Then you immerse your pens in a special solution consisting of water, salt and various essential oils.
  5. Next, the master proceeds to peeling. With massage movements, he rubs a scrub in his skin, which removes the stratum corneum.
  6. After peeling, the master applies a moisturizing and nourishing cream to his hands.
  7. Then he polishes his nails and applies the main coating. If desired, can perform a beautiful design.

SPA manicure should be accompanied by slow and smooth movements, you should relax and enjoy this procedure.

the master works with cuticles

Advantages and disadvantages of this service in the cabin

Salon SPA-manicure has several advantages:

  • the master selects the composition individually for each client, based on the state of his hands;
  • a professional master who knows the basics of massage can influence points during the procedure that will benefit the whole body;
  • essential oils help to relax;
  • the master can make an interesting and beautiful nail design.

The main disadvantages of this procedure are that it is expensive and lengthy. Therefore, some ladies purchase sets and perform it themselves.

Nail Care at Home

Performing such a manicure at home also has its advantages:

  • You choose the duration of the procedure yourself;
  • you can create an atmosphere that will act on you most relaxing;
  • at the same time as a SPA manicure, you can make a mask for your face or hair.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out that you have to independently look for and purchase sets for this procedure. The execution technology is no different from the salon.

master coat
  1. If there is, then remove the lacquer coating with a liquid without acetone.
  2. Using a nail file, create the desired shape of the nails.
  3. Using essential oils and salt, make a relaxing hand bath.
  4. Treat the cuticle.
  5. For peeling, you can use the scrub purchased in the store, or prepare it yourself. To do this, you need to mix sea salt, oil and lemon juice. Before you apply it on your hands, slightly warm the mixture.
  6. Then make a hand mask using various oils and herbs.
  7. Remove the mask with a paper towel with neat and smooth movements. And with massage movements, apply nourishing cream to the hands and nails.

It is best to do such a nail care in the evening, because it will allow you to relax after a working day. In addition, essential oils have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and improve sleep. You need to do a SPA manicure regularly so that the skin of your hands remains beautiful and well-groomed.

relaxing hand bath

Features of Japanese manicure

One of the varieties of SPA hand care is Japanese manicure. It differs from other varieties in that only natural components are used to carry it out, and suede is used instead of the nail file. This care is aimed at restoring the nail plate.

  1. The master selects the components for the procedure by diagnosing the condition of the skin of the hands and nails.
  2. Then he applies a mineral mixture or aromatic oil to the cuticle.
  3. Moisturizing serum is applied to the nail plates.
  4. Then the master proceeds to strengthen it. First, he covers the nail with a special mixture. Then he applies a paste consisting of pearl chips and calcium. And the third component is paste, which contains silicon powder.
  5. The nail is polished with a file of suede or calfskin.
  6. The master makes massage of fingers and palms with special bags. They may contain hot sand, herbs, or essential oils. Sometimes the master does a contrast massage (a hot bag alternates with a cold one).
  7. Special formulations with medicinal components are applied to the hands.

After a Japanese manicure, the skin of the hands becomes soft, a special shine appears on the nails, and all microcracks heal. Therefore, this procedure is becoming increasingly popular.

hands after spa manicure

SPA manicure: reviews

Those who have tried this procedure note that the condition of the skin of the hands and nails has become better. They look more well-groomed, the skin does not peel, and the nail plate has become stronger.

Of the shortcomings distinguish the duration and cost. And those who do it on their own note that it is not easy to find quality kits for holding a spa manicure.

All its varieties can be performed independently at home. Only you will need to look for sets for the procedure. SPA-nail care will not only allow you to make your hands and nails well-groomed and beautiful, but also help you relax, distract from everyday activities and feel like a real princess.


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