The most terrible manicure in the world. Horrible nails

The fashion industry dictates its unwritten laws. Choosing between a beautiful and stylish manicure, ladies are guided by common sense. The preference in favor of the chosen style is justified in certain conditions to maintain the image. As they say, manicure should be in the subject of the wardrobe and behavior. What nails can be called terrible and what does horror mean for fashionistas is a moot point. However, it is not difficult to draw conclusions.

terrible manicure

Horror movie manicure

Incredibly, a horrible manicure in the style of ghost films, monsters, bloody scenes and the dead is back in fashion. Owners of manicure with blood splashes or vampire faces, bones and cut off limbs turned out to be models and demonstrated a collection of clothes by Blonds designers. Designers decorated fake nails with the effect of horrors worthy of Hitchcock with Swarovski crystals. Brown, red, burgundy tones with black and green splashes created the effect of a decaying body. No less spectacular were black nails with the bloody inscription "murder".

In everyday life, the most terrible manicure in the world is not worth wearing. True, if there is a desire to spoil the appetite of the chosen one at a table in a restaurant or scare a maniac, then you can take a chance. The main thing is not to scare the children. True, fans of the emo style are delighted with the black pointed manicure, spikes and jewelry with skulls, so they will definitely try on the nails directly from the meat grinder. And if such a fingernail falls off directly into a glass of champagne, then there will be a real show.

terrible nails

Manicure stop

Bad trendsetters trendsetters decisively say stop. Today it is impossible to wear false or to build up huge, predatory, sharp terrible nails. The abundance of rhinestones and emoticons, lace and bows looks the most complete insipidity, especially if there are such decorations on each nail plate. If desired, it is permissible to leave one strass or unobtrusive composition on one nail. Excessive excesses always avert. The same can be said about the design with the oversaturation of the color palette. Careless manicure, uneven edges of the nail plate, chipped varnish, pearl varnish of lilac tones should be said stop.

A manicure with sharp teeth along the edge of the nail plate is quite original, but how can you not love your nails in order to mutilate them. Surprising someone with such a design is difficult, if only for himself. The same can be said about the design with faces or many flowers, cats, cars, dogs and your own photo.

gray manicure

Winter or summer

The season also matters when choosing a manicure. For example, bright neon tones, if appropriate, are exclusively in the summer and not in the business sphere. In the country, to a sundress and a straw hat - just right. Conversely, dark, purple tones for the summer are not suitable. Autumn and winter manicure should look more expensive regardless of pastel or saturated colors. Gray manicure in harmony with different outfits. It can be appropriate both with a cocktail blue dress, and with a provocative mocha polka-dot dress . A gray manicure will also work well with a green silk blouse or purple dress, well-chosen jewelry and matching accessories. The red color of the coating is always popular, but looks advantageous on occasion. For every day, calm tones of the coating with a minimum of decorations are suitable.

Stars make mistakes too

Star women have the right to make a mistake. It is not easy to maintain your image every day or to seek new solutions to improve it. Terrible manicure of stars was demonstrated by Lily Allen , showing the world tweed nails under a tweed jacket, and Georgia Mai Jagger with sushi nails. The manicure of Lily with the famous Chanel brand is simply shocking with vulgarity and makes you love this brand less. Katie Pari is ready for Christmas long before the event, as evidenced by her pedicure featuring Santa. Rihanna picks her nails to match the color of her pink hair. But the most iconic terrible manicure with colorful coffins showed the world Kelly Osbourne. It’s not easy for stars to choose a design. Apparently, in search of uniqueness, it is worth looking at the idea through the eyes of fans and smiling once again to your reflection.

the most terrible manicure in the world

White Polka Dot Manicure

A polka dot dress came to us from eighteenth-century France. Since then, funny peas have always been at the height of fashion. The use of peas in nail design brings newness to the image. White polka-dot manicure looks luxurious. It is equally good in summer and winter. On a white background, the correct geometric shapes of the circle can have a different fantasy ornament. Elements are grouped to form new forms. The main thing is a sense of proportion. It is not worth decorating each nail plate with a complex composition. White polka dot wedding manicure gives the bride a certain fervor. The circles can have different colors, but a white base with black peas will ideally combine. Can be diluted a little with gold or silver. The composition is fixed with a transparent coating. But be careful. With at least the slightest search, you can get just a terrible manicure.

Children's manicure

Little ladies in special cases also need a manicure. True, parents need to be especially selective when choosing varnish for children. Such a varnish should be as gentle as possible, without acetone in the composition, and no gel. Remove the coating must be gentle. At all holidays in the kindergarten with a fantasy design on the nails, the little lady will feel like a real princess. On your birthday, a delicate transparent or subtle pink varnish should be decorated with a composition of flowers, geometry or stars.

terrible manicure of stars

Hand and Nail Care

Horrible nails can be obtained with an elementary lack of care for them. In order for the delicate pens to stay young as long as possible, first of all, all homework using household chemicals must be done with rubber gloves.

The health of the internal organs, the balance of vitamins and minerals are also reflected in the condition of the skin of the hands and nails. For example, exfoliating nails indicate a deficiency of calcium in the body. Problems with the liver and bile ducts are manifested by age spots. If regular cleaning procedures are carried out, new pigment spots do not appear, and existing ones become less pronounced. Brown spots also indicate the age of a woman, usually over forty, so many ladies do not want to give out their age.

Lemon juice is good for pigmentation at home, and lemon baths help soften the skin. To strengthen nails, it is important to eat right, enriching your diet with calcium and protein: oranges, cottage cheese, eggs, milk, cheese. Salt baths will help strengthen the plate when the nails are folded.

polka dot white manicure

Salon care

The nails should be well-groomed when applied. Processed cuticle, polished the correct shape of the nail plate - first of all. The skin of the hands should have a healthy appearance, without wrinkles and age spots, burns and cuts. It is possible to get rid of age spots by laser resurfacing.

In a salon, caring for nails and skin is not burdensome. Relaxing baths and skillful actions of the master will help relieve stress, tidy up the cuticle. Anti-aging masks for the skin of the hands are desirable after a manicure procedure. Today the trend is health and youth. Manicure of any style looks better on well-groomed young hands. In adulthood, one has to fight for the extension of youth, but all women deserve it. Modern technologies and materials can minimize the harmful effects of the composition for coating on the nails.


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