Numerology - what is it? Numerology by date of birth: the meaning of numbers

At all times, people have sought to know in advance the future, to understand what tasks a person faces in his current incarnation. It is believed that this contributes to the development of the soul, and as a result to improve the current situation, increase the level of well-being and well-being. Numerology by date of birth was invented in time immemorial. Nobody will name the exact date now. Techniques have evolved and improved over time, filling with an ever deeper meaning. Let's look at several systems, both modern and inherited from ancient civilizations.

numerology by date of birth

What is numerology?

First, decide on the subject of study. Numerology is a system of esoteric concepts or beliefs, as written in dictionaries. She argues that the numbers associated with a person influence her fate, determine her abilities, and shape her character. The most important is the date of birth of a person. It consists of a number of numbers. In numerology, they consider both each separately and their sum. Esotericists are sure that any figure has a set of unique characteristics defined by space energy. If you understand how this works, then you can predict and adjust the fate of a particular person. In fact, numerology is another way of knowing the world. Read at the leisure of ancient thinkers, they were not thinking about making money or other benefits, but about what a person or animal is, how they interact with nature and the cosmos, for which they were created. Such reflections contributed to the creation of a unified system of personality research, as they would now say. It allows a person to look deeper and more extensively at the events taking place with him, to pick up keys for solving complex problems. And numerology by date of birth tells many people the causes of trouble and ways out of the vicious circle of problems. After reviewing the material, you will see for yourself.

numerology is

Sankhya Shastra

This is the name of Vedic numerology by date of birth. This is the heritage of our ancestors, probably our common with the Indians. The age of this system is thousands of years old. Personality analysis in this school is based on only three numbers:

  • souls;
  • fate
  • name.

The first and third people are able to change by chance or by will. The second remains with the person to death, according to him karma is determined. Numerology by the date of birth of the Vedic school is a philosophical system, which should be treated carefully and thoughtfully. Calculations are not difficult, but analyzing the results is not one day. We will provide the basic information below, they need to be well analyzed, trying to impose a text on your life. It is for this that Vedic numerology by date of birth was created. The system allows you to understand why the soul came to the world, what needs to be done to get rid of karma, therefore, to gain positive experience. At this point, let's make a small digression.

numerology of the year

Why improve?

We live in a society that is set up for material well-being. This was not always the case on earth. In addition, no one has proved that the current path of development is correct. Esotericists believe that people on the planet do not make good things, but pass development lessons. The quality of life depends on how much they are learned. If in other words, then we are born in order to be happy. This condition is the norm for a person who must maintain it, regardless of external circumstances. And the latter depend on the accumulated karma. If it is heavy, then a person has many troubles, troubles, betrayals, diseases. Karma training is the ability to maintain inner harmony, passing through a series of failures, not to succumb to despondency, anger and hatred. In addition, the soul has a task that must be completed in a lifetime. You must admit that the work is quite difficult, especially given the fact that ordinary citizens do not even think about how and when to start it. Here numerology will help. Calculating the numbers, which are actually clues, is simple. And then you need to work through the information, begin to perform karmic tasks. In our purely material world, such tactics will make it possible to improve our position. If itโ€™s quite simple to say, the more lessons learned, the more intensely the person helps the person to be happy in the universe (Lord, Heaven, guardian angel). Many are already aware of this, because numerology by date of birth is becoming more popular. Although an idea that encourages people to realize their main goal on the planet gives egoism, but the fruits of its implementation are useful to the whole universe.

numerology calculate

Soul number

Back to Vedic numerology. The number of souls corresponds to a birthday. However, there are some differences from the usual calculus. In India, it is believed that the day begins at dawn. That is, a person born on January 5 at 3 nights has four souls. If the date of birth is two-digit, then the numbers add up, leading them to the form: from 1 to 9. The number of souls is connected with the planets and their energy. It affects the personality throughout life, helping in the implementation of goals, the study of karma. We can say that it is responsible for character, talents and abilities. There are the most successful combinations of soul and birth numbers. These include: unit - 28; deuce - 29; three - 12, four - 31; five corresponds to 23; six - 24; seven - 25; eight - 26, nine - 27. Let us clarify for understanding: in our couples, the number of souls is first put down, followed by the date of birth. People who have such coincidences receive a harmonious, balanced character from birth. The rest is not so lucky in life. When the date of birth is 0, for example, the 20th or 10th, this is considered a bad sign. It negatively affects the characteristics of the figure with which it is paired.

The number of fate

The most important indicator extracted from the date of birth. He, as already noted, is responsible for karma. Get it by adding all the digits of the date of birth. You must repeat the operation until you get a single digit. The practice of karma is one of the most important tasks of the soul, Vedic numerology assures us. Calculate this number and understand its meaning is necessary for every person. In any case, we encounter certain problems throughout our lives. They are created by our karmic duty. Until we get through the situation correctly, it will reappear. For example, if a person is guilty of contempt for people of the opposite sex, they will offend him. Until he accepts other people's insults calmly, forgives the one who is rude to him, does not understand that the reason for their behavior is in his soul, the situation will resume with frightening regularity. The above example is schematic and simple. Everything in life is more complicated, the lessons of karma are more inventive and more skillful. Numerology of numbers allows you to figure out what you should pay special attention to.

numerology life schedule

Name Number

This is the third important indicator that Vedic numerology takes into account by date of birth. When calculating it, a table of values โ€‹โ€‹is used. It is necessary to write down the full name, middle name and last name on a sheet of paper. Then put a figure from the table under each letter. Then, they add up to a single digit. They are the desired indicator. It reveals the potential of the individual.

1a, and, s, b
2b, th, t, s
3c, c, y, b
4g, l, f, e
5d, m, x, y
6e, n, c, i
7yo oh
8w, p, w
9s, p, u

Here is a brief breakdown of the positive and negative traits:

  • 1 - generosity, practicality, fidelity to the word. Pride.
  • 2 - sensuality, partnership. Lack of determination.
  • 3 - optimism, luck. The pursuit of luxury, sybarity.
  • 4 - independence, suspicion, organizational talent. Closure.
  • 5 - liveliness, mobility, sociability. Fussiness, talkativeness.
  • 6 - creativity. Laziness, windiness.
  • 7 - imagination, intuition. The tendency to the illusory perception of the world.
  • 8 - wisdom. Loneliness, depression.
  • 9 - resistance, willpower. Cruelty, aggressiveness.

Current Period Information

While we looked at global indicators, calculated by the date of birth. There are techniques that provide more detailed information. So, the numerology of the year is an opportunity to understand what can be expected in the coming period. Here, too, one can not do without arithmetic. To get the number of the year, you need to add the numbers of the date of birth and the period that you want to know about. Example: a man was born on April 12, 1985. He is interested in the main goals and objectives of 2018. It is necessary to perform the following operation: 1 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 41; 4 + 1 = 5. Five is the desired number. Numerology of the year explains what tasks should be put in the forefront, what to pay special attention to. As a rule, this information is related in nature. It helps to better understand the results of previous work done in the past life. It should be understood that the numerology of numbers is not fortunetelling. This is a way to navigate the spiritual world, to comprehend it deeper. By the way, an analysis of the whole life path has been created for the same purpose. It is divided into repeating periods, each of which is analyzed by methods that numerology uses. A life schedule is a topic for another discussion. Let's briefly get acquainted with the methodology of its compilation.

numerology of numbers

Numerology: a schedule of life

Ancient thinkers revealed that the fate of each person develops in a spiral. The period of her circulation is seven years. This became the basis for the creation of the methodology. Every seven years, we encounter the same spiritual problems that we have already solved before. But this happens at a higher or lower level, depending on how much effort was spent on development earlier. The calculation is as follows. It is necessary to multiply the data of the full date of birth. For simplicity, we again turn to an example. A man was born on 05/12/1978. It is necessary to carry out the following operation: 12 * 5 * 1978 = 118680. Since we are considering seven-year cycles, the answer should contain the same number of digits. If they, as we have, are not enough, then we take the necessary from the number of births. We have six characters in the answer, therefore, it is necessary to add one more. There are situations when the product is five-digit, then we take two more characters of the birthday, taking into account zero at the beginning. That is, we get 1186801. Now we should build a chart. On the Y-axis, we measure the indicators taken from the obtained number, we have it 1186801. This is the characteristic of the year (the interpretation is given below). On the X axis, you should write years, starting from the date of birth, which corresponds to a zero value, in seven columns. In our example, it will look like this:

Digits of the number:

Below cycles

First cycle1978197919801981198219831984
Second cycle1985198619871988198919901991
Third1992199319941995199619971998 ...

In total, in each cycle we get seven points in the coordinate system, each of which is the intersection of data on the X axis (in the table) and Y (from our number, that is, the characteristics of the year). They must be interconnected to form a schedule. Naturally, the table should ideally continue indefinitely. To understand what to expect in a given year, you need to look at the opposite point on the X axis, its value, draw a line until it intersects with the graph, then find the figure characterizing the period on the Y axis. Their brief decoding is as follows:

  • 0 - difficulties, the need to rely on loved ones. The most difficult period.
  • 1 - struggle for oneโ€™s interests. The end of the crisis.
  • 2 - a slow way out of difficulties. Perseverance and concentration are needed.
  • 3 - uncertainty, fatigue, the need to overcome gloom. Health should be taken into account.
  • 4 - calm period. Rest in the middle of the way.
  • 5 - time of risk and greater chance. Likely love, prosperity, random luck.
  • 6 - harmonious time, intended for positive works.
  • 7 - receiving new energies.
  • 8 - achievement of success.

The method described above is associated with the name of Pythagoras. Documentary evidence of his authorship does not exist. Although the philosopher doesnโ€™t care, information that you can rely on is important to us.

Western numerology by date

There is a completely different technique for deciphering the numbers associated with the birth of a person. Let us briefly see what is the difference with the Vedic technique. The Western esoteric school offers to enter numbers in a special square consisting of nine cells. In it, each compartment reveals certain characteristics of personality and destiny. Western numerology of numbers does not cover the issues of karma. That is, information is given in a truncated form. It does not contribute to the development of personality, but only characterizes a person. Probably, this happened because of a completely different worldview, formed in different parts of the world. In the east, in ancient times, they thought how to achieve harmony, in the West - how to use the universe for their own benefit. The current person needs to choose which approach is more in line with his perception of reality and goals. That is, ask yourself why you need the numerology of life. If for development, use Vedic knowledge, for using space for selfish purposes - Western. In fact, the choice of calculation technique is not so important. It is more difficult to start using the information that numerology of birth gives.

numerology by date

The relevance of ancient esoteric knowledge

Finally, we make another important digression. Since the last century, we have been told that we live during a change of eras. What happens to humanity and the planet is truly global in every sense. Not only governments, political systems of states, borders, technological structures are changing, a deeper transformation is taking place in the souls and minds of all people. We become other beings, however ridiculous it may seem to the uninitiated. And during this period, numerology, the value of which in the passing era was reduced to zero, acquires a new meaning. It will for a long time help people to realize their role in the Universe. Everyone now contributes to the transformation of the world, and he is huge! Such global changes do not occur instantly. One era is replaced by another for seventy-two years. During this time, everyone will have time to choose their own path, and some of us will be prompted by the right decision numerology. Good luck


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