How does the thief in law coronation occur?

Who are thieves in law? This is a mysterious and dangerous organization, known not only among the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also throughout the world. But how to become a member? What is the coronation of a thief in law?

Origin history

When such organized crime appeared, no one can say. It’s difficult to even trace where this phrase came from. The coronation of a thief in law is a consecration to the secret thieves order, to the elite and leaders of the criminal world. After that, a person is obliged to be responsible for the order in the colonies and prisons, to form new criminals, to manage the life of ordinary prisoners. The first “noble gangster” and “father” of all thieves in law are Mishka Yaponchik, the legendary “king of Odessa,” as well as the Soviet hero of the Civil War. The vast majority of forensic scientists believe that thieves as a caste appeared in the thirties.

coronation of a thief in law

How it all began

How is the coronation of a thief in law? This tradition dates back to ancient times. After the war, the underworld developed and grew stronger, replenished its ranks with professional leaders. Personnel policy was extremely tough. The coronation of a thief is a responsible matter; not every seasoned felon could be honored with such an honor. In addition to the schedule of the convicts and the regime, the so-called “thieves' charter” appeared, which forbade much. It was impossible to slaughter each other, to strangle, to steal from criminals, to take off from work and to row. Killing or insulting a thief was considered the most serious sins. By the end of the sixties, after complex processes within the state and the “thieves' society”, very few professional criminals remained. They were forgotten until almost the eighties.

how does the coronation of a thief in law

Common house

What it is? The coronation of a thief in law, among other things, introduced a new member to the custody of the so-called "common fund" - the thieves' box office. From it "warmed up" (that is, supported) pre-trial detention centers, shipments, hospitals, punishment cells, colonies and zones. Tribute was imposed on all convicts, who paid with cigarettes, money, bread, alcohol. The thieves were personally responsible for the common fund - to the so-called gangway. Only an equal "in rank" could take the life of a "brother", and only after a fair trial of a gangway.

How many “kings of the underworld” are there?

Today it is very difficult to name the number of thieves in law in the territory of the former Soviet Union. The underworld can keep secrets, information can only be obtained through espionage, agents - in an operational way. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2007, less than two hundred people in Russia had the status of a thief in law, and with the rest of the CIS countries this number reached one thousand. In the operational file cabinets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB, there is information about almost six hundred such people: their nicknames, surnames, biographies, habitat, and criminal rating are indicated. The coronation of new thieves in the law occurs infrequently - it is difficult to meet all the requirements. In May 2013, the Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Federation announced that 428 criminal authorities were at large in Russia . Another hundred are kept in the colonies and pre-trial detention centers of the Russian Federation.

thief in law tradition coronation

The situation in the criminal world today

The coronation of a thief in law today is quite different from the one in the forties of the last century. Modern "kings of the underworld" almost do not adhere to traditional thieves' customs: not to have a family, own housing, luxury goods, wealth and business. There is nothing left of the old laws. Many experts argue that the "thief in law" as an authority has lost its power and influence. You can not agree with this. Prisons and zones - a forge of various personnel for the criminal world. And a huge cauldron through which tens of thousands of people pass every year. All of them are under the rule of the thieves ’elite. The coronation of a thief in law distinguishes a person from this total mass and gives him certain new responsibilities. In zones and prisons, such people have a huge impact. For example, a variety of people gather for the thief’s funeral - actors, politicians, journalists, bankers from different countries (USA, Israel, European countries and so on).

coronation of new thieves in law

What areas of influence are of interest to thieves in law?

In the wild, authorities take care of their personnel. For example, they create “educational camps” for difficult teenagers and street children. Organized crime leaders finance children's sports clubs and sections, gyms. Not only for the purpose of selecting “new personnel”, but also for a more loyal attitude of young people to authorities. The spheres of influence of people who have undergone such a ritual as the coronation of a thief in law have remained unchanged for a long time: gambling, drug trafficking, car service, restaurant and hotel business, casino, precious metals. Sometimes this list includes real estate and various legal businesses. The assets of the common fund can be compared with the assets of the largest banks in the Russian Federation.

What does it take to become a legalist?

The emergence of such an authority as a thief in law is a tradition. The coronation of a new member of a criminal group existed in the last century. What is needed to become so? How is the coronation of a thief in law? It is not enough just to be an authority to honor the code of a “thief”. Passing the initiation is extremely difficult. For example, a policeman (a high rank in the thieves' hierarchy) swung at the title of "legalist". How in this case will the coronation of a thief in law? First of all, you need to get support from at least two other criminal authorities. Moreover, the “experience” of the guarantors is at least five years. Then the candidate informs the other thieves of his intention to become one of them. Malyavs are sent to all zones and colonies, isolators, in which it is reported that such and such a man with such a “persecutor” is going to become a “legalist”. Everyone who can say anything unpleasant about the candidate, defaming the thieves' honor, is obliged to inform about this in return. They may recall the sins of twenty years ago.

coronation of a thief

Initiation process

As mentioned above, a candidate must be “clean” before a criminal society. There can be many reasons for refusing coronation - this is early release, and a forgiven insult, and cooperation with the authorities, and unpaid card debt, and the like. If the society recognizes that the candidate is worthy of the “crown”, then the coronation itself is appointed. They can conduct it both in the zone and in freedom. The process of coronation in “places not so distant” enjoys great respect and honor. Many old-school thieves believe that such a high status can only be awarded in the zone. How is the coronation of thieves in law? Little is known about the details of the process. Most likely, the thieves' crown ”is a symbol. The oath of a new “thief in law” is obligatory, which undertakes to accept death as a betrayal, to observe thieves laws and so on. Solemnly applied tattoo: heart pierced by a dagger. This means "for treason - death." After coronation, other tattoos are applied that can indicate a legalist: a flying eagle with a crown, stars under the collarbone or on the shoulders, a cross with card suits inside.

how is the coronation of thieves in law

Unexpected cases of coronation

A thief’s crown can be obtained at any age — at 20, 40 and 60. The coronation of a thief in law has recently even become extramural. What is most interesting, there were cases when the just-crowned thief lost his status on the same day. In the early nineties, a glaring “miracle” was added - the opportunity to buy a “crown” for money. It was at that time that the world of crime began to commercialize. If earlier to achieve the status of “thief in law” it was necessary to go through a harsh camp and prison school, to earn unquestioned authority, now now virtually anyone can enter the elite of the criminal world for money (though for a lot of money). This has become most popular among people of Caucasian nationality.


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