New racecourse in Kazan for beginners and Olympic champions

The history of equestrian competitions at hippodromes dates back many centuries. As technical structures, they were known since the time of the Greek gods. Their magnificent golden chariots drawn by noble trotters were an integral part of legends and legends. No wonder the most ancient hippodrome was found by archaeologists during excavations in Olympia. He was mentioned in his writings by the ancient Greek writer and geographer Pausanias. Guy Julius Caesar delivered his magnificent speeches from his stands.

The first racecourses in Russia

For millennia, equestrian competitions have been the most popular sport in different countries. They did not pass over Russia. The first races were held relatively recently, in 1826, in the city of Lebedyan, Tambov province. At that time in Russia there were many stud farms, and hippodromes were extremely rare. Over time, such structures appeared in Moscow and Kazan. At first, hippodromes were intended for breeding and testing high-quality horse breeds. Sweepstakes began to be used much later.

Hippodrome in Kazan

Hippodromes in Russia have the shape of a regular ellipse, this makes it possible to observe the progress of the competition from almost anywhere. Such geometry distinguishes them from English or Italian, where treadmills can be very intricate, in the shape of a horseshoe, for example.

Kazan Hippodrome
At present, five of the largest equestrian sports complexes operate in our country, where competitions are held, have their own sports schools, sweepstakes and stud farms. One of them is located in Kazan. Its history began back in 1868, when the first races were held on Lake Kaban. These races gave impetus to the development of the future equestrian center.

Development of equestrian center

At the beginning of the 1920s, a trotter breeding plant was built in the capital of the Tatar Republic, and with it began the construction of a hippodrome, where sports events have been held for over a century. In this millennium, the Kazan Hippodrome received the title of International and is currently one of the largest in Europe.

new racetrack Kazan
In 1995, a significant restoration was carried out here, and in 2005 it was rebuilt almost anew on the site of the old airfield. The complex covers an area of โ€‹โ€‹89.4 ha. At the same time, 6,000 people can be in the stands of the Kazan Hippodrome. With the development of equestrian sports, suppliers of running trotters are successfully developing in Kazan. These strong and graceful animals perform at many hippodromes in Russia and Europe. Horse farmers of Tatarstan turned their work into art.


The modern Kazan hippodrome is used as a testing ground for testing the qualitative characteristics of pedigree horses. Any breed of high quality is primarily a science, the main task of which is to obtain a strong and obedient to the commands of a human animal. The new racetrack "Kazan" at the address. Patrice Lumumba, d. 47 A is considered one of the most visited by spectators and buyers, it is built according to world standards.

Hippodrome Kazan Address
The whole territory is divided into six main zones. One of them is a hippodrome field with a racetrack 1600 meters long and a racetrack 1800 meters long. The tracks are straight and connected in a semicircle. Show jumping field with an area of โ€‹โ€‹15,000 square meters. m. is located inside the tracks. Here are held training sessions and competitions in Olympic equestrian sports.

School of Olympic Champions

An equestrian center has its own school, where they conduct dressage, eventing and show jumping classes. In budget groups, children of different ages and levels of training are trained. From the age of 11, in the initial training group, they will be able to get acquainted with the training, as well as the art of managing their pet. In addition to group there are individual lessons.

new racecourse Kazan address
They are more practical, since the coach gives all his attention only to his pupil. A total of 140 people study at the sports school; they often show excellent results in training. Athletes graduates of the Kazan equestrian school perform at various competitions, winning the highest awards, medals, cups.

Hippotherapy and relaxation walk

But even if you do not set such a task as becoming an Olympic champion, at the hippodrome you can get some riding skills and rent a horse. Training takes place under the supervision of experienced mentors, as does skating.

hippodrome Kazan how to get there
Such classes are often used in hippotherapy to treat certain diseases or simply to relax after a busy week. In the rental department, winners of world cups and competitions are collected. Veterans of the Olympic Games, despite their merits, willingly yield to teams and communicate with visitors.

Horse rental and carriage dates

Have you thought about where to spend your first romantic date? Coach. Of course, the carriage. After all, the new racetrack "Kazan" has its own carriage yard, which contains a collection of antique-style vehicles. If you have a wedding event, an old chaise will be very handy and will bring considerable pleasure to the newlyweds and guests.

In a leisurely step, the wedding procession will take place along the beautiful streets of ancient Kazan. The route can be chosen according to your preferences. A ride on a white horse? Such a service is in use among Kazan princes. One of the most original and stylish ways to make a marriage proposal to your beloved princess. To do this, you just need to clarify how to get to the Kazan Hippodrome. And it is located on the territory of the old airfield in the Soviet district, between the streets of Patrice Lulumba and Sakharov.


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