What is the standard temperature of hot water in the apartment?

Hot water is considered part of human comfort, like electricity, gas, heating. It serves for daily needs.

There are rules for the supply of utilities, sanitary standards, which spells out what temperature standard for hot water in the apartment should be. All this is regulated by law. What should be the standard for the temperature of hot water in the apartment?

Basic norms

The temperature standard for hot water in the apartment is set by SanPiN. This indicator can be at the level of 60-75 degrees. There are also other rules:

  • not less than 60 degrees - in open heat supply;
  • not less than 50 - in closed;
  • no more than 75 - for both systems.

standard temperature of hot water in the apartment

This is the standard for the temperature of hot water in the apartment must be respected. This is necessary in order to completely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. But if the indicator is set above 55 degrees, then there is a risk of getting a burn. Because of this, hot water is used along with cold.

The temperature standard for hot water in the apartment in winter does not differ from the established indicator. Residents should control this. If this does not meet the standards, then it is important to contact the competent authorities in time to resolve the issue.

And a temperature above 75 degrees leads to a breakdown of the plastic section of the water supply, which is in many modern apartments. The deviation includes even a slight increase or decrease in performance. There must be a minimum, even if the communications and heating equipment are old. The temperature standard for hot water in the apartment is indicated in the contract concluded between the client and the service provider.

hot water temperature in the apartment standard

Why is it important to observe the temperature regime?

Temperature control is an important necessity. Non-compliance with the rules leads to the consequences:

  • bacterial reproduction: with low temperatures, bacteria develop very quickly, which is harmful to humans;
  • burn: very hot water causes damage to the skin, which is why it is important to comply with the rules.

It is for these reasons that there should be a normal temperature of hot water in the apartment. The norm allows you to ensure the rights of citizens.

what is the standard temperature of hot water in the apartment

Reasons for the temperature drop

Although there is a standard for the temperature of hot water in an apartment, there are still reasons why it is possible to lower the temperature:

  • emergency situations in water supply or communications;
  • performing preventive maintenance and repair of network communications.

When carrying out such events, hot water is turned off, which does not affect the quality of life of people. But there are norms where the maximum shutdown time is indicated:

  • 8 hours a month;
  • no more than 4 hours in a row;
  • no more than 1 day in case of an accident.

If the deadlines have been extended, then a recount of payment for services is required. It is necessary to reduce the amount by 0.15%.


Utilities must comply with the temperature standard of hot water in the apartment. The general provision of the document includes rules for verifying compliance. Residents must be able to check the temperature of the water. If there are deviations, then you need to file a claim. The water test procedure includes the following steps:

  • you need to open the tap, and let the water drain for about 2-3 minutes, during which time the cooled liquid will be eliminated;
  • then you need to pour water into a special glass;
  • a sensitive thermometer with a scale of 100 degrees must be immersed in the container;
  • wait for the thermometer to heat up, after which the readings are recorded.

Although the temperature standard is in a wide range, there may be some deviations. During the day, the indicators differ by 3 degrees, and at night to 5. For every 3 degrees, a tariff reduction of 0.1% is required.

what should be the standard for the temperature of hot water in the apartment

Where to go?

If deviations from the norms were noticed, then an appeal to the housing and communal services is necessary. When the reason lies in the accident, the dispatcher will notify you of the duration of the repair work. If there are no reasons for lowering the temperature, then you should draw up and file an application.

Consideration of complaints of the population is carried out quickly. To be sure of considering the application, you need to write its number, as well as record the time of the call, the name of the person who accepted the claim. With the persistence of a person, measures are taken to restore the temperature of the water. If it is not more than 40 degrees, then the tariff should be like a cold water supply.

What to do if the water is of poor quality?

The temperature is set according to SanPiN. The document also indicates other standards that ensure a quality human life. Water should go clear, without taste or smell. There is a fee for services, so if something does not fit the standards, you need to complain. Where should I go if there is poor quality water?

Consumers need to do the following:

  • you should call the emergency service, telling about the receipt of low-quality water, after which you need to ask the dispatcher for the registration number of the application;
  • within a few days, an inspector from the company or the housing department must come in, who draws up an act on the non-compliance of the water with the proper quality;
  • if the engineer is absent, then you should call the employee of the house management company or neighbors, and draw up a document in which everyone signs.

standard temperature of hot water in the apartment in winter

The finished document has legal force, so a statement is drawn up on its basis. A complaint should be written in almost the same way as in temperature. It is necessary to write an application to the head of the housing inspection, indicating the regulatory legal acts and the time for consideration of the document. Only as a reason should be designated "poor quality water."

After this, a response from the inspector should be received, and you can wait for a solution to the problem. The collective application significantly speeds up the review process, so the water quality will soon be restored.


In case of violation of consumer rights, a claim is made. It is necessary to write it in a generally accepted manner, in a neat and legible handwriting. It is important to indicate to whom the application is intended. Typically, the document is drawn up by the head of the management company, which is the supplier of water.

the standard temperature of hot water in the apartment in the summer

Be sure to indicate all the facts: calls, calls to employees with applications, visits to the management company. Written complaints are dealt with much faster, therefore, the results from them will be noticeable soon. It is necessary to save the drawn up acts, documents. All this will come in handy if there is inaction on the part of the service provider.

When is recalculation needed?

The norm of hot water temperature in the apartment in the summer does not differ from generally accepted rules. Due to deviations, the value must be changed for the period during which the consumer rights were violated. There are principles of payment for utilities, which are enshrined in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. There you can find information on the submission of low-quality services, and the rules for their payment.

standard of hot water temperature in the apartment general position

Hot water should flow smoothly, and with the proper temperature, quality. Recalculation is carried out when the deviation from the norm is 3 degrees. Moreover, this concerns the increase and decrease in temperature. The cost of the service should be reduced by 0.1%. If the indicator is less than 40 degrees, then the service is paid as for cold water.

Reduce the cost for days or hours, if water came in, it is necessary in the following way:

  • the number of days must be divided by the number of days in the month;
  • the resulting amount should be multiplied by the tariff.

The answer will be the amount that is considered a discount for the supply of low-quality water. These simple tips will help you deal with all the issues. Such problems must be resolved safely, because personal money is paid for them. Customer requests are usually satisfied, and the provider improves the quality of services.

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