Universal strength training program

strength training program
You can train for more than a year in the gym and not see the desired results. Why is there no progress? Because you are doing something wrong. It is important to understand that without progress in balance there will be no progress in muscle. If you work with the same weight for a long time, the muscles just get used to the load and do not respond to it. Thus, without an increase in strength indicators, we will not see large muscles. What should a strength training program include?

Working with your own weight

Today, many are engaged exclusively in simulators, not even performing basic exercises with free weights. Meanwhile, working with your own weight (push-ups and pull-ups) can be an excellent impetus to the growth of strength indicators. Therefore, the training program to increase strength without fail includes push-ups and pull-ups. The former come in many forms, and they are all effective. Push up from the floor with different arms, on the parallel bars to increase the strength of the triceps, with legs on the support for an excellent study of the top of the chest. A strength training program is not possible without pull-ups on the horizontal bar. Not only will this exercise develop the broadest muscles in a short time, it will also increase the overall strength indicators, as it involves several groups at once. If you can pull up more than 10 times in the approach, hang a weight on the belt, increasing it with each workout.

Less is not worse

It's about repetitions.

strength training program
The strength training program is less intense and more effective. Each exercise is performed in 3-4 sets of up to 8 repetitions. Each time the weight of the load increases. In a subsequent workout, increase the maximum previous figure by 2.5 kg. It also makes sense to perform exercises with such weight to make 1-2 repetitions in the approach.

Golden three

There are three basic exercises in bodybuilding: squats, deadlift, bench press. This is the triathlon that distinguishes powerlifting. Strength training programs (especially for beginners) include these exercises without fail. They allow you to develop general muscles, involving several groups of muscles and joints at once. It is better to divide the performance of these exercises on different training days.

Rest and food

Without proper nutrition and proper rest, a strength training program will be incomplete. When there is an increase in strength indicators, you can not limit the intake of carbohydrates in the body. This is the energy that is required both during training and for recovery from serious muscle tension.

powerlifting strength training programs
It is better to include complex carbohydrates in the diet , such as cereals, rice. In principle, during a period of growing strength, you should not be afraid of simple ones: sugar and fat (better than vegetable). It is probably not worth recalling the need for protein. Well, the last thing is, of course, rest. In order for tangible progress in power indicators, it is necessary to rest and recover. You should not do more than two days in a row - the muscles should rest. Also, one group should not be loaded more than once a week.

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